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FIC: An Unusual Situation Part II: 1/4: PG-13: Logan, Rogue, L/R, S/J, other, all

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  • Jenn
    If you are on WR, you ve seen this some of this in its unedited form. So yeah, it s not deja vu. jenn Title: An Unusual Situation: Part II: Somewhat Simple
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2001
      If you are on WR, you've seen this some of this in its unedited form. So
      yeah, it's not deja vu.


      Title: An Unusual Situation: Part II: Somewhat Simple
      Author: jenn
      Codes: Logan, Rogue, L/R, S/J, all, others (codes for entire story)
      Rating: PG-13 for this part: NC-17 overall
      Summary: A/U: Logan has to figure out what to do with the girl he's
      picked up.
      Archiving: List, others ask.
      Author notes, disclaimer, etc on Part I.

      {Five Years Earlier}

      She looked like she'd fall apart if he let her go, so he kept his grip on
      her arm as they approached the house. Her cloak hood was pulled up to
      almost conceal her face from view, though he could see, even in the dark,
      the rather blank, fixed stare of her eyes. He got the distinct impression
      that if he hadn't been practically dragging her, she would still be
      standing out in the snow, staring at the burned remains of the camper.

      Fuck, fuck, fuck, this was *not* what he'd had in mind for today.

      It wasn't enough that he had to get caught out in a bar in Laughlin. No,
      of course not. When his luck went bad, it went fucking bad. It wasn't
      enough that he lost the camper. It wasn't enough that he was attacked and
      God knew, this time he hadn't even known why. It wasn't even enough that
      he'd stolen a car--though strictly speaking, that had been kinda fun. Now
      he was dragging around a sixteen-seventeen-whatever year old kid with no
      clue what the hell to do with her. Except leaving her wasn't an option and
      he was working to keep from figuring out why.

      "Relax." God, he hoped he wasn't growling--he knew the signs of shock when
      he saw them and had no idea what he'd do if she collapsed now. Little
      girls were a mystery that he'd spent all his known life avoiding. Marie
      nodded jerkily--the hood moved in a vaguely rhythmic fashion, anyway, so
      close enough--and he let out a breath. Shit. What the fuck was he
      supposed to do with her? Staring at the house, he reviewed what little
      he'd been able to come up with in the space of a frantic three hour drive.

      This was option one. And fuck him if he had an option two.

      (God, Jamie, be home.}

      He pounded on the door with one gloved hand, hard enough to get Marie's
      startled attention, and she started to back away. Shit. Without stopping,
      he jerked her back, not quite comfortable having her more than a few inches
      from him yet, especially exposed like this. Whoever the hell had attacked
      them was licking his wounds, yeah, but Logan, paranoid by nature, didn't
      want to take any chances. She shivered and he turned a quick glance down
      at her.

      "God, kid, what the hell do ya think I'm gonna do to you?"

      {Good question, kiddo. Jump into my camper and then worry when I take you
      to a house in the middle of nowhere.} How she'd survived this long was a
      mystery, deadly skin or not.

      Mutely, she shook her head and took a step closer, then slid half-behind
      him, a shield between her and the door. A light brush of her hair against
      the back of his neck when she lifted on her toes to glance over his
      shoulder, then quickly back down.

      Sixteen-seventeen-way too fucking young to be on her own, no question.

      "Trust me." Though something in him just sat down in utter shock that he
      was telling someone that and actually meaning it.

      A little sound that could have been a laugh or a sob emerged from behind

      "I don't have much of a choice, now do I?" Slightly mocking, of herself,
      of her situation, maybe of her life at this point, and he really couldn't
      blame her for that. Then a soft sigh. "I'm sorry. I know I'm causin' you

      "You certainly are. Shoulda left you on the side of the road in the first
      place." Though something in him chilled at what she would have faced
      alone--whoever the fucker had been who attacked her--or him, he still
      wasn't sure. Whoever the hell had caused this entire fucking mess--that
      guy was on Logan's shit-list big time. Right at the top, slice and dice
      the bastard into two inch strips he'd use for fucking confetti.


      Soft sounds from inside interrupted what he was about to say and he paused,
      feeling her fingers come up to take a grip on the edge of his jacket.
      Closing his eyes briefly, he took in the soft rustle of a robe being put
      on, bare feet pounding against carpet-covered wood, soft muttering that
      made him grin a little despite himself.

      Of all the things he could have imagined he'd be doing, he'd never thought
      he'd be coming back here anytime soon. And he guessed she'd be thinking
      the same thing.

      "Who the fuck--" the door opened and a tousled blonde head emerged, and
      Logan looked into startled green eyes. Gorgeous eyes, he'd thought so the
      first time he saw her, eyes that touched something unremembered from his
      past. They widened, taking him in. "*Logan*?" Her voice was barely a

      "In the flesh, darlin'."

      There were two possible receptions he could get, depending on her
      mood--luckily, terry-cloth covered arms latched themselves around his neck
      and very soft, very clinging lips were on his, and he wrapped an arm around
      her, lifting her from her feet. Nice--his day was getting better by the

      And a soft grunt behind him reminded him, unfortunately, that the fun stuff
      would have to wait.

      "Jamie," he said, setting her down with some regret. Her arms lingered and
      one hand slid against his neck as she withdrew to stand in the doorway,
      looking up at him with an interesting cross between surprise and pleasure,
      arms wrapped around herself against the cold.

      "Didn't think I'd see ya for awhile," she said softly, then shook her head.
      "Whatcha doin' in these parts, baby?"

      Jamie wasn't beautiful. But he'd liked her the first time he met her--she
      was one of the few he'd kept any sort of contact with since meeting her in
      a bar in Atlantic City, where she'd been one of the most expensive hookers
      he'd ever fucked. Got him out of a nasty situation and to her apartment,
      where she'd been remarkably blase about the knowledge he was a mutant.
      Which, he speculated, in her line of work, probably wasn't that unusual.
      They'd left town together and she'd come with him as far as Calgary, where
      she found her True Calling, as she called it, and bought this nice piece of
      out of the way property.

      Very out of the way. Not a decent road in sight, and he knew she liked it
      that way. And the remoteness was growing on him by leaps and bounds.

      "Got a little problem." Carefully, he pried the reluctant Marie out from
      behind him and Jamie's eyes widened a little. "This is Rogue. Rogue,

      Green eyes narrowed thoughtfully as she studied the girl, then came up to
      meet his. Suspicious. {Shit, Jamie, give me some credit here.}

      "She's a little young--"

      "It ain't like that." Though he sighed to himself, remembering the girl in
      Winnipeg who'd been literally on the right edge of legal. Apparently, she
      remembered too, from the narrow look. "Look, can we come in or not? She's
      gettin' cold." Though he suspected that Marie's shivering had less to do
      with the cold than with fear--post reaction stress. A second of
      hesitation, then Jamie stepped back, eyes fixed on the girl. Softening a
      little, and he blew out a breath. Maternal instincts. Let 'em work in his
      favor. Or in Marie's, anyway.

      "Come on in."

      The comfortable warmth and relative security of the house surrounded him
      and Logan began to feel himself relax. He took off his jacket once inside
      and turned Marie around--shock definitely, and she wasn't going to last
      much longer, the fear scent on her was beginning to make him dizzy.
      Carefully, he disattached her grip from the edge of his jacket, dropping it
      on a chair, then untied her wet cloak, trying to figure out what to do if
      she collapsed right now.

      He was never meant to handle adolescent girls, no sir.

      "Rogue?" Jamie said softly, and Marie's eyes flew to see Jamie close
      behind her back. Instantly, and Logan knew he'd never seen anyone move so
      fast, Marie was behind him, one arm slightly outstretched against Jamie's
      hands. Jamie stared up at him and he read the startled questions in her

      "We had some trouble," he said shortly. "I'll explain later. She--"

      "Needs to rest." Whatever she wanted to ask, it'd wait. Thank God. "Come
      here, honey--I'm not gonna hurt you, okay?" Gentle voice, soothing, soft.
      Trying to appear as non-threatening as possible.

      He was getting used to prying Marie out--he wondered if that should bother
      him. Looking down into the frightened eyes, he tried a smile--tried to
      remember how one worked--and hoped for the best.

      "Rogue, go with Jamie." A little shake of her shoulders that he hoped
      would startle her out of wherever her blank expression was locking her in
      her memories. "You're safe here, okay? Trust me. Jamie--" he paused,
      trying to find a way to explain Marie's condition, then failed and sighed
      to himself. This was getting fucking annoying, that's what. He settled
      for the simple. "She doesn't like to be touched."

      Jade eyes widened again but she nodded, apparently willing to leave it
      there for now. Reluctantly, Marie freed his shirt and, at his sharp nod,
      slowly followed Jamie to the stairs. Then spun, suddenly, the cloak flying
      around her, hood falling to her shoulders. Looking at him with huge,
      terrified eyes.

      "You'll stay, right?" And it must have taken a lot out of her to ask, and
      he knew that feeling, knew what she'd dropped in pride to say it. He
      nodded slowly and he could smell her relax and follow Jamie with a little
      more enthusiasm.

      Not much, but a little.

      It was ten minutes before Jamie met him in the kitchen, where he'd already
      availed himself of her refrigerator. Perched herself on a stool, looked
      right at him, hands flat on the table. Her no-bullshit look. Very Jamie.

      "Who is she?"

      Fair question.

      "A runaway." Her eyebrows arched. "Yeah, below age, and yeah, I know what
      the fuck I'm doing, and no, I'm not fucking her. You should know better
      than that."

      A slight hint of a smile. Damn, she should. He wasn't in the habit of
      screwing around with kids, Winnipeg being the completely unwitting

      "I do know better than that. What's her story?"

      He paused and took a bite, trying to consider a way to broach the problem.

      "She's a mutant, ain't she?" she said bluntly. Jamie was a smart girl.
      He'd always known that.


      "No touch has somethin' to do with it?"

      He nodded again.

      "All right. Why's she with you?"

      Toughie. Jamie knew him too well. He took a breath, considering how he'd
      answer, knowing Jamie as well as he did.

      "Picked her up in Laughlin." Considered how he'd phrase this. "We were
      attacked--someone wants one of us and didn't really seem to care what
      condition we were in when they got us." Another pause. "I needed
      somewhere to go until I could figure out what the hell to do with her. I
      can't just leave her on the side of the road." Though he almost had. Fuck
      it, he had almost left her, and that would probably haunt him for awhile.
      Logan stared down at the plate for a moment, regaining his careful
      detachment, wondering where the hell it had gone in the first place. Like
      he needed more nightmares. Like he wanted the responsibility of those dark
      eyes that looked at him like he was the Second Coming.

      The memory came suddenly, the way she'd looked at him when he pulled her
      from that burning camper, the grip of gloved fingers on his arms, the way
      those arms went around him with desperate strength, burying her head
      against his jacket, instinctively avoiding exposed skin. He'd thought she
      was going to cry but she hadn't, shaking with repressed sobs, and he
      remembered what she'd said about her mutation and how long must've been
      avoiding human touch.

      To his surprise, that was a memory he liked--and fuck, that was just sick.

      The green eyes studied him for several long seconds and he turned his head
      from the unnerving gaze, taking another bite. Briskly, she stood up,
      walking by him to the refrigerator, the edge of her robe brushing his arm.
      Taking a breath, he smelled her fear, just below concern and a little

      "Look, if I had anywhere else to take her, you think I'd bring her here?"
      He knew he sounded defensive--well, because he was defensive.

      A pause while she opened the fridge. Then a soft sigh.

      "Yeah, I know. Were you followed?"

      "Nope. Whoever the hell it was, he's not goin' anywhere anytime soon."

      Maybe she saw the look of satisfaction on his face and he caught himself
      rubbing his knuckles without thinking. That'd been a damned good fight.

      "Ah." He turned to watch her rummage through the shelves, pulling out a
      covered bowl and the milk. "All right. How long do you want me to keep

      "Until I can find someplace safe for her."

      The fridge closed and she crossed behind him, putting the bowl in the
      microwave and setting the time with quick flicks of her fingers.

      Safe. Interesting idea, with that damned Mutant Registration Act. No,
      nowhere safe in America, not for someone like her, not if that damned thing
      passed. She wasn't one of the muties that would be able to pass as normal,
      either. They'd sweep her right up. Shit.

      "What about her parents?"

      Good question. Logan finished up the first sandwich and shook his head.

      "She's been runnin' for eight months. If she could go back, she would."

      The wide green eyes came up, startled.

      "Eight months? She's just a kid--how the hell--"

      "Yeah." He wondered about that too--maybe he'd ask her someday about that.
      Though that look on her face--hell, he knew that look, had seen it on his
      own more than once. She'd lost everything that ever meant anything to her
      and she was still trying. And at her age--he shook his head, staring down
      at the plate.

      Empathy wasn't his specialty.

      As Jamie made a sandwich, Logan started on his second one, watching her
      covertly as she put a tray together--sandwich, milk, soup, everything a
      starving mutant girl needed. Then paused, sitting down again. "She's in
      the shower--I left her some clothes. Logan--" she trailed off and he saw
      her stare down at her hands. "Look--"

      "I'll pay you whatever you want, Jamie."

      She gave him a frustrated look.

      "I haven't worried about money for years, so that's not a problem. Is she
      *gonna* stay? The last thing I need is to be huntin' her up if she takes
      it into her head to run--much less get caught with an underage runaway--or
      a mutant--I don't want or need that kind of attention and you know it."

      "She won't." And he'd have a talk with her to make sure of that, too.
      Jamie sighed softly, nodding, and Logan let out a breath he hadn't even
      known he'd been holding.

      "Alright, I'll take your word for it--and I'll take hers too. How long you
      gonna stay?"

      "Tonight. I'll leave tomorrow, try gettin' some answers."

      "Nope. Day after tomorrow, you go." She smirked at his surprise. "If
      she's gonna be here, I gotta do some shopping. She ain't got anything to
      wear and I'm sure as hell not gonna leave that little thing all alone out
      here. Unless, of course, you wanna go." She snickered at his growl.
      "Didn't think so."

      "I'll give you money."

      "I can cover it--"

      "She's mine--my responsibility." He finished up the second sandwich and
      Jamie grinned oddly, then picking up the tray. "I'll take care of it."

      "As you wish, darlin'."

      * * * * *


      --When I watch that scene I do not think "Oh, he's such a good father

      --It was incestuous pity weird surgical glove wearing sex.--Reasonable
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