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FIC: Blackout (4/?)

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    Disclaimer, etc., in Prologue ~*~*~*~*~ The first hint we had of trouble was when Ororo went missing. I hadn t seen her around the mansion for a few weeks, but
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      Disclaimer, etc., in Prologue


      The first hint we had of trouble was when Ororo went missing.

      I hadn't seen her around the mansion for a few weeks, but I didn't think
      much about it. Ororo sometimes took off on vacations to exotic places by
      herself, and frankly, I was too busy obsessing over Logan to notice much
      of anything.

      Jubilee, Kitty and I were decking the halls in preparation for Christmas
      and discussing what Jubes called my "Logan Issues" when the professor
      called me to his office. When I walked in, Logan, Scott and Jean were
      already there.

      It was unusual for me to be included in a meeting with the "real" X-Men,
      so I wasn't sure what to do. Logan smiled slightly and motioned to the
      empty chair next to him. As I sat down, Professor X got right to the

      "Storm is missing."

      Logan and I exchanged a look and waited for the professor to continue.
      "I sent Ororo to a small town in Ohio two weeks ago to investigate some
      reports of strange electrical storms. Of course, at this time of year,
      such storms are rare, and they have occurred nearly nightly in a fairly
      small area of the state. The authorities contacted me because they
      believed the storms were manmade. Or, rather, mutant made."

      "Another mutant with powers like Storm's?" Scott asked.

      "We believed so," Xavier said. "Ororo was attempting to contact this
      person, but she wasn't having much luck."

      "Maybe they're shy," Logan drawled.

      Xavier smiled faintly. "Ororo had similar thoughts, Logan. She had
      planned to put on a little lightshow of her own to draw out the other
      mutant. That was two days ago. I haven't heard from her since."

      "What about Cerebro?" Jean asked.

      "I used Cerebro, and as far as I can tell, she's still in the area, but
      beyond that I get nothing." He sighed. "She's alive, but I believe she
      is injured."

      Jean sucked in a breath, and Scott reached over and took, her hand.
      "We'll find her," he said confidently.

      "Um, professor?"

      "Yes Rogue?"

      "Has there been any other strange weather, or just thunderstorms?"

      "That's a good question," he said, and I felt like I was back in class
      again. Gold star for Rogue. "The reports said severe lightning. No rain
      or thunder, and no other phenomena."

      Professor Xavier looked at Scott. "I want you four to take the Blackbird
      and find Storm. Rogue, I know you're wondering why you're here. We've
      been impressed with your training and performance so far, and I thought
      this would be a perfect time to send you out." He smiled faintly. "I
      don't expect this mission to be dangerous, but I knew Logan wouldn't let
      you out of his sight, so we'll let him tag along."

      Scott laughed, prompting a half-hearted growl from Logan. As we filed
      out of the office, he bumped me with his shoulder. "Hey, kid. Ready for
      the big leagues?"

      I sighed. "We'll see."


      Cedar Hollow was a tiny farming community with a population of 20. OK,
      I'm being sarcastic; I'm sure there were at least 50 people living
      there. The sign said 200, but unless they're counting the cows, I'd say
      that's false advertising.

      We decided to forgo the X-Men uniforms, since most farming towns didn't
      have many leather-clad strangers prancing around the streets. We were
      bound to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb anyway; there was no
      reason to make it worse.

      Scott landed the jet outside of town, where Xavier had somehow managed
      to have a forest green SUV waiting for us. Never underestimate the power
      of a rich, psychic genius like Professor X.

      We drove slowly through town, past the tractor store, two churches, a
      sports bar called The Cheap Seats, a diner called Abigail's, and ...
      well, that was about it. There were a few houses, but I assumed most of
      the people lived on farms in the area.

      "So ..." Logan mused. "How 'bout we split up and check out that bar and
      the diner?"

      Scott nodded. "Good idea. Why don't you and Rogue check out Abigail's,
      and --"

      Logan interrupted. "How 'bout you and Jeannie check out the diner. Rogue
      and I got the bar."

      "Rogue shouldn't be in a bar," Jean said. "She's not even 21."

      Logan snorted. "Honey, we MET in a bar, and she was only 17 then."

      I guess that information wasn't widely known. When I came to Xavier's, I
      told the professor everything, but apparently he hadn't shared it with
      Scott and Jean.

      "What?" Scott sounded so horrified, I had to laugh.

      "Yep," I said, putting an arm around Logan and grinning. "I picked him
      up in a bar. Or he picked me up. Not sure."

      Scott sighed. "Never mind. I don't want to know."

      Logan and I headed for The Cheap Seats, which was just like any other
      sports bar on the face of the planet. It was 3 in the afternoon, so the
      place was pretty deserted.

      There was an old man at one end of the bar, staring into a drink and
      talking to himself. The music from the jukebox, some country tune, was
      mostly drowned out by the trio of men screaming at the big screen TV in
      the corner, which was showing a basketball game.

      Logan and I sat at the other end of the bar.

      "Buy you a drink?" he asked.

      "A beer'd be great."

      "You're underage," he said gruffly.

      "I got the taste for it from you," I said.

      "Look, I don't care what you drink, but One-Eye'd be pissed if I--"

      "Ohhhhhhh," I said, smirking. "So you're worried about what Scott would

      "Marie," he whined.

      I could tell he was weakening, so I titled my head and gave him the
      puppy dog eyes.

      "Shit," he muttered. The bartender came over and Logan sighed. "Two

      The bartender checked me out and smiled. He probably knew I was
      underage, but he didn't card me. He looked to be in his late 20s, not
      bad looking, with dark hair and a Tom Cruise-esque grin. He wore a
      flannel shirt over a faded R.E.M. T-shirt and a baseball cap turned

      I looked at Logan, who shrugged and sipped his beer. "Hey, you're the
      X-Woman," he said softly. "I'm just taggin' along, remember?"

      I took a gulp of beer and put on my most helpless face. We Southern
      girls can do "damsel in distress" better than anyone on earth. "Excuse
      me?" I said, laying my drawl on think and leaning on the bar, flashing
      what little cleavage I had. Couldn't hurt, right? "Could you help me?"

      The bartender almost tripped rushing over to me, and Logan snorted into
      his beer.

      "What can I do you for?" the bartender asked, eyeing my breasts.

      OK, flashing cleavage was not my greatest idea. It was kind of gross,
      actually. I sat back and restrained myself from rolling my eyes. Barely.

      "I'm lookin' for a friend of mine, sugar. She was here in Cedar Hollow
      for a couple of weeks, and I haven't heard from her in a few days." I
      pulled out a photo of Storm. "This is her."

      The guy stared at the photo for a moment and then frowned. "Um, yeah.
      She was here. Listen. ... I'm sorry to tell you this, but your friend is




      LOGAN: You gonna tell me to stay away from your girl?
      SCOTT: If I had to do that, she wouldn't be my girl.
      ~~ "X-Men"
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