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FIC; An Unusual Situation Part I: 4/4 : PG-13: Rogue, Jean, L/R, S/J, others, etc.

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  • Jenn
    4/4 Rogue. Marie looked up from her seat on the conference room table, jumping off as the woman she d only seen once, Ororo--{Storm, weather, got it}--walked
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2001


      Marie looked up from her seat on the conference room table, jumping off as
      the woman she'd only seen once, Ororo--{Storm, weather, got it}--walked in.
      A slight smile and Rogue jumped down, frowning slightly at the door.
      Obediently, though slowly, it closed, and Marie sighed.

      "A few more hours, I won't be able to do that." She heard the chagrin in
      her voice and Ororo took a seat, smiling a little.

      "Is it unusual--when you absorb others mutations?"

      "Like a new muscle--it just fades after awhile." A pause. "Though
      sometimes it lingers--don't be surprised if under stress, something starts
      wandering around the room for no reason. How's Jean? The Professor told
      me she regained consciousness pretty quickly. Sorry I can't quite remember
      much of it." It was always like that after, especially with a new
      personality--she'd spend several hours working it back into her mind,
      forcing the discipline Leo had taught her to take control, the deep
      meditation exercises that kept her own personality stable with the addition
      of a new one hovering, the ability to integrate it into herself.

      Ororo's smile widened into a grin and the woman leaned back easily in the
      chair. Marie was fascinated by her, with the help of Jean's memories,
      feeling utterly at ease with the paradox of knowing this woman very well
      and barely having met her.

      "Jean's fine--she and Scott and the Professor will be here in a few
      minutes. I saw you go by my classroom and decided that since we haven't
      been properly introduced, I should take the time now to do so. How are you
      feeling?" Ororo asked, apparently noticing Marie's gaze.

      "Better. It's sorted out a little--it wasn't a long touch, so it's coming
      together faster--and I've had some instruction in meditation." A wry grin.
      "Though I won't ask you about why you seem to have so many interesting
      noises coming from your room so late at night, as Jean keeps tempting me to

      Ororo flushed, lowering her head, the smile widening.

      "Don't." A pause. "Your friend--the Professor has been looking for him."

      "Won't find him. I'd give it another twenty-two hours before he gets here,
      so no worries." But Marie was worried--never had Logan been in enough
      trouble to stop him in whatever he was doing, but there was always the
      alarming possibility that something could go wrong. He'd laugh at her if
      he had any idea what went through her head--she had to admit, a part of her
      laughed too--but the rest of her worried. Ororo seemed to sense this,
      giving her a kind smile.

      "He shouldn't have any trouble finding the school."

      "He knows where it is." Seeing Ororo's brows raised in surprise, Rogue
      slipped into the chair near her, bracing her foot on the side of the table.
      "We've known about you for awhile."

      "Ah." Nothing else--Marie was fascinated all over again with the woman's
      amazing calm. Jean had impressed her, but Ororo left her in the
      shade--whatever had shaped this woman, it had created something
      extraordinary. Seeing Marie's gaze, Ororo's brows lifted.

      "Sorry," Marie answered. "It's just--" She stopped, seeing the teasing
      grin on the other woman's face. "It's odd that I know you so well. I
      don't mean to be rude--it's just very new, to have that. The other
      people--" she stopped, pausing, and ran an absent hand through her hair.
      "The others were very different."

      "Interesting," Ororo answered, and Marie saw her gaze drop to the
      glove-covered fingers now relaxed on the table. "Is it hard to control
      it?" She motioned at Marie's hands. Marie shrugged a little.

      "Yes and no. It's hard--it's hard after. Like a dam, I suppose. I can
      keep it up for hours without effort while conscious, but the aftershocks
      are hell." Marie lifted her hands. "It's difficult to explain--it acts
      almost hungry when I have to drop control. So I only control it when it's
      necessary." And then a smile, remembering the times she controlled it for a
      particular purpose and seeing Ororo's grin of understanding. "Anyways,
      I--ah, they're coming."

      Ororo frowned, half-rising, but Marie just shook her head. "They just left
      the elevator." A tap to the side of her head with another grin. "Some
      abilities I never got rid of."

      They only had a moment then before the doors opened, and Marie smiled in
      relief to see Jean walk in, seemingly no worse for wear--and then a shock
      at the tall man that walked in protectively behind Jean.

      {God, no.}

      * * * * *

      "Will you stop it?" Jean muttered as she stepped foot out of the elevator.
      But Scott, being Scott, was also being himself, so she really didn't have
      much recourse. "I'm fine, everything is fine, and God, what do you think,
      she's gonna wander around the room and absorb us all to death? She's had
      *lots* of chances and I asked, so get over it now."

      Scott didn't say anything, but she knew the Professor was talking to
      him--there were lines on his forehead which always heralded that mental
      touch, and she bit down on her lip to control her irrational anger that
      Scott was--well, being Scott-like.

      As they came to the door, Jean stepped forward to open it, even as Scott
      moved to precede her--what the hell did he think was going to happen?--and
      stepped in, seeing Ororo and Rogue engaging in what appeared to be friendly
      chat. The girl's head lifted and Jean saw a flash of sheer relief and
      pleasure and grinned back.

      A smile that disappeared the second the girl saw Scott, and that was
      startling. Even more startling was the sudden shut-down of the girl's
      mind, leaving a blank space where she'd been, and Jean almost staggered
      from the shock.

      "Jean?" Scott sounded worried, and Jean shook her head. Marie's
      expression became utterly calm again.

      "Rogue." She watched the girl warily take a step forward and quickly
      crossed to her before Scott could get any more frustratingly protective.
      "You okay? The Professor said you were pretty out of it for awhile there."

      "Fine," Rogue answered easily, shaking her head quickly. "I'm fine. I was
      worried--I didn't think it would take that much out of you. I'm sorry."
      Jean dismissed the concern with a wave of her hand, taking the seat on the
      other side of where Rogue was apparently going to sit and smiling as the
      Professor wheeled over.

      "Nothing a few hours of sleep didn't fix--I haven't been this well-rested
      in awhile."

      "You should notice a slight drain on your mutation," Rogue answered, and
      frowned, making a pencil slowly lift from the table, under Jean's
      fascinated gaze. "It decreases in me in the same amount it restrengthens
      in you." A shrug. "Gotta admit, Red, I'd trade with you. I like opening
      doors without touching."

      "I'm pretty fond of it myself," Jean answered easily as Scott frowned and
      took the seat beside her. "Rogue, this is my husband, Scott Summers."
      Rogue's gaze jerked to Scott, and again, Jean felt something odd
      there--recognition? She couldn't be sure.

      "Nice to meet you, Mr. Summers." It was odd, how suddenly stiff the girl
      was, all easy-going manner gone and instantly, Rogue fixed her gaze on the
      Professor. "You said you had a few things you wanted to tell me? I'm all
      ears." And only to a telepath would the falseness ring so clearly--no
      matter where Rogue was looking, Jean could feel her concentration of Scott
      in peripheral vision, and it was disconcerting. *How* could Rogue know
      Scott, where could she have seen him? It was a mystery--and Jean was a
      scientist, she loved mysteries.

      And damn, didn't this whole meeting interfere with the investigation.

      "Your companion--"

      "Logan," Rogue clarified, giving Jean a smile. "Did you get contact from
      him?" Then a frown. "Though that's really not his style, and anyway, he
      won't be here yet."

      Xaiver's curiosity was obvious.

      "How do you know that so certainly?"

      Rogue flushed suddenly, and Jean watched the color, fascinated by the
      sudden discomfort.

      "We were supposed to meet in LA--and I sort of got sidetracked. Three days
      for him to find out I didn't come, two days to track where I went, and two
      days to get here. I know him pretty well." Another smile. "I'm not

      The Professor looked at her thoughtfully.

      "How long have you known Logan, Rogue?" Jean noted the folder on the table
      in front of him and sighed to herself.

      "Five years. We met in Alberta. Why?" Rogue's eyes went to the folder
      and her eyebrows arched. "Ah. Yeah. That stuff."

      "You know about it?" he asked.

      "Some," she admitted. "Not all. He's pretty private when it comes to some
      of his--less scrupulous pursuits. Though it's impossible not to know some
      of them." With one hand, Rogue gestured and Xavier let her pull the folder
      across the table. Rogue frowned, rubbing her head. "I take back what I
      said, Jeanie. This is giving me a headache." Then flipped open the
      folder, going through the reports. "Wow. You've got quite a sizeable

      "I like to keep track of mutants in the underground."

      "Hmm. Police reports. You're thorough" She flipped two sheets over,
      eyebrows arching sharply, an indrawn breath that surprised Jean, before her
      lips compressed sharply.


      "Nothing." She lifted up a sheet. "High school." Another. "College."
      Then a third. Training." Then a final one, which made her mouth go tight.
      "Safety." And dropped it, looking at Xavier, and Jean wasn't sure what
      that expression on the girl's face meant. And her mind was so shut down
      that Jean couldn't even begin to penetrate it, though she suspected the
      Professor was able to and was also able to understand, if the look on his
      face was any indication.

      "Okay," she said finally, and slammed the folder shut with a wave of her
      hand. "No problems. Anything else? I'm kind of tired." And the girl rose
      easily--Xavier nodded with a smile and Jean, after a single glance at him,
      rose as well.

      "I'm about to have dinner--would you like to join me?"

      "I'm not up to a dining room experience, Red," Rogue said absently, and
      Jean saw the fingers twist together briefly. Gently, she covered them with

      "Private. I can go over some test results with you if you like." Giving
      Scott a glance to stop him mid-rise, she smiled again. "Let's go."

      * * * * *

      "So are you going to tell me about you friend?"

      Rogue dropped the spoon in the bowl, startled, meeting Jean's eyes in

      "What makes you think I will?"

      Jean waved around the quiet kitchen with a spoon, giving Rogue a smile.

      "I might have sensed you felt comfortable enough to share," Jean answered,
      and Rogue's face gave it away completely. With a sigh, she relaxed into
      her chair. "Anything you say to me goes no farther, Rogue, I give you my

      "It's not secret, exactly," Rogue answered, picking up her spoon and taking
      a bite of her sandwich before continuing. "Just--habit, you know? For
      awhile, we couldn't afford to have our names linked--after Laughlin, it
      wasn't--" Rogue stopped, frowning a little in concentration, then nodded,
      almost to herself. Jean, with utter care and knowing Rogue would sense it,
      let her mind open and Rogue grinned. "You're thinking about the romance,
      aren't you? It wasn't romantic, Jean."

      "Show me," Jean said softly. Startled dark eyes came up, staring into hers
      briefly, then Rogue pressed the bowl and plate aside, extended a gloved
      hand, taking Jean's very willing one in hers. Their eyes met.

      "Between the two of us, I think I can still--" Marie concentrated again,
      and then smiled as Jean let out a startled breath at the sudden projection
      that took up the entire world. "Yeah, this way will work better--I'm gonna
      miss this ability, Red, no question." A wavering--Rogue simply didn't have
      the experience to deal with telepathy, but Jean's more practiced assistance
      brought it together again, and Jean had the images from Rogue's mind.
      "Logan sort of rescued me from a little detention problem in Laughlin City.
      Everything gets a little complex after that, though--"

      End Part I


      --When I watch that scene I do not think "Oh, he's such a good father

      --It was incestuous pity weird surgical glove wearing sex.--Reasonable
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