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Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Mary Sue...Why?

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    ... My take on fanfic is a little different from a lot of people s, I ve discovered, since I originally come from a fandom background that involves a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2000
      In a message dated 8/2/00 6:34:05 PM, idontwannawait@... writes:

      >I've spent hours debating the creativity
      >of FF with my mom (a published author), and she keeps asking me if I have
      >the urge to write my own characters. Right now, no.

      My take on fanfic is a little different from a lot of people's, I've
      discovered, since I originally come from a fandom background that involves a
      completely different kind of fanfic. Apparently it's influenced me more than
      I might like to admit. ;) I got my start in Pern Fandom, where, if you join
      the sanctioned fandom clubs, you're actually forbidden to use the characters
      from the books. The club roleplaying activities are also based around
      completely original storylines and characters, as are the fandom equivalent
      to fanfic stories -- stories which are published periodically in a fanzines
      unique to each club. Re-reading this paragraph I realize that it all sounds
      rather restricted and regulated ... *grin* ... which it is. That's part of
      why I eventually left the fandom. Playing Pern got boring, even to one of the
      headmasters of one of the freakiest clubs around. ;)

      Anyway, I really enjoyed playing with my own, original characters in Pern
      Fandom, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I prefer to write
      my own characters in other fandoms. To me the fun in writing fanfic isn't
      necessarily in playing with the established characters, though that has its
      merits, but in playing with the unique ideas of the fandom universe. In fact,
      I find that I tend to write very little fanfic solely featuring established
      characters. To me it seems almost an exercise in futility ... It's all
      speculation since the original creators have ultimate say in the
      history/future of any such character. If I write my own character, unless I
      break the rules of the universe, I can be pretty sure that what I write is
      what "actually" happens to the character. All of this doesn't mean I don't
      enjoy what others write about established characters, though. *grin*

      >Do you Mary Sue on purpose?

      If what I write can be called Mary Sue, I don't do it intentionally, no. I
      don't set out to give characters specific likenesses to me. It's only when I
      look back later that I may find interesting similarities -- though more often
      my characters seem to have interesting connections to each other rather than
      to me. ;)

      >Is Mary Sue always derogotory in your mind?

      I haven't decided that yet ... haven't decided on a specific definition of
      Mary Sue, since it doesn't particularly concern me. I like a fic or dislike a
      fic based on its individual strengths and weaknesses -- and while _most_ Mary
      Sue seems to get on my nerves, well *rueful grin*, I admit that there's a lot
      of _non_ Mary Sue that can be just as annoying. ;)

      Mary Sue seems to most people to be about the character who's created just so
      someone can live out fantasies of being in this other universe ... By that
      definition, no! Mary Sue is definitely not something that interests me. ;D
      But if Mary Sue is defined as any fic involving a character who resembles its
      creator ... it's not by definition annoying, though there's a lot of
      potential in that area for going wrong.

      I think maybe I'll take Kate's enlightened definition (since I'm already
      using her enlightened words in my sig ;) of Mary Sue, and live by that, since
      by _that_ definition I'll rest assured of my safety from Mary Sue Haters
      Anonymous mounting a commando strike mission on my home...

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