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Repost FIC: Of Friends and Good Intentions (1/?)

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  • Jengrrrl
    Title: Of Friends and Good Intentions (1/?) Author: Jengrrrl Email: Rogue22@x-men.com Rating: PG Feedback: Oh God Yes Distribution: List and Disquieting Muses
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2001
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      Title: Of Friends and Good Intentions (1/?)
      Author: Jengrrrl
      Email: Rogue22@...
      Rating: PG
      Feedback: Oh God Yes
      Distribution: List and Disquieting Muses www.geocities.com/jengrrrl2000
      Summary: Jubilee and Kitty have ideas about Wolverine and Rogue� Nuf said.

      Of Friends and Good Intentions

      Jubilee pulled a notebook from her backpack and grinned. �Right. Let�s get

      �Jubilee, I don�t think this is such a good idea.�

      The notebook hit the side of Rogue�s head with a decided *thwack * and
      Jubilee continued. �Title. All good lists need a title. Kitty?�

      Kitty groaned and turned over in her bed. �Mother of all Evil! Jubes, I
      have a�� Kitty�s brain was starting to disconnect from her body again.
      Images of Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting started swimming before her eyes.
      Before she knew it they were joined by images of Ewan in A Life Less
      Ordinary. Rogue and Jubilee watched as she giggled inexplicably. Soon, a
      third set of Ewans made their way into her brain, clad in Jedi-wear. Then,
      the dancing Ewans merged into one single, perfect Ewan: the epitome of
      charm, bravery, and nudity.

      �Test,� Rogue supplied, throwing an annoyed gaze at Jubilee. �We all do.
      And if I don�t get any sleep, I�m flunking.�

      A remarkably loud snort erupted from Jubilation Lee�s mouth. �You�re
      flunking regardless, babe. You�re too busy staring at Logan�s ass to crack
      open a book.� Hysterical laughter peeled out of her as she realized what
      she�d said. �Ha ha ha. Crack open! Logan�s ass!�

      Kitty, pissed at having her Ewans replaced by images of a buttcrack,
      retorted, �Okay, thanks Jubes. If you have that out of your system now, can

      we please go to sleep?�

      �No! I can�t sleep thinking about it, so you two can�t, either.�

      �Don�t you think that�s rather selfish?� The muffled inquiry came from
      Rogue, who had pulled her blanket up over her head in an effort to drown
      out her friend�s incessant harping.

      Jubilee harrumphed and jumped onto Rogue�s bed, bouncing and muttering
      something about it being in Rogue�s best interest to get the list written
      and put into practice. Sighing as the mattress squeaked and creaked beneath

      her, Rogue bemoaned the fact that Jubilee probably had more Mountain Dew
      coursing through her veins than blood.

      Grabbing the notebook and taking a pencil from behind her ear, Jubilee
      cleared her throat and pronounced, �List title: Ways to Get Logan to Notice

      Me. By Rogue.�


      �Shh. I�m thinking.�

      �I�m not writing that, Jubilee!�

      Kitty finally sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning. �Well, it�s obvious no
      one is getting any sleep,� she sighed, then muttered, �Or Ewans.�

      Jubes hopped from Rogue�s bed onto Kitty�s. Looking down at her friend, she

      grinned and asked, �You still caught up on him? I swear, Kitty, you see a
      guy�s peepee *one time *��


      Glancing over at Rogue, who had also gotten out from beneath her covers,
      Jubilee replied, �What?�

      �Can we get on with it?�

      Nodding, Jubilee dropped onto Kitty�s bed and sat cross-legged. She licked
      her pencil and proceeded to write. �Okay. Here�s the first one: bat your
      eyes and tell him you've always found metal skeletons very arousing.�

      Kitty started giggling. �That�s a good one.�

      Rolling her eyes, Rogue responded, �Don�t encourage her, Kitty.�

      The young Asian girl bowed and laughed. �Thank you, Kitty-san.� Grabbing
      Kitty�s teddy bear from her, Jubilee said, �It�s your turn.�

      Kitty�s hands reached for the stuffed bear, but Jubilee managed to dodge
      them. �Oh, take care of little Obi-Wan,� she whimpered.

      �Obi-wan?� Rogue and Jubes called out together.

      Kitty had the good sense to blush. �I� He reminds me of Ewan, okay?�

      �He looks more like a Wookiee.�

      �Or an Ewok.�

      �Oh, never mind,� Kitty almost growled, taking pencil and paper in hand.
      �Let�s see.� She paused for a moment, a furrow of concentration etched in
      her brow. �Ah, yes.� She smiled sweetly at Rogue. �Number two: Manage to
      get yourself stranded in northern Alberta with no money and no food, and
      then weasel your way into his truck, where you immediately mesmerize him
      with your wide, nervous eyes.�

      �Hey!� Rogue exclaimed. �That�s not how I told the story!�

      �That�s how I imagined it,� Kitty retorted, taking back little Obi-Wan from

      Jubilee, who was too busy smirking to notice.

      Taking charge of the situation once more, Jubilee said, �Girls, please!�
      She turned to the girl sitting beside her. �Now, Kitty, if that was a way
      of getting Logan to notice you, Rogue would be sleeping with him instead of

      with us.� Taking possession of the notebook once more, she added, �We won�t

      give her a turn, since she obviously doesn�t know what she�s doing.�

      Rogue sat fuming and Kitty slapped Jubilee against the shoulder. �What? I
      was kidding!� Jubilee stood and hopped back over to Rogue�s bed. She sat
      next to her and squeezed her arm. �I kid �cause I love, babe.�

      The corners of Rogue�s mouth twitched upward. �All right. Fine. You two can

      have your fun but I can tell you right now, it�s not going to work.�

      �It will, too,� protested, Jubilee. �Come on. Have a little faith.�

      Kitty suddenly stood up and began pacing the room, clutching little Obi-Wan

      closely to her. �Okay, let�s get serious. It�s one in the morning and we
      haven�t come up with a reasonable way yet.�

      Jubilee playfully bumped her shoulder into Rogue�s and laughed, �Show up
      naked in his bed?�

      Rogue�s nose wrinkled as she replied, �That�s a way to kill him, Jubilee,
      not get him to notice me.�

      �I think if you showed up naked in his bed he�d notice plenty, Rogue,�
      added Kitty, knowledgeable in all things nude since watching Trainspotting.

      �Right before he died.� Rogue sighed. �He thinks I�m a kid.�

      Jubilee perked up at the words. �That�s it!� Kitty and Rogue both looked
      over at their friend, confused. �So, we prove to him you aren�t a kid

      �How do you propose we do that, Jubilee?� drawled Rogue. �Show him how
      mature my friends are?� She nodded towards Kitty who was placing tiny
      kisses on little Obi-Wan�s ears.

      A startled Kitty looked up. �What?�

      Jubilee raised her eyebrows and replied, �We have to get you a man, too.�

      Momentarily blustered, Kitty bit back. �I wouldn�t talk Jubes. What are
      those? Smurf pajamas?�

      �Hey, I�ll have you know these were damned hard to find! They cost me a
      pretty penny on Ebay.�

      �I think my point�s been made,� said Rogue, chuckling

      �We�re not the point, *kid *,� Jubilee huffed. �The point, is to get him to

      see you�re older��

      �Wiser. More sophisticated,� added Kitty excitedly.

      Rogue was shaking her head. �I don�t know.�

      �What could it hurt to try?�

      �Let�s see. My dignity, my pride, my self-respect�� Rogue began counting
      off the items on her fingers.

      �Oh, come on. It won�t be that bad. Will it, Kitty?�


      �Stop staring at that bear and pay attention.� Jubilee was in full leader
      mode now, and Rogue could see there was no stopping her. �Here�s what I
      propose: We � meaning Kitty and me, because we can�t leave this up to you �

      will write a list of ways for Logan to see you�re not a kid anymore.�
      Before Rogue could open her mouth to protest, Jubilee continued. �Everyday,

      you will try out one of the items on the list. I will come up with three
      items. Kitty, you�ll come up with two.�

      Rogue was shaking her head and frowning. �There is no way I�m going to
      follow a list you two come up with. No way, no how.�

      �Why not?�

      �Kitty, do you remember Jubilee�s last bright idea?�


      �She thought it�d be a good idea to go check out what the boys had planned
      for the talent competition? So, she had you phase into their room?�

      Kitty glared at Jubilee with remembered anger. �But we miscalculated and I
      ended up phasing into their bathroom while John was taking a shower!�

      �Well, thank god you shut your eyes then,� Jubilee drawled. �Or you�d be
      sweet on St. John Alderyce�s naked behind.�

      �Jubilee!� Without thinking, Kitty threw little Obi-Wan at Jubilee, who it
      hit right on the noggin. Realizing what she had done, she threw herself
      over the bed and recovered the abused bear. �Look, what you made me do.�

      �Fine,� Jubilee said. �You don�t trust me? All right. Rogue, Kitty will be
      here to make sure my items aren�t out of line.�

      �That makes me feel better,� Rogue mumbled.

      �And, just as you have to follow *our * list, we have to do one thing you
      think of.� Jubilee leaned over and hugged an unconvinced Kitty. �Both of

      Rogue still didn�t look quite convinced, but had noticeably warmed to the

      �Come on,� Jubilee sing-songed. �You know you�re wondering about it��

      Closing her eyes, Rogue sighed and replied, �Fine. Fine, I�ll do it. God, I

      know I�ll live to regret this.�


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