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The Difficult Kind (6 of ?)(Logan, Vy)(PG-13)

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    Title/Part: The Difficult Kind, part 6 of ? Series: Forest of the Night Codes: Logan/Original Character Author: Alex SisterWolf Email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2001
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      Title/Part: The Difficult Kind, part 6 of ?
      Series: Forest of the Night
      Codes: Logan/Original Character
      Author: Alex SisterWolf
      Email: Alexsisterwolf@...
      URL: http://www.angelfire.com/mn2/AlexSisterWolf/xmenindex.html
      Rating: PG-13
      Short Summary: The baby left on the doorstep… is a tiger cub.
      Disclaimer: All characters belonging to Marvel Comics are used without
      permission, but with no intent of copyright infringement, and no profit is
      being gained from this work.
      Archive: With permission

      Roaring filled my ears. I mean literally. Suddenly all around me was the
      sound of a tiger growling, harsh, dark, and ominous.

      It was the strangest sensation. I was _in_ my body, but I wasn’t in control
      of my body. And I wasn’t alone. There was someone in there with me, someone
      wild and female and angry.

      “This isn’t funny,” I tried to say, but I didn’t have control over my vocal
      cords anymore. **Hey!** I tried to yell mentally. **Wolf chick! This isn’t
      funny! Undo whatever you just did or I’ll rip your throat out!**

      There was the sound… the mental sound, which is pretty hard to describe… of a
      light chuckle. **I think you’d find that rather difficult at the moment. Why
      don’t you say hello to your tiger side? She’s the one in control of your body
      at the moment, so I think you might find it advantageous to make friends.**

      **What the hell do you mean my tiger side is in control of my body? There’s
      only one me in this body, and it’s me!**

      **Wrong. She’s there. You just haven’t been able to talk to her before. **

      I tried to blink, somewhat dumbfounded. **So if this is true, how do I talk
      to her? And why would I want to talk to her? **

      I heard an exasperated mental sigh. **Your spirit is out of balance. Are you
      unhappy? Do you find yourself doing things for no reason that you can
      understand? Did you not just abandon your mate and your cub, travel a few
      thousand miles, and spend several days wandering aimlessly in the

      **Umm…** I replied quite intelligently.

      **So talk to her. Do I have to explain everything? Jeez, this spirit guide
      thing is seriously overrated.** The wolf sprawled on her side, watching me
      through bright gray eyes and grinning toothily.

      **Okay… erm, excuse me, tiger side?**

      **Yes?** This new voice was dark, and harsh, and growling, but in a way I
      can’t quite explain, it sounded like me—maybe like me before coffee at five

      **Uhh… are you really the tiger side to my spirit?**


      **How long have you been there?**

      **Since the beginning.**

      She was clearly not the talkative sort. **The beginning of what?**

      **Your change. When you became.**

      **Umm… all right. So what do you want?**

      **Cub.** All of a sudden, the scent signature of Raj wafted through my mind,
      along with an overwhelming yearning.

      **Gotcha. Anything else?**

      **Mate.** The scent signature this time was muddied, sort of a combination of
      Logan and Vic. I winced. Even my animal nature was confused about the

      **Bingo!** the wolf whispered smugly.

      **Is that the problem?** I demanded of the wolf. **Even my tiger side can’t
      figure out which one is my mate?**

      **Why don’t you ask her. Sheesh. Do I have to hold your hand through this
      whole thing?**

      I would have glared at her, if I had control of my body. **Is there anything
      else you want?**

      **Home.** The thought filled my mind with a mixture of scents, from my
      mother’s lamb stew, to the scents of my old teammates, to the scents of the
      X-Men (even Jean.)

      **Yeah, I get it. Trust me, we’re going back to Westchester. I think I’ve had
      enough walkabout, thank you very much.** The thought of facing the Professor
      after confessing to feeding information to Magneto made me rather queasy, but
      I had to admit that I would have faced much worse than that to see Raj again.
      And Logan. And, a certain traitorous portion of my mind whispered, Vic.

      **Mate.** my tiger side replied, sending the mixed scents of Logan and Vic to
      me once more.

      Dammit! **It’s gotta be one or the other, tigercat.** I winced at my
      accidental usage of Vic’s pet name for me. **One or the other. Choose.**

      She responded with both their scents again.

      **What the hell is this, you want me to choose? Okay, fine. It’s easy. I
      choose Logan.** Vic, whispered part of my mind.

      Stubbornly, she responded with both their scents.

      **That’s impossible. Can’t be done. They hate each other. I can’t have both
      of them.** Angrily, I shouted at the wolf, **She’s crazy! I can’t have both
      of them. I have to choose one and I’m damned well choosing the one who isn’t
      a psycho sonofabitch! I choose Logan!**

      **Your tiger side doesn’t agree. And, if you’d be honest with yourself,
      neither do you.** The wolf yawned at me.

      **Who the hell gave you the right to come in here and play games with my

      **I’m your spirit guide, dummy. Look it up when you get back to the
      Mansion.** The wolf stood up and lifted her muzzle into the wind, sniffing.
      **I think it’s time for you and your tiger self to get a little better
      acquainted. Catch me if you can!**

      And with that, the wolf took off at a run into the woods. **Hunt,** said my
      tiger side happily, and then suddenly I felt my body _shift_ and instead of
      two legs I had four, and my senses increased so tremendously that breathing
      the air was as heady as drinking fine wine. I was drunk on the sheer
      complexity of scents.

      I felt my muscles bunching and releasing, the flex of my claws into the
      forest floor, the sheer exhilaration of the hunt. The wolf was ever before
      us, just out of reach.

      We flew through the dark forest, startling deer, but not giving chase because
      we could hear the wolf’s laughter, and I didn’t know when it stopped being
      _me_ and _her_ and started being _us_. We flowed together, the tiger and the
      woman, until I couldn’t say where she began and I ended.

      We ran until moonrise, when the gray wolf led us to a circle of stones in the
      depths of the forest. It looked bizarrely like ancient Celtic standing
      stones, and the human side of me tried to think of what Native American tribe
      would have created a site like this, and the tiger side of me said, **Pay

      The wolf stepped slowly, almost ceremoniously, to the center of the circle
      and turned three full circles. **Great mother, I bring to you a daughter.
      Guide her and nurture her until the day her soul rejoins the circle. Step
      forward, child.**

      My tiger side, still in control of my body, strode forward to meet the wolf
      nose-to-nose at the center of the circle.

      The wolf touched her nose to mine and then spoke again. **Great mother,
      sisters all, we greet this child and name her Vyaghri.**

      And I swear, though all my senses told me we were alone in the clearing, I
      heard a great upwelling of voices murmuring, “Vyaghri.”

      The wolf grinned. **Welcome, Vyaghri.** Then she turned and left the circle.

      **What now?** I asked.

      **We go catch a few rabbits.**

      **What are the rabbits for?**

      She gave me a look. **For eating, Vy. Come on, let’s get moving.**

      **What, is that it?** I walked over to her.

      **What else should there be?** She sniffed the wind contemplatively.

      **Well, I guess… What was that ceremony about, anyway?**

      She trotted off into the woods. I easily caught up with her, suddenly
      realized that I was walking on four feet, and promptly tripped and fell over
      my own feet. Chuckling, the wolf told me, **Graceful, Vy. The rabbits will
      never hear you coming.**

      I gathered my four feet under me and rose unsteadily. **Hey, give me a break
      already. This is the first time I’ve ever been in control of my body when in
      tiger form. Speaking of… where is my tiger side? Is she gone?**

      **Nope. You’re just better integrated now.** The wolf loped off into the

      **What the--** I tried to catch up with her. **What the hell do you mean,
      we’re better integrated? I’m not a piece of softwear!**

      **Your two halves. Tiger and woman. Better integrated. Are you always this

      **Is that what the ceremony was for?**

      **Nope. That was an introduction.**

      **To who?**

      **The mother.**

      **The mother of what?**


      **You’re really fucking irritating, you know that?**

      She laughed.


      Later, after we’d hunted down a few rabbits and eaten our fill, and were
      lounging on the grass in human form again, I asked her, “So who are you? How
      did you know who I am? How did you find me?”

      She smiled mysteriously. “Oh, let’s just say that an old friend told me
      about you.”

      I narrowed my eyes at her. “An old friend named Professor Xavier?”

      “Maybe, maybe not.”

      “You are really annoying.”

      “I’ve been told that before.” She grinned, and then turned serious. “You’re
      going to find it a little difficult at first to deal with the changes within
      your spirit. The advice I’ll give you now is to listen to your tiger side.
      She won’t be able to talk to you in words anymore, that was something I
      facilitated. So you’re going to have to trust your gut instinct, because
      that’s your animal side talking to you. She’s got important things to say,
      so listen to her. You got that?”


      “Good. Don’t forget it.” She stood up, stretched, and shifted into wolf
      form again. **Take care of yourself.**

      “Thanks. Hey, you never did answer my question. Who are you?”

      Her only reply, **A friend.** I heard her fading mental laughter, and then I
      was alone again.

      “Right. Trust my gut instinct. Gotcha.” I shook my head doubtfully, then
      started the long walk back towards civilization.

      ***end part six***

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