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"Counting Backwards" R; Rogue (Logan); 5/5

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  • Molly
    Counting Backwards (5/5) by Molly Epilogue - Ground Zero  “Following the sun we left the old world.” -- inscription on one of Columbus’ carevels. She
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2001
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      Counting Backwards (5/5)
      by Molly

      Epilogue - Ground Zero�

      �Following the sun we left the old world.�
      inscription on one of Columbus� carevels.

      She gazes out the window and sighs slightly, feeling
      restless, jumpy. "It's so different," she breathes.�

      "I'm no nature whiz," Logan says dryly, "but I'd guess
      it being summer this time has something to do with

      "Don't be a smartass. In a few months, I'll be able to
      take you down."�

      He laughs loudly. "Somehow I doubt that. They're not
      going to teach you to be the Terminator or anything."�

      "I'm resourceful," she says with a smirk. "You'll see.
      I'll figure something out." She glances out the window
      again. "Where are we? Anywhere near Loftlin City?"�

      "Past it. We're sticking closer to the border until
      Vancouver. We can stop there a few days, then head up
      the coast. You went further north with your

      "Yeah, thankfully." She grins. "What's it like?"�

      "What's what like?"�


      "I've only been to Anchorage, Marie, for two days last
      year. It's a huge fucking state."�

      "Fine, fine."�

      "If you don't know what it's like, why the hell did
      you try to cross most of the continent to get there?"�

      She shrugs and settles back into her seat. "I saw a
      picture once."�

      "A picture. A picture? What kind of picture can be
      that fascinating?" He hands her a cigar. "Light that,
      huh? And don't forget to share."�

      She reaches out gratefully. "Kinai Peninsula. The
      water is so clear when it's not frozen, you can see a
      perfect reflection of the sky. I wanted to see that."
      She closes her eyes and see the picture she memorized
      years ago. "Can you even imagine anything so perfect
      and untainted?"�

      Logan brushes her hand as he takes the lit cigar. "I
      think so," he says quietly. "Guess we'll see."�

      **end** �

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