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FIC:Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers(1/?)

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  • KelStarOwl@aol.com
    Title:Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers(1/?) Author: Kel (kel starowl@aol.com) Pairing: Logan/Rogue Rating: PG-13 For Language and violence Summary: New
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2001
      Title:Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers(1/?)
      Author: Kel (kel starowl@...)
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Rating: PG-13 For Language and violence
      Summary: New students come to mutant high,one of them helps Rogue when she
      really needs it.
      Disclaimer: marvel and fox own them(sigh).Lufy and Hime belong to moi(me) but
      anyone can use them just give me credit.
      Notes: Hime (pronouced HeMe) looks simlar to kunckles of sonic the hedgehog
      but more human. 2) this chapter is told from a bartenders POV
      Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers
      chapter one

      It had been a bit colder then normal around here the last couple of days. The
      cold drove people into my bar that would never come in otherwise such was the
      case that one night when two young ladies came in. One dressed in a dark
      green cloak the hood and shoulders dusted with new snow she carried a very
      small child still practically a baby in her arms, the look on that gals face
      said she was tired but also stubborn. It was the other gal that scared me her
      in her long white double breasted coat with coon fur trim around the cuffs,
      hem and neck. A white cap sat on top of chocolate brown hair that fell in
      waves around her face. Her face that really shocked me when she looked at me
      with a face of a girl but eyes of a ancient creature, eyes the color of
      overcast skies. After I saw her eyes I would always think of that gal as the
      frosty one. The two gals took a seat in a booth not to far from the cage
      where the reining champ the wol! verine was fighting. The frosty one was
      protective of the green cloaked one and would not let anyone look at her even
      cross eyed. It was when the green one was settled with the child that the
      frosty one stood up I could barely hear what they said.
      "Don't hurt him." the green one said in a southern accent as she half rose to
      follow her companion. The frosty one held her right arm out stopping her.
      "I won't. Stay here." and she walked with confidence over to the cage her
      white coat stood like a beckon in the sea of dark ones. I watched as the guy
      fighting the wolverine was distracted by the young woman in white and was
      easily KO'd for the slip the wolverine now had his eyes on the frosty one and
      apptuply called an end to the fights he'd take part in that night he left the
      cage shirt and jacket in his hand he walked right up to the frosty one he was
      the only one not wary of her. She looked him in the eye and then glanced back
      at the green cloaked one and the child she held. The wolverine followed her
      glance and made to go to the green one like he knew her heck maybe he did
      hell maybe that kid was his brat.  The frosty one stopped him with a hand on
      his chest shaking her head. They talked and I was amazed I could hear them in
      the noise in here.
      "Who the hell are you kid?" he asked.
      "Empathy." she said flatly.
      "Ok empathy why the hell is rogue here and where in heck did she get that
      kid?"he further asked.
      "Child was given to us by a dyeing mother and Rogue's here to drag your
      stupid ass home cause she needs you now more then ever. I'm not sure if my
      link to her will keep her sane much longer."she answered
      "What are you talking about girl?"he continued. The shock hit me like a fist
      when I saw the wolverine coil back like he had been hit but the frosty one
      had not moved a inch.
      "That is what she felt jerk what I had to help regulate with my own feelings
      to keep her from slitting her own throat thinking you had abandoned her!"she
      hissed out. The wolverine glared at the frosty one, she glared right back not
      one bit afraid of him. Things moved faster after that the frosty one turned
      on her heel and walked back to the green clocked one deafly took the child,
      whispered in the other gals ear and left I noticed as she left as others did
      how heavy her feet fell.  The wolverine and the clocked one talked the gal
      began to cry I could tell from the shaking of her shoulders the wolverine
      seemed to shatter before my eyes and not long after that the two of them left
      as well.

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