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Fic:" One Magical Night" (2/4) and (3/4) PG [ Jean/Scott, Logan, Xavier, oth ers]

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    And part 2; A being of light comes to Scott in his hour of need. And part 3; She shows him what his friends feels for him; Jean, Logan, Xavier and his
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      And part 2; A being of light comes to Scott in his hour of need.
      And part 3; She shows him what his friends feels for him; Jean, Logan, Xavier and his students.

      Part 2:
      * That is not true, warrior of the Light*
      Scott quickly turned around and scanned the dim room. He was all alone.
      “ Who’s there?”
      * Have you lived so long that you have forgotten your friends from the past, shaded man?*
      The voice came again, soft and kind inside his mind.
      * Jean??* No, it didn’t sound like her and besides she was still angry with him.
      * No, it is I, Isabella*
      No sooner had the words ringed in his mind before a thumb sized young beautiful woman with small silver wings appeared besides him.
      “ You’re a …a ????” Scott began shocked. He was either dreaming, dead or drunk. This couldn’t be happening.
      * A fairy, warrior with the truest heart. That I am.*
      Isabella flew a little in front of him, her long, soft golden hair glimmering in the moonlight like rays from the sun.
      “ But you’re not….” Scott began, still in shook. He had to be dreaming.
      * Please, think to me instead. Your voice deafens me*
      Isabella begged and closed her hands over her ears.
      * Sorry, I forgot* Scott sent sheepishly and gently took forth a hand and Isabella gracefully landed in his palm.
      * I was once your only friend. How could you forget me?*
      Isabella thought sadly, fairy dust glowing golden around her and where she had been.
      * I…I guess I grew up. I’m not at the orphanage anymore*
      *But you’re still alone. Besides..* she flashed him a brilliant smile which made him smile too as it had as a child. * if you really had grown up and didn’t believe anymore, I couldn’t be here. But here I am*
      *I’m glad you’re here* Scott admitted and smiled at her, already feeling better because of her positive being. She was after all, a being made purely of goodness. * But why are you here?*
      *I heard your doubts. Your thoughts. I came to help. For this one night I’ll set time and space out of existence and show you the mental image that all your friends hold of you. Then you never need to be sad or in doubt ever again* She smiled kind of sad at him and hugged his thumb.
      * Thank you but…why would you help me?*
      *As there is guardian angels there are guardian ferries but only for those with a pure heart. I’m your guardian fairy.* She smiled gently at him * Besides whenever you cry, even if it is only in your heart as it almost always is, it rains where I come from.*
      * I’m sorry* Scott said quickly. He had never meant to hurt anyone. Least of all Isabella. He was surprised at how quickly he accepted her being here. He had told Jean about her once and she had said that fairies were just childhood fantasies. Well, either he was still a child or he was having a very vivid imagination.
      * And that’s precisely why I’ll always be there for you, true warrior* Isabella said softly as if she had heard his thoughts.

      Part 3:
      * So, whose image do you want to see first? * Isabella asked as she flew from Scott’s warm palm to fly in front of him.
      *Jean* He thought without hesitation. After his pained childhood and all his experiences of abandonment, he had always feared Jean would leave him or that she never really loved him but only felt sorry for him. He knew the truth could hurt, he had felt it enough times to know, but he needed a certainty. Any certainty.
      * The love of your life, the holder of your bleeding heart. Warrior Brave, Warrior true, I’ll let your wish come true*
      A small window surrounded by fairy dust appeared and as Scott looked closely he saw a man. Not any man. Himself. Scott Summers. For the first time, he saw himself as Jean saw him. His futures were blurry and his entire body was surrounded by light. He seemed to glow. His forehead and the place of his heart shone the brightest. The place for his thoughts and his love. As he reached a hand towards the image he felt waves of love, acceptance and trust. For a flicker of a moment he was Jean. He knew that she had wanted to go on the mission yesterday because she wanted to be there for him. Always. She never wanted to leave him and she truly loved him. She had just been afraid he would get hurt. She had wanted to protect him. All to soon the warmth of her feelings, of her love which had surrounded him, disappeared and he felt very cold and alone. But very, very happy. She loved him. She truly loved him. He wanted to scream his happiness out to the world.
      * Don’t, True Heart. I can feel your happiness in your thoughts and in your heart* Isabella sent softly with the slightest hint of amusement.
      * Thank you. How can I ever thank you enough?* Scott asked, still overwhelmed by the deep of Jean’s love for him.
      * Thanks is not necessary. Who do you want to see now?*
      * Hum,…Logan*
      * Warrior true, warrior brave, before you I’ll show you a warrior who’ll protect you*
      The image appeared again. This time his features were clear. He was armed with a gun in one hand and a beating red heart in the other. It was like looking at a strange cross between a enemy and warrior and a child and saint. It was beautiful yet terrifying. The emotions he got was of protectiveness yet irritation. Love yet hate. Friendship yet enemies. It was complex yet simple. But above it all was a clear line of certainty. Above all, Logan would protect him. The feelings of love won out in the end. Logan’s mental picture of him as a spilt person was not that split after all as the side which held the heart was the strongest and glowing the brightest. All to soon, the sensations ended as Isabella broke the link. He felt strangely abandoned after that.
      * Your students next it will be and you’ll see; they all care for you in their hearts, warrior of mine* As she ended her spell a new window appeared and Scott saw different images of himself through the mental window. They were from all the students and the images went by so quickly he didn’t have the time to look more closely at even one of them. But the feelings he got overpowered him. Feelings of love, feelings of friendship. Some saw him as a brother, some a father, some a friend and some a teacher. Whatever it was the feelings of love and trust were there as a fine line connecting it all together. The image burst into a 1000th pieces as a powerful feeling and image showed up.
      * For all heroes a beginning and for all sons a father. Warrior brave, let me show you yours*
      Xavier’s thoughts reached him, full and rich. Love and acceptance in them. A image of a young man, himself, showed in the mental picture. He was in lack of a better word; perfect. His futures were hidden by the light surrounding him. It was the light which made him perfect. His feelings and not his actions. A father’s pride in his son shinned through. The image faded away and the room became quit.
      * No more can I show you. I only hope I have restored peace to your soul and dried the tears in your heart. Be well, warrior of the light. And never forget me*
      With that Isabella disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared.
      * I never will, I never will* He thought happily and sent thoughts of gratitude towards her.
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