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FIC: Part 2 Musings On A Woodland Nymph Toad/Storm PG-13

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  • Alyx Alexandre
    Title: Musings on a Woodland Nymph, Part 2 of 2 Pairing: Toad/Storm POV Rating: PG-13 for stalking & violence Archive: http://www.angelfire.com/ma3/padders
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2001
      Title: Musings on a Woodland Nymph, Part 2 of 2

      Pairing: Toad/Storm POV

      Rating: PG-13 for stalking & violence

      Archive: http://www.angelfire.com/ma3/padders

      Note: Part 2 takes place a few days after Magneto &
      the Brotherhood have been defeated in 'X-Men, the

      << >> Indicates character thought.

      Summary: Toad attempts to touch salvation.

      Musings on a Woodland Nymph Pt. 2
      by Alyx Alexandre (alyx68@...)

      Storm smelled it even before she opened her eyes.
      There. In the shadows. She began to summon her powers.

      "Wait," a voice said.

      She didn't and thunder rumbled in the sky.

      "Please," the voice said a bit louder.

      Storm sat up. "Who are you?" She had an idea but she
      didn't think he could be so bold. Or alive.

      "It's just me, Toad."

      Storm wasn't so much pissed, as she was annoyed. She
      thought she had disposed of him. "Get out of my room!
      I will give you two seconds to be gone or I will not
      be as gentle this time!" she commanded.

      "Please, not yet. I'm not done." Toad said, still
      resting on his haunches.

      Storm rose from her bed and reached for her robe. She
      was ready to call her teammates but she really didn't
      have a strong sense of danger from him. Not yet. "Done
      doing what?"

      "Looking at you," Toad replied with a slight tremor in
      his voice. His eyes widened a bit. He hadn't meant to
      say that. Not at all. He wasn't in the habit of
      wearing his emotions on his sleeve. He usually hid his
      feelings behind smart-assed remarks or silence. He had
      secretly come to the Mansion to see her several times
      before but this was the first time he had seen her
      since the fight at the Statue of Liberty. This was
      also the first time she ever woke up during one of his
      nocturnal visits. Damn.

      "Looking at me?" Storm sputtered indignantly as she
      walked towards him. "Get out of my room, you pervert,
      before I blast you again!" Storm lifted her hands to
      the heavens and her blue eyes started to turn pale

      "No, no - not that," Toad said. He rose to his feet
      and stepped out of the darkness with his palms up in a
      placating gesture. "No more thunder shocks. Well, at
      least not as hard as the last one you gave me. Not
      again," he said with a small grin. "You know how to
      rip into a man."

      "You are not a man, you are a slimy toad. And a sick
      one at that." Storm said icily, not backing down. She
      was in control here. Thunder rumbled even louder than

      "No, I'm Toad, trained in the Wu Shu style of Kung
      Fu." He stopped a few feet from where she was

      How could she forget? That fight ranked among the most
      unforgettable that she'd had in her career as part of
      the X-Men. He had come out of nowhere and dispatched
      Jean, Scott and herself single-handedly in less than
      10 seconds. He used her like a punching bag. He had
      even kicked her down an elevator shaft before she
      defeated him.

      She decided to hold off a bit. "What do you want?"

      "I'm sorry, you know," he said to her, almost shyly.

      Storm wished she were telepathic. She really would
      have liked to know why he was here in the Mansion,
      obviously trespassing not to mention invading her
      privacy, after all that had happened.

      "Sorry for what?"

      "For the fight - kicking you around the way I did. I
      didn't mean it."

      Storm looked at him like he had grown another head,
      "You didn't mean it? You didn't mean it?" Her voice
      started to rise and the static electricity in the room
      gradually increased. "You attacked me & my teammates
      and you didn't mean it?"

      "Well it's not as though you can't take a punch.
      You're an X-Man, right? You're strong and all that."

      He had the nerve to smile at her.

      "You got me though, right on the tongue," he
      continued. "I had never gotten shocked before.
      Actually, that was a bit exciting."

      Storm sighed. Men. They were all alike, weren't they?
      Speaking of which... "Why did you touch me like that?"

      She hadn't forgotten the feel of his fingers where he
      had stroked her cheek and what he said to her that
      night. Even now, days later, she still felt his touch
      like a gentle breeze. The skin on her cheek tingled
      whenever she thought of the incident. Jean had caught
      her blushing more than once and teased her about it.

      "Ah, well," Toad began, "Um, I don't know?" Toad knew
      very well why he touched her the way he did.

      Their thoughts drifted back to that night at the
      Statue of Liberty when the Brotherhood & the X-Men had
      their showdown.


      Toad swooped down and knocked the wind out of her with
      a well-placed kick.

      She crashed to the ground and lay there stunned. <<Get
      up 'Ro>> she encouraged herself but she was
      uncoordinated and seeing double. Then suddenly, with a
      thump that thing landed in front of her and brought
      his face close to hers.

      He crouched over her and for a strange moment there
      was a pause in their fight. Everything receded into
      the background except for him and her. Mystique,
      Creed, Eric, the Plan, the other X-Men, were as
      distant as the moon. He looked at her a bit concerned.
      Maybe he overdid it? He *had* hit her pretty hard.

      In that instant, she thought he was going to kiss her.
      But instead he did something that was even more
      intimate: he caressed her.

      He whispered to her as a lover would, "Such pretty
      skin. So smooth, so perfect. I guess some Mutants are
      just born lucky," he murmured. Yep, it was as silky as
      it looked. Her skin was creamy soft under his rough
      fingers. Her makeup was perfectly applied. <<She put
      on makeup before coming here?>> He smiled at her
      vanity. He could also smell her perfume. Ah.

      A mixture of emotions ran through Storm that ranging
      from disgust to disbelief. Disgust because of who he
      was and what he stood for. Disbelief because the tone
      of his voice was clearly that of adoration. She was no
      stranger to being worshipped but to be worshipped in
      the middle of a fight by her attacker was beyond

      Storm was also angry because it had been a long time -
      too long - since she was touched like that. Longer
      than she cared to admit. Being an X-Man and her duties
      to her students hardly left time for herself, much
      less romance. The crush emotions made her sad, but she
      suppressed them, remembering her duty. She was angry
      at his boldness and at herself that she hadn't gotten
      the upper hand in this battle yet. She would soon
      teach him why her nom de guerre was Storm.

      From the first time Toad saw her picture, he needed to
      touch her and that caress was the most honest gesture
      that he could manage at the moment. She was as close
      to a nymph or fairy that he would ever get in his
      life. If he could only touch her then maybe, just
      maybe he could recapture some of the innocence that he
      had lost along the way. An innocence that he had
      struggled to keep, *knowing* even at a young age, its
      value. An innocence that had been taken from him too

      <<Time to bring this fight to a close.>> He kicked her
      again and she fell down the elevator shaft. He removed
      the metal bar prop with a flourish, shutting the
      doors. Too bad he couldn't seal them closed.
      Hopefully, she would remain there unconscious and
      undetected until this was all over. Unfortunately, it
      didn't take long for him to realize that it would take
      a whole lot more than that to keep Storm down.

      "Don't you people ever die?" he roared for the benefit
      of Magneto who was surely monitoring his progress via
      the com unit clipped to his jacket. He started back
      towards the elevator where he had left her. <<Damn it,
      why don't you stay there? Don't you understand? Creed
      will kill you!>>

      The doors opened and she floated up in a corona of
      light & pure energy.

      The next thing he knew he was hurled outside by a
      steady gust of wind. He could actually *feel* her in
      the punishing winds whirling past him. He clung to the
      rail by his tongue wondering how the hell he was going
      to get out of this mess.

      She came towards him slowly in a luminous wave, her
      arms upraised. She moved as though she had all the
      time in the world. He couldn't take his eyes off her.
      He had never seen anything quite so majestic.

      She spoke but all he heard was the command in her
      voice and the answer of thunder and lighting. His
      tongue felt her power first then the lightning hit him
      full blast.

      He screamed in agony & release. Then everything went


      He smiled as he remembered the first time he saw her
      in person. It was at the train station when Eric sent
      them to get the girl. He had scrambled up the wall on
      the lookout for her long white hair, hoping to see her
      at last but also wishing that she wouldn't be there,
      safe from harm. But Creed got to her first and tried
      to choke the life out of her. That was when he got his
      first glimpse of her power. Her eyes turned white and
      a bolt of lightning hit Creed, sending him flying. His
      heart hammered in his chest and his entire being
      buzzed with excitement. Seeing her for the first time
      and witnessing her power gave him an adrenaline rush
      like nothing else.

      Being here in her loft tonight gave him a charge like
      the first time at the train station even though at
      present she wasn't doing anything more spectacular
      than looking at him with her arms folded across her

      Toad admired an orchid that he didn't remember seeing
      before, giving himself time to gather his courage
      before asking her directly, "You're a wood nymph,
      aren't you? Y'know, a fairy." He was surprised when
      she began to laugh.

      "A what?" Storm had been called many things in her
      life: a Goddess, a weather witch, a wind rider but a
      wood nymph? That was too funny and she laughed out
      loud. <<I wonder how long he had floated in the Hudson
      River?>> She sat on her purple velvet chaise lounge
      and motioned for him to sit as well.

      Toad settled on the plush seat and watched her. He
      couldn't believe he had made her laugh so pretty, like
      twinkling wind chimes. He couldn't believe he was in
      her room having a conversation with her. At least she
      wasn't laughing at him and it didn't seem like she was
      going to shock him either. His tongue was still

      Storm wiped tears from the corner of her eyes. "A wood
      nymph. That is so cute!" She realized with dismay
      that she couldn't remember the last time she had a
      good laugh but here she was laughing with Toad, of all
      people, at three o'clock in the morning. That sobered
      her up a lot.

      "A wood nymph. Is that what you think I am?"

      Toad nodded.

      "Why?" Storm crossed her legs and leaned back on a

      He hesitated. He wanted to make her understand what he
      was about to say. He had never been eloquent. When he
      was lying, the words rolled off of his tongue. But to
      speak the truth - to bare his soul - to this beauty,
      he struggled for words.

      Storm waited patiently. He was getting to the reason
      why he dared break & enter the Mansion and into her
      room knowing what she and the X-Men could do to him.

      He looked around her room. "Look at the way you live.
      If you weren't here you would be living in a cabin in
      the woods surrounded by living energy. Just like me,"
      he added shyly. "I'm not a city person and I don't
      care much for crowds. I can tell by how well you take
      care of your plants and flowers what kind of lady you
      are. The vibe in this room is incredible and your
      nature powers are magical, like a fairy."

      He paused for a moment and continued, "When I was a
      little boy I saw fairies playing in my backyard. That
      moment was the single most pure thing that ever
      happened to me. I never saw them again after that day
      even though I looked & looked. Until I saw you I
      thought I would never see one again. You may not think
      you're a fairy but you are to me."

      Storm understood very well what he was trying to say.
      People needed a belief system to make sense of their
      world. Worshipped as a Goddess by many, she was no
      stranger to being the focus of such intense emotion.
      She understood better than most that this heartfelt
      passion, while not rational, was genuine. She
      respected that and didn't attempt to convince him
      otherwise. Modest as always in the face of personal
      emotional tribute, she accepted his declaration

      "Thank you," she said simply.

      "You're welcome," Toad replied with an overwhelming
      feeling of gratitude.

      They sat in silence for a bit lost in their own

      "Anyway, I'm leaving. I came to say goodbye. Actually,
      I'm going on vacation. I think I deserve it. Eric's in
      jail, Creed went to Canada to do something or the
      other and Mystique seems to enjoy being a Senator."

      Storm raised an eyebrow. She couldn't imagine the
      X-Men disbanding like that if they lost a battle -
      even a major one.

      Toad answered like he read her mind. "The Brotherhood
      will always be around, make no mistake about it but
      for now we're on hold. At least until Eric breaks out
      of jail - and he will. They can't keep him there.
      He'll find a way." Toad said this almost as though he
      was trying to convince himself.

      "Eric took me in when I had no one and no one would
      have me. He found me like Xavier found you. I don't
      agree with everything Eric does but he was there for
      me at my lowest point, so I'm loyal to him."

      This was as close to an explanation or apology as he
      was going to give and Storm knew it. Storm nodded
      because she understood even if she didn't agree with
      his choice. All Mutants were connected on some level
      because of humanity's inability to accept their rapid
      evolution. Because of the hatred and hostility
      directed at them, Mutants learned quickly not to be
      picky about where love, affection, and acceptance came
      from. You took it where you found it. What if Magneto
      had found her first? It was not the first time she had
      such thoughts. "So, what are you going to do?"

      "I think I'll go to Florida. See the Everglades,
      maybe. I hear the weather is great this time of year."

      Storm laughed again then stopped. They looked at each
      other solemnly, accepting their unusual bond but
      silently acknowledging the unspoken: they were on
      opposite sides of the war and always would be.

      She reached over and pulled on the silver hoop earring
      in his ear and unhooked it. "A little souvenir for me,
      yes?" she said with a smile.

      Her touch broke his shyness and he took a chance.
      Quickly, he clasped Storm around her slender waist and
      drew her to him. He clutched her silky shiny hair,
      enjoying its fullness. He looked into her big blue
      eyes. Mercy!

      He whispered, "You are so beautiful. I wish I could
      take you with me." He kissed her, soft and slow at
      first, then more passionately. The kiss went on
      forever. Storm had never been frenched like that in
      all her life! After he broke the kiss, he continued to
      hold her close, savoring the feel of her soft body
      pressed against his.

      "Goddess," Storm murmured, her arms wrapped around his
      muscular shoulders.

      Toad smiled in her hair and deeply inhaled her scent.
      He wished he could stay with her always but some
      fantasies were better enjoyed as such and nothing
      more. He was thankful to her for giving him back a
      part of himself that he thought was lost forever.

      Because just for a moment, he held a princess in his
      arms who kissed him and he was no longer a toad.

      End Pt. 2 of 2

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