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~~Blue Eyes~~ Scott/Jean --PG13

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    Author: Meeeeeeeeeeeeee (also known as Kitty) Fic: Blue Eyes Rating: Mmmmm..PG 13. I know..I m slippin. Pairing: Cyclops and Jean Disclaimer: Tis a sad, sad
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      Author: Meeeeeeeeeeeeee (also known as Kitty)
      Fic: Blue Eyes
      Rating: Mmmmm..PG 13. I know..I'm slippin.
      Pairing: Cyclops and Jean
      Disclaimer: Tis a sad, sad thing that I own nothing. All belongs to Stan Lee
      and 20th Century Fox. Alas.
      Summary: Well, there's something more to Cyclops than the movie portrayed,
      and here it is!
      Notes: Shout out to my home girl Meg and homie jitt Chris for BETA-ing. Ya'll
      my niggaz yo!
      Feedback: Weeeeeeell...it didn't seem like you guys really dug my Deja Vu
      pieces, so I could use the ego bolstering!

      "Close your eyes loverboy." Scott squeezed his eyes shut, breathing raggedly.
      He felt Jean being tied by the metal in front of him. If he opened his eyes…..

      <<"Why do you make me so angry?" Scott punched the gymnasium wall.
      Sheila backed away in horror. The kids at the edge of the Prom dance floor
      whispered and glanced their way.

      "I-I was just dancing with him." She said, staring at her enraged
      boyfriend. . "Y-your eyes…Scott…they're glowing."

      "What…." Scott, noticed that his vision was slowly turning red. Sheila
      backed away and ran into the girls room. He stumbled back, he grabbed his
      head, screaming. He pressed his fist against his eyelids as the pressure
      became intolerable. Scott opened his eyes.>>

      Scott heard the sounds of Wolverine fighting Sabretooth. That should have
      been him there. He was the leader. What was happening to him This loss of
      control. First at the train station and now here. He was useless.

      Jean wanted to scream when Logan and Sabretooth left the conductor. If
      only her powers were strong enough, she could take over Sabretooth and help
      Logan. Her mind reached out, at least she could try. As soon as she opened
      her senses, she was slammed with fear, self-loathing. She gasped. It was
      coming from Scott.

      "Scott..it's ok. We'll get out of this." She whispered. She studied Scotts'
      face, so beautiful, even with his eyes clenched tightly shut. His eyes, he
      had told her were blue. It saddened her that she would never be able to see
      them. His flood of panic jilted her out of her reverie. She had never seen
      him anything but calm, except once. Jean smiled softly.

      << Mrs. Grey. You're shaking." Scott said brushing past her. Jean laughed
      and closed the door to her room, leaning against it. Scott moved a hand to
      her face, tucking an errant strand behind her ear. She noticed his breathing
      was slightly unsteady.

      "Yeah well, you're not too calm yourself." She whispered, moving closer to
      him. She looked at him, once again struck by his strength, his beauty. He
      cupped her face in his hands, stroking her skin slowly. Her eyes closed and
      he leaned closer, fanning warm breath on her cheek and neck before returning
      to her lips.

      "Jean." Scott whispered. He crushed her against him, kissing her. It wasn't
      like any of his other kisses. They were always soft and chaste. This was
      anything but. Scott picked Jean up, his mouth never leaving hers and carried
      her to the bed.>>

      "Scott." She whispered again. "I love you." The tension in Scott's face
      only increased.

      << "Scott, I love you." Sheila sobbed. "I know what everyone's saying, but
      we can be together."

      Scott wished he could see her face, but he only covered his closed eyes with
      his hand.

      "Go away." He said hoarsely.

      "Please, I can sneak out, you can talk to me. You need a-"

      "I don't need anything form you." He yelled. "Get out." He tried to move
      towards the door and bumped into the coffee table, crashing to the ground.

      "Scott," Sheila cried, bending over to help him. "Please don't-"

      "Get out." Scott screamed, pushing her away violently. He stayed on the
      ground, hearing Sheila cry out in frustration.. Finally, the door opened and
      closed. >>

      Jean probed into his mind again, receiving a memory of his. The first time
      a girl said that she had loved him.

      "I'm not going anywhere. Please, Scott. Say something. Scott?"

      << "Scott." Jean said in surprise, dropping her hands. She glanced at
      Logan and stepped back. "Goodnight." Scott set his jaw, letting Jean pass

      "You gonna tell me to stay away from your girl?" Logan sneered, walking
      towards him.

      "If I had to do that she wouldn't be my girl.">>

      Jean felt his insecurity washing over her. Mr. Calm and Cool, she knew some
      of it was a facade, but she never guessed how scared he was. Of losing
      control. Of losing her. His breathing remained rapid.

      Scott felt Jean search his mind, but was to panicked to do anything about
      it. His heart was beating rapidly, and he was having trouble breathing.
      "Jean." He said, his voice sounding agonized.

      "I'm here Scott, I'm not going-" Three blades piercing the mere inches of
      metal between them cut off her sentence. "Scott, no!" Jean saw his eyes
      unclench, an instinct of wanting to know what happened. Scott set his jaw and
      squeezed his eyes shut as hard as he could. "It was Logan's claws, he slid
      down the side of the conductor." Jean paused for a minute. "He's ok, I can
      hear him above us."

      "That should be me up there." Scott said.

      "You don't always have to be the leader, Scott. Let someone else be strong
      for once." Jean whispered. "I don't care about that, I'll never leave you. I
      knew that since the first time I met you."

      << "Jean, I'd like you to meet Scott Summers. He'll be joining our small
      student body." Xavier introduced her, then moved away. Jean looked up and her
      breath caught in her throat. The boy standing before her looked like a Greek
      God come to life. He turned to her, his face, what she could see of it,

      "Hello." He said evenly. Jean struggled to say something. She had never
      felt this way before. She knew. Jean was going to marry this boy.

      "Hi." She answered back shyly. He turned away from her without another word.
      Now she just had to convince him of that. >>

      Scott swallowed. "I'm just…I'm.." Jean closed her eyes, sending him a

      Scott saw something start to appear before his eyes, blocking out the red
      pressure. It was Jean, she was dressed in a white flowing gown. And she was
      smiling at him. For the first time he saw her in color, not red. Her
      beautiful auburn hair, shining brown eyes, white wedding dress. Wedding

      "You owe me a scream." She heard a gutteral voice say. Sabretooth. She sent
      the relay to Scott, trancing out for a moment but waking when Logan spoke.

      "You drop something, Jean?"

      "Scott, when I say to, open your eyes."

      "No!" He said in anguish.

      "Trust me!"

      << "Trust me Scott!" Jean cried, moving away from him. "Logan needs a
      friend. And that's what I am. Nothing more."

      Scott didn't say a word. He didn't have too. Jean could read his mind
      without even looking past his body language.

      "If you love me," she continued, her voice unsteady, "then you'd trust


      Scott opened his eyes and saw his glasses, and Jean redirect the beam to
      Sabretooth. And for the first time, through his red rays, she saw his blue
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