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Fic: The Soiled Dove - 5/6 [L/R, S/J] - R

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  • victoria p.
    Disclaimers in Part 1 [and 4] Warning - character death. carnage. but the fun kind. Let me know what you think... victoria ***If you ll recall, when we last
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      Disclaimers in Part 1 [and 4]

      Warning - character death. carnage. but the fun kind.

      Let me know what you think...


      ***If you'll recall, when we last left our hero, he'd just been knocked out
      and Marie had been stolen from him. This picks up the next morning.***


      He heard them before he saw them. “He’s breathing, Charles. He should be
      coming around soon.” <Summers. Damn, what’d I do to deserve this?> he
      wondered, and then the memories flooded back and he shot up, eyes open and
      wild, unaware or uncaring that he wore only his boxer shorts.

      “Marie!” he exclaimed. “Those bastards took Marie.”

      Scott’s glasses flashed in the morning light. “We know. Lehnsherr contacted
      her father.”

      “Who in turn contacted me,” Xavier’s deep voice said. “They are arranging a
      meet tonight at the fountain in Central Park. We will be there, as well, to
      make sure the girl is safe.

      “Fuck.” Logan rubbed the back of his head, which felt like someone had used
      it for batting practice. “She won’t be safe if that freak gets hold of her,”
      he growled.

      “Logan,” Scott said warningly. “We’re working on a plan.”

      “I’ll bet,” he muttered, stalking into the bedroom and randomly pulling on
      some clothes. It was then he noticed the duffel bag Marie had grabbed when
      they’d left the Hot Box. She’d stuffed it in the bottom of his armoire.

      Opening it, he saw a pair of gloves, some lacy underwear and a small package
      wrapped in brown paper. He was willing to bet it was whatever LeBeau had
      stolen from Lehnsherr. He tore open a corner of the paper and saw white
      powder. He sniffed -- definitely heroin.

      Was she lying to him, playing him for a sap after all? he wondered. Had she
      been in on it all along? He shook his head. No, she was innocent. LeBeau had
      used her, the way her father had used her, the way Lehnsherr was using her
      now, and Xavier, as well.

      He thought about the way she’d fallen asleep so trustingly, and decided
      that, even if she wasn’t, it didn’t matter. He’d promised to take care of
      her and he hadn’t. He hadn’t been able to protect her. But he’d be damned if
      he’d let her go back to her father. He would go along with whatever Xavier
      and Summers had planned, but he’d keep an eye out for a chance to grab Marie
      and make a break. And maybe kill her bastard father while he was at it.


      He was silent as Scott outlined the rudiments of their plan while they drove
      to Xavier's office on the Upper East Side.

      When they arrived, Senator Kelly was there, waiting. He was a tall,
      distinguished looking man with two wings of white framing his face. <So
      Darkholme wasn't lying about that,> he thought. He willed himself to remain
      calm and didn't do more than glare at the man who had abused Marie for so
      many years.

      There was a young girl there as well, blonde, no streaks. Claire, he
      figured. She looked happy and healthy, and he wondered if the freak had left
      her alone, and why.

      "Claire, go with Mrs. Braddock," Xavier instructed her gently. "Betsy,
      please take Claire wherever she'd like to go. I know this is her first time
      in New York. My car and driver are at your disposal, my dear." He sounded
      for all the world like a kindly uncle, not the man who would be handing
      Marie over to her baby raper of a father, Logan thought, clenching his
      fists. He wanted to rip Kelly’s intestines out and wrap them around his

      Scott noticed Logan tense, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down," he
      said softly. "We'll take care of the girl."

      "You better, or I'll take care of her father," he muttered in response.

      Xavier wasn't one to beat around the bush, Logan knew. He looked at Kelly
      and said, "Your daughter has made a life for herself here, Robert. She may
      not want to return to Washington with you. Will you let her remain here?
      Scott's wife, Jean, is in a delicate condition and could use some help."

      Kelly's eyes narrowed. "I'll be taking Marie home with me," he said. "I miss
      her and Claire needs her."

      "I'll bet you do, you fucking pig," Logan growled.

      "And who are you?"

      "I'm the man who'll be taking Marie home, pal. I know what you did to her
      and you ain't gonna be doin' it anymore."

      "Logan!" Xavier barked.

      "What, Chuck? You gonna fire me? Already happened. I'm my own boss now."

      "Charles, perhaps you could call your dog off?" Kelly suggested, steel in
      his voice. "I wouldn't like to have to reveal to the papers what I know
      about your past relationship," he gave the word a strange emphasis, "with
      Lehnsherr, but should this," his eyes raked Logan scornfully, "thug keep
      shooting his mouth off, I may have no choice. And you know what that would
      do to your chances of winning the election." The threat hung in the air, the
      tension in the room so thick it was almost tangible. It prickled against
      Logan's skin, and he felt constrained by his inability to act until he heard
      what the others had to say.

      Scott exhaled first. "Of course, we'll do whatever we can to help, Senator,"
      he said easily, slipping into the schmoozing mode that made him so popular
      with the brass. He shot Logan a warning look and continued, "Our first
      priority is to make sure Marie is safe and get her back. What did Lehnsherr
      want from you in return?"

      "Immunity from prosecution on the LeBeau shooting," the Senator replied. "I,
      of course, agreed."

      Scott bit his lip and his hands fisted unconsciously, but he'd always had
      more control than Logan. "Immunity for Lehnsherr himself, perhaps," he said,
      "but Creed and Toynbee will certainly be arrested and tried. And found
      guilty, with Marie's testimony."

      "Ah, there's the crux of the matter," Kelly replied suavely. "I've promised
      that Marie will return home with me and not testify. Without her, you have
      no case."

      "Son of a bitch," Scott whispered before he could stop himself. Kelly smiled
      tightly. "And you agreed to this, Charles?" he asked, turning to his mentor.

      Xavier inclined his head. "For the moment, it seems prudent to do as Senator
      Kelly wishes, Scott."

      Logan couldn't contain himself anymore. "You motherfucking assholes," he
      roared. "You're gonna let that murdering cocksucker go free so this freak
      can have his daughter back, so he can rape her again. Over my dead body." He
      launched himself at the senator.

      "If you insist," Kelly replied, a gun suddenly appearing in his hand.

      Logan had the reflexes of a cat; he was able to grab the weapon and wrench
      it out of the senator’s hand. “Don’t *ever* point a fucking gun at me again,
      unless you’re sure you got a kill shot.” Kelly was stunned by the other man’
      s quickness and ferocity.

      "I might be able to find work for a man of your talents, Mr.--" he said, his
      political instincts overcoming his surprise and fear.

      “Fuck you. And the horse you rode in on,” Logan growled. “I’ll be there
      tonight, Summers. And I’ll be taking Marie home with me.”

      He glared at them all one more time and then left.

      Scott caught him at the bottom of the stairs. “We’ll get the girl back,
      Logan,” he said. “And Creed and Toynbee too. I lost two uniforms to those
      bastards last night, and I’m not going to take that lying down. I trust
      Xavier, and I know whatever he’s doing, it’s not what it appears. He wouldn’
      t place his own quest for power above the welfare of an innocent girl.” But
      he didn’t sound as sure as he’d like.

      Logan ran a hand through his already wild hair and said, "I got a plan of my
      own, Scout." And he told Scott about the package he’d found in Marie’s bag.
      They discussed ways of using it to their advantage, and parted on wary but
      not unpleasant terms.

      Scott made some phone calls and set some plans in motion.


      Logan arrived at the fountain early. Timing was key if they wanted the plan
      to work. He scoped the area -- it was mostly flat and open, with a wide
      balustrade and stairs leading down to it from the south side. In the dark,
      it would be hard to tell who was who, but he had excellent night vision, and
      confidence in his .45.

      Summers and Drake would be hiding in the trees off to one side, and he would
      be on the other. Kelly and Xavier, with Kelly's bodyguard serving as the
      driver, would appear to be alone.

      Lehnsherr would show up with the girl and go down in a haze of bullets after
      Marie was safe. That was Kelly’s plan. What he didn’t know was that he’d be
      getting caught in the crossfire, and joining the drug lord in his grave.
      That was Logan’s plan.

      Lehnsherr arrived early, as Scott had known he would. He was a tall,
      middle-aged man dressed in a grey wool bespoke suit. His piercing blue eyes
      missed little as he surveyed the scene. Raven Darkholme, wearing blue, her
      red hair perfectly coiffed, stood beside him. And there, not struggling but
      with a mulish expression on her face, was Marie. Raven was holding her by
      the arm and Logan could see her hands were still gloved -- and bound in
      front of her. She chafed visibly at the restraints.

      Creed and Toynbee did a recon similar to the one Logan had done earlier,
      Creed seeming to sniff the air like a big cat hunting its prey.

      “Someone’s here, boss,” he called out, “but I don’t think he’ll be any
      trouble.” He pulled Drake from his hiding place and shoved him toward

      On opposite sides of the clearing, Logan and Scott both thought, <Shit.>
      Logan thought, <We’ll improvise.> Scott, <Oh, no, Logan’s going to
      improvise.> He was much more comfortable with everything planned out, though
      he knew some things were out of his control.

      Xavier’s Bentley drew up, discharging the mayoral candidate and the senator,
      along with the driver, who was very clearly armed, a bulge distending his
      jacket under each arm.

      “Charles,” Lehnsherr said, as if greeting an old friend over cocktails, “so
      glad you could join us. It’s been ages, hasn’t it?” He had a slight accent,
      betraying his Eastern European origins.

      “Erik,” Xavier said coldly. “Just let us have the girl. She’s of no value to

      “She saw us cack LeBeau,” Toynbee said.

      The two older men turned and glared as one. “Be quiet, Mortimer,” Lehnsherr
      hissed. “I didn’t bring you along for your negotiating skills.” He turned
      back and said, “Ah, yes, Senator Kelly. As you can see, no harm has come to
      your lovely daughter. She’s quite a handful, though. Whyever do you want her

      “Mr. Lehnsherr, please,” Marie said desperately, “Don’t let him have me. You
      don’t understand how evil he is. I swear I won’t testify against you. I’ll
      disappear and you’ll never see me again. I promise.”

      Logan could smell the fear wafting off her even from his hiding place and he
      growled softly. Lehnsherr would pay. Kelly would pay. If Xavier stood in his
      way, he’s also find himself facing the business end of the .45 in Logan’s

      Lehnsherr looked in amazement from Marie to her father. He leaned in
      confidentially toward Xavier. “You see what I’ve had to deal with all day,
      Charles?” Then he turned to Senator Kelly. “You must be a very bad man
      indeed for your daughter to prefer *my* company to yours.”

      “I’ll be taking the girl, Erik,” Xavier said. “Robert is just here to see
      that she’s unharmed.”

      Kelly turned an astonished gaze on Xavier. “That’s *not* what I agreed to,

      “I have an abhorrence of men who rape children, Robert,” Xavier replied
      icily, “as does every right thinking person.”

      Erik’s eyes widened, but he gave no other outward sign of being shocked. “Is
      this true, child?” he asked Marie gently. She nodded and Logan could a see a
      tear slowly roll down her pale cheek, glinting in the moonlight.

      “Talk, talk, talk,” Creed grumbled. “When do we get to the action?”

      Lehnsherr rolled his eyes and looked at Xavier again. “This is what I’ve
      been reduced to, old friend.”

      Xavier’s face didn’t soften. “That was your choice, Erik. It didn’t have to
      be that way.”

      Kelly was still spluttering with rage. “Now my morality is being criticized
      by a crook and a queer? Oh yes, I know all about you, Lehnsherr. Don’t
      forget, Xavier, I'll ruin you if you cross me.”

      “Some things are more important than power,” Xavier said mildly, not even
      looking at the other man.

      Unnoticed by the group in the clearing, Scott and Logan were inching their
      way forward. Creed had lost interest in Drake after disarming him, so he
      drifted slowly toward Marie.

      Things began moving very fast. Drake shoved Darkholme and grabbed Marie. He
      cut through the rope that bound her hands and moved her toward the Bentley.
      Creed and Toynbee opened fire, one bullet catching Drake in the shoulder,
      the other in the calf. He went down. Marie screamed. The senator’s bodyguard
      began shooting wildly. He was hit in the head, the back of his skull
      spattering over the polished hood of the car.

      Logan roared and came out his crouch, gun blazing. Toynbee went down.
      Lehnsherr and Darkholme scrambled for cover as Kelly and Xavier each tried
      to capture Marie. Lehnsherr fell backwards, a bullet in his chest. Scott
      smiled, grimly satisfied.

      Creed launched himself at Logan, and the two grappled, rolling along the
      ground. Creed had the upper hand in a moment, straddling Logan and banging
      his head into the brickwork. Logan looked stunned, but was able to shove the
      heel of his hand upward into the other man’s nose, forcing the cartilage
      back into his cranium. Creed screamed and Logan bucked him off, rolling away
      and quickly leaping to his feet. Creed followed, blood streaming down his
      face. Scott tossed Logan’s gun to him and he shot the blond man in the chest
      twice, at point blank range. Creed staggered back and fell over, dead.

      Kelly yanked his daughter away from Xavier and shoved her behind him. She
      stumbled and fell. He pulled the gun from his pocket and pointed it at
      Xavier. “The old man gets it if you don’t let me go,” he shouted. Scott and
      Logan stopped, staring at him.

      “He means nothing to me,” Logan growled, but Scott’s hand on his arm held
      him back for a moment. They heard the gun being cocked and a shot rang out.
      Time slowed to a crawl as the Senator fell forward. Standing over him, Marie
      pumped three more bullets into her father, and continued pulling the
      trigger, even though the clip was empty. She had picked up the bodyguard’s
      gun, and freed herself from her father’s tyranny forever.

      They stood motionless in the moonlight for a few moments, corpses and blood
      strewn about the fountain, which sparkled silver and burbled merrily in the
      sudden silence.

      Marie stood trembling, the gun dangling from her benumbed fingers. She
      looked at Scott defiantly. "I did it," she said, her accent thickening, "and
      I'd do it again if I had the chance." There was nothing Logan could do or
      say to protect her now.

      Scott looked from Kelly's body to the equally lifeless form of Erik
      Lehnsherr. He reached out and took the gun from the girl, handling it
      carefully. He wiped it off and, bending down, slid it into Lehnsherr's
      already stiffening fingers.

      Standing, he looked at them. "Get out of here before I change my mind."

      Logan didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed Marie's arm and led her away.
      Both men knew all debts between them had been paid.


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