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Cat's Cradle: Part Seven [Ororo, Logan, the Clan], [PG]

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  • Elizabeth
    Title: Cat s Cradle Author: Elizabeth V. Disclaimer: Sahra and her clan own me. The X-Men belong to Marvel and Stan Lee. Bast and all other deities belong
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      Title: Cat's Cradle
      Author: Elizabeth V.
      Disclaimer: Sahra and her clan own me. The X-Men belong to Marvel and Stan
      Lee. Bast and all other deities belong both to themselves and their
      resepctive religions.
      Rating: PG
      Feedback: Please. Contact me at ithica6@...
      Thanks Go Out To: Majestrix, my wonderful BETA-reader, and all those who
      have replied to me.

      Chapter Seven
      �What the hell is going on here?� Logan said grumpily as he strode across
      the lawn to where the group waited, sprawled on the grass. Ororo looked up
      at his approach. Sahra trailed along behind him, head and tail drooping in
      dejection. She shot Logan a dirty look, then made her way over to Ororo.
      The she-cat slunk behind the weather-goddess and curled up in a ball. She
      harumphed once as she tucked her nose under her tail and refused to speak
      even when Storm asked her what happened.
      Ororo looked up at Logan, puzzled at Sahra�s response. All he would say
      was �Damn animal hauled me out of the shower. She barely gave me time to
      pull on clothes. She got her feelings hurt when I chewed her out for it.�
      Ororo couldn�t help but giggle at that image. The cats just looked at each
      other, but from the way their whiskers twitched or their mouths quirked at
      the corners, Ororo could tell they were as amused as she was.
      Maeve gracefully rose to her feet and wrapped her tail around her feet.
      Now that you�re all here, she said. Logan started as her voice echoed in
      his head.
      �Would you stop that?� he asked. �It�s bad enough to have two telepaths
      around here without adding six more to the mix. Worse when they�re all
      cats.� Maeve shot him a look that left him silent. Ororo wouldn�t have
      been surprised to hear Maeve tell him *Shut up. You may have an attitude
      with claws to back it up, but there are ways to hurt that you might not be
      able to heal from. I don�t think you want to find out about them right now,
      do you?* Images raced across his mind and he blanched. He sat down and
      shut up.
      Ororo just looked at him, as inscrutable as the cats. She then returned
      her gaze to the Clan. �Now are you going to tell us what this
      Priestess-bond is that you mentioned?�
      *The Priestess-bond is a development that has not occurred in generations.
      Ororo, you remember what it was to be considered a Goddess and Logan, you�ve
      never experienced it. The Priestess- and Priest-bond gives you power above
      and beyond what you already control. No matter what Deity you have chosen,
      when a Deity chooses you to bear the Priestess- or Priest-bond, you are
      bound to that Deity for the rest of your life. Bast has chosen you, Storm
      and Logan, to bear the bond.*
      A shudder raced down Ororo�s spine. Something that powerful rather scared
      her. Logan wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him.
      Maeve, who had stopped to watch how they reacted, continued. *You are
      already marked. There should be a tattoo on the right shoulder. One for
      each of you.* Storm remembered the beautiful image she had seen in the
      mirror that morning. She hadn�t commented on it for some reason, though it
      had not been there the night before. The face of a snow leopard had stared
      out at her from her burnished skin, stark white against the dark flesh.
      Logan didn�t say a word, though she knew he had seen something two.
      *There is also something else you might find interesting. Follow us, if
      you will.* All six of the cats, even Sahra, rose to their feet and drifted
      Ororo and Logan lagged behind, their hands intertwined. �Is it my
      imagination or has Sahra perked up?� Logan asked. They watched as the young
      woman, or rather kitten, gamboled as they moved toward the house. She
      bounced their way, grinning. With a burst of speed, she leapt for Logan and
      knocked him flat on his back. *Gotcha back, but next time I�ll let you know
      I�m coming when you are drowning yourself.* With that, Sahra returned to
      the group.
      Logan reached for Ororo�s extended hand. �Don�t even say a word,� he
      �I wouldn�t even dream of it,� she said as she pulled him to his feet.
      �Though she did give you fair warning. Now, let�s see what they�re up to.
      Cats are known to have a notorious sense of humor.�
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