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FF "First Sight" [Jean/Scott, Xavier] PG

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: First Sight: View 2 Distribution: http://www.geocities.com/aloysiusj/xfic.html, anyone who already has my fic, anyone who asks
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: First Sight: View 2
      http://www.geocities.com/aloysiusj/xfic.html, anyone
      who already has my fic, anyone who asks me
      Disclaimer: I don't own it. Duh. I'm not making any
      money from it. For Goddess' sake, don't sue me!
      'Ship: Jean/Scott
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: Nothing, really. I made it up. No history,
      no cannon--it's all in my head. If that bothers you,
      don't read it. So there! ;)
      Feedback: Please! wilde_moon@...

      "First Sight: View 2"

      View 2

      Despite the gentle, calming quality to Professor
      Xavier's voice, it took every ounce of courage Scott
      possessed not to shake as he sat in the office,
      exhausted from lack of sleep and terrified of the
      power he suddenly possessed. "You-you think you've
      found a way to contain it?"

      A good-natured chuckle came from across the desk. "I
      know we have. Well, Jean has, really. I assisted
      only superficially. The design of the glasses is hers

      Scott nodded vaguely, resisting the urge to let
      weariness overcome him. He had been unable to sleep
      comfortably since his "condition" presented itself.
      Living in terror of what could happen were he to awake
      suddenly and open his eyes, what might happen if his
      mother or father came to wake him up and he let his
      control slip for a moment and looked at them had held
      any peace and rest far at bay.

      "I assure you, you will find what you seek here,
      Scott. You are exactly the sort of person we need."

      "What sort is that?"

      "Strong individuals who want to help those around
      them." Scott could almost feel the smile directed at
      him. "You are stronger than you know."

      Before he had time to digest the professor's words, he
      heard the sound of a door creaking open at the back of
      the room. "I brought them." The voice was beautiful:
      gentle, calming, and confidant. If he hadn't been
      painfully close to total exhaustion, Scott might have
      taken more time to analyze the potential attributes of
      a woman possessing such a voice. He felt something
      cold and metallic on the sides of his face and
      realized it must be the glasses. His hands raised
      almost automatically to take them and slip them on,
      his fingers coming into contact with some distinctly
      not his own, softer, more slender.

      The other hands withdrew and then the voice came
      again, "You can open your eyes now. It's okay."

      Okay. Scott fought the fear that rose in him, the
      doubt. Logically, he knew they would never risk their
      own safety by doing anything risky. His mind wasn't
      ready for logic. "You're sure these work?"

      "Positive." The woman--Jean--seemed to feel confident
      of her handiwork, and Scott had no intention of
      contradicting anyone who sounded so self-assured. He
      opened his eyes slowly and felt a goofy smile
      spreading across his face. The young woman in front
      of him was gorgeous: depthless dark eyes, vibrant
      auburn hair, a gentle smile. "I've never been so
      happy to have my eyes open." Realizing suddenly how
      much it sounded like a line, Scott blushed along with
      her, hoping he hadn't made a complete idiot out of

      "I told you they'd work."

      "Forgive me, I haven't formally introduced you yet.
      Jean Grey, this is Scott Summers, Scott, Jean Grey,
      the first student ever brought here."

      Scott's gaze flicked only briefly to the distinguished
      older man before turning back to Jean. He held out a
      hand, which she accepted. "It's good to meet you,

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