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The Unknowen Member

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  • Rangerlion@aol.com
    From: Michelle M Date: Fri Dec 29, 2000 2:48pm Title: The Unknowen Member (1-2/?) Auther: Michelle Rating: PG Archive fine Disclaimer X-Men
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2000
      From: Michelle M <Rangerlion@a...>
      Date: Fri Dec 29, 2000 2:48pm
      Title: The Unknowen Member (1-2/?)
      Auther: Michelle
      Rating: PG
      Archive fine
      Disclaimer X-Men I don't own, Lark mine.
      Note thanks to aol on line the post are going to be short.

      Lark looked at the window see didn't see the now nomle sight of
      the Brotherhoold members, she than left the window and put the the
      binld down. Lark knew that she could not aloud to be seen be other
      poeple. At fifteen Lark could be tacken away form the safety she fond
      here. Well safty form humans the only member not to use Lark as a
      punching bag was Magneto, he just let the others deal with Lark when
      she caused pormbles. Lark had a feeling that she would be hiding
      because Magneto's pain will fall though. Of corse Lark had knew
      better then say that to his face.
      There is alot of things Lark is but suid is not one. Lark just is
      not one to have alot of friends after the a vents leading to Lark
      jioning the Brotherhoold.
      The door of the hidout slowly opened braken though Lark's thoughts.
      Lark jumped at the sound of the door.
      " You know very well your not alond to be near the window. If it
      had not been for the fact we got the Senator. I would have Mystique
      have a training shion with you." Magneto said as he saw Lark. " Has
      the machine been cleaned and ready for the text?"
      " Yes sir I was just finshing up before you showed up." Lark said.
      " Good go to your room and fish the condsion for as much power it's
      going to tack."
      Lark left the room thankful she got off so easy.
      Lark looked at the numbers and let out a sigh. There was a little
      chasen that who ever was put in the machine would be doven near
      death, But Lark knew that Magneto plained to used well maybe this
      make him think tiwnce but than she didn't think this would. Lark knew
      that Magneto would stop not even if it ment a muntents life. Lark had
      the same feelings on the subjuct but was more on the causion side.
      " Lark,get your but down here it's time for the text." Lark sighed
      as she prainted out what was need .
      Lark knows not to keep them waiting , Sabertooth looked at her and
      picked her up by her clourer. Lark didn't try to get out of his grap
      or she would be in even more pain.
      Sabertooth let go of her when they got to Magneto's office. Magneto
      grapped the papers form Lark and looked at her.
      " My dear are you sure about this."
      " From the books you gave me and the net yes.. but like I said in
      the paper only a text would tell if I'm right. " Lark said quitly.
      " Very good the Senator should be up now. You can walk around the
      bace and get something to eat. " You might be alond to go somewhere
      " Thank you." Lark said as she left the office.
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