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Fic: " How to say "I love you" (4/7) and (5/7) PG/PG-13 [Scott/Rogue, others ]

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    And part 4; Scott thinks of Marie And part 5; Marie thinks of Scott Part 4: Autumn had come and with it rain and coldness. Scott felt either when he visited
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2000
      And part 4; Scott thinks of Marie
      And part 5; Marie thinks of Scott

      Part 4:
      Autumn had come and with it rain and coldness. Scott felt either when he visited Marie in the store which he often did. Once a week he would gone to the store and buy a random CD. She would wrap it and when he came home he put it up with all the other prettily warped CDs in his closet. He looked forth to going to the store every week. Just seeing Marie, hearing her voice, seeing her smile, made him the happiest man in the world. She was something special and he loved her in his own silent way. Every time he brought a CD he thought to her “I love you” with all his heart and soul.
      His body was weakening. He felt it every day. Soon he wouldn’t be able to go out anymore and it pained him beyond words never to see Marie again.
      Ring! Ring! The doorbell ran and Scott slowly got up from the chair in his apartment overlooking Manhattan. When he opened Lorna stood outside.
      “ Scott! Can I come in?” She tried to hide her worry for him in her happiness over seeing him again but he knew better.
      “ Yes, sure. Come in.” They went to the livingroom and sat down.
      “ Has Alex sent you?”
      “ No!” Lorna denied but Scott gave her THAT look.
      “ Ok, he did,” she admitted. “ But he’s just worried for you. We all are.”
      “ And who is “we”? Alex and his firm?” Scott asked harshly. Lorna looked wounded at him.
      ” That wasn’t fair. You know he loves you.”
      “ Yes, I do. I’m sorry, Lorna. It just….It has been a hard year,” Scott smiled apologetic at her. She smiled back and took his hand in hers.
      “ Is ok. I understand.” They sat in silence for a while.
      “ When I….When I have to stay at the hospital all the time in a few weeks will you…will you do something for me?” Scott raised his eyes and looked directly at her.
      “ Of cause. Anything,” Lorna said immediately. Scott smiled lovenly at her. She really was a wonderful woman.
      “ Alex is a lucky man to have found you,” he whispered.
      “ I know” Lorna answered with a smile and to her joy drew a amused laughter from Scott. “ What do you want me to do?” She asked as they got serious again.
      “ There is a CD store close by…the M&M store. Will you…will you buy me a CD every week and get Marie, the young woman at the counter, to warp it for me?” He could see she found it a strange request but nodded.
      “ Sure, I will”

      Part 5:
      Strange, he hasn’t been here at all this week, Marie thought worried. The man with shades always visited her store once a week but she hadn’t seen him at all and she had worked extra hours since he didn’t come Monday at 15 as he used to, in hopes of seeing him. There was something about him…a air of pain…a sadness she wanted to cure. Something in him spoke to her. Before she had time to think more about it a beautiful young woman entered the store. She went to the counter.
      “ Hey. My friend says he shops here every Monday and I’m here to buy a CD for him but I don’t know what he’ll like.” Marie’s eyes filled with joy. He was ok, then.
      “ The man with the shades, right?” The woman looked surprised at her.
      “ Yes.”
      “ He buys all kind of things but I think he likes classic or soft rock the most,” Marie answered. She didn’t know the man yet still she felt like she had known him her entire life. Somehow she was sure he would like music like that. She remembered that he had brought a classic CD when they had first met.
      “ Thank you,” the woman said and came back a little later with a CD.
      “ Shall I wrap it?” She asked with a smile. How often had she not said that sentence to the shaded man?
      “ Yes, please.” Marie went to the other table and warped it as beautifully as she could and handed it back to the woman. Soon after she was gone with the small package. Strange that from a distance, the sun glimmering in it, Marie thought the package looked like a heart.
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