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Come Closer (4/?)

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  • Robin Spivey
    Please look to earlier parts for disclaimer... Also please notice e-mail change to Spivey512@hotmail.com, Thanks :-) Ok people hold onto your socks cause I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2000
      Please look to earlier parts for disclaimer... Also please notice e-mail
      change to Spivey512@..., Thanks :-)

      Ok people hold onto your socks 'cause I'm back and so is Come Closer,
      without further ado...

      Ororo and Logan came to a patch of woods and Storm tapped his shoulder
      signalling him that this was their stop.

      She climbed off of the bike and grabbed Logan's hand so she could lead him
      throught the forest. On the other side of the dense group of trees was a
      beautiful clearing. The clearing formed a circle, beautiful green grass
      surrounded a small lake that was bordered by a beautiful display of flowers
      from jasmins to daisies. The moon cast a reflective image in the pool of
      water and also cast a romantic light on the evening.

      Ororo cleared her throat and Logan brought his attention back to her and
      away from the nature that was as much of a part of his soul as the beautiful
      Goddess that stood beside him.

      "Wow 'Ro it's..."he looked up at Storm's face and the clearing seemed to be
      no more then a blank canvass compared to her magnificance, "Breathtaking."

      He was awarded by a shy, yet dazzling smile, and was struck by how
      insignificant that one word was in comparison to her.

      Storm spread a blanket on the cool grass and began to place all of the items
      of their meal on it. Logan sauntered over to her and helped her with the

      When all of the food was done and they began to eat, a welcoming silence
      covered them and with slight use of her power, she cleared the clouds from
      the sky so they could shine down on them in all of their brilliance.

      "How did you ever find this place?" Logan asked from where he lied eating an
      apple by her side.

      She looked over to him at his question and once her eyes fell upon him lost
      all thought. He looked so perfectly at home and relaxed there. The moon's
      beams caressed him like a lover, making him look to the world like a statue,
      for no human could be that perfect. And as some juice from his apple
      escaped his lips and slowly dribbled down his chin, Storm felt torn between
      envying the tongue that came out to lick away the sweetness, and desire for
      that tongue to twine with her own.

      He appeared to be at least fifteen ywarss younger then he normally seemed.
      The lines of life had been ebbed away by nature and although she had never
      called or even considered a man beautiful before, in that instance it was
      the closest word she could find to describe him.

      He was looking at her questioningly and with a start she realized that she
      had not only been staring at him but floating as well. She lowered herself
      back to the ground and then shyly began to pick at the quilt in embarassment
      as she answered.

      "I've just had me, myself, and I for as long as I can remember and so when I
      first came to the institute it was quite a shock to now be surrounded by so
      many people, and so when ever I was overwhelmed I would come here. It was
      just a lake the first time I came here, but I started planting and tending
      to it, and now..." she let the sentence trail off.

      Logan looked at her with new wonder and once again questioned what he had
      done as to be so lucky as to have her in his life.

      The evening drifted onwards with quiet conversation and a tour of the
      grounds, Ororo taking great pleasure showing Logan her work and teaching
      about the various plants and flowers that surrounded him.

      Unfortunately it was beginning to get late and with a heavy heart Storm
      suggested that maybe they should get ready to leave.

      Logan nodded and Storm collected all of her belonings before once again
      climbing onto the back of Logan's bike.

      The bike came to a halt in front of the school and after Logan climbed off
      of it he stood to find himself toe to toe with Ororo.

      The tension was thick and with a step forward Logan grabbed Storm around the
      waist and drew her body to his own.

      Her arms and hands moved and caressed the hot form and tried to pull him yet
      closer to her starving body.

      Unbeknownst to them two jealous eyes looked on.

      Till Next Time,

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