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All's Fair In Love and War, Part 18

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  • Luvofcourfeyrac@aol.com
    Marie, Drake is a good kid. A little over confident at times, but a good kid none the less. He s a lucky man too, finding himself such a good nurse. I know
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2000
      Drake is a good kid. A little over confident at times, but a good
      kid none the less. He's a lucky man too, finding himself such a good
      nurse. I know you'll take good care of him.
      The war is moving along at a slower pace. The German's are chasing
      their own tails now, looking for an escape that ain't gonna come.
      Pretty soon this war'll be over and I'll be able to pack up and head
      back there to get you. I haven't thought of much else since. Coming
      back, seeing you again, is about the only thing in my life right now
      that makes any sense. War just isn't any good for me anymore. Maybe
      I'm getting to old for it. Funny. I'm thirty years old and I-

      He cursed silently under his breath, his eyes momentarily running
      over the words he'd just written, before he took the piece of paper
      into his hand and crumpled it. He wasn't a writer. Somehow, the flow
      of his thoughts from his head to his hand got crossed, and things
      never came out the way he wanted to.
      It'd been three weeks since her last letter. Three weeks and he
      hadn't managed to write up a good response. He knew she didn't care
      what he had to say, so long as he said something. But he didn't like
      to send a bunch of bull to her either. What was the point? She didn't
      want to hear about the weather over here. She probably wanted to hear
      about how much he missed her.
      And he did, by God...more than even he knew, sometimes. He cursed
      Drake, even though he shouldn't. The boy lost his leg. Still, Bobby
      got to be with his Marie, while he had to remain there, sitting in a
      trench filled with mud, swarming with flies, listening to other men
      burp and swap war stories. The smell made him sick, even more so
      since he took in more of it than the others. He wondered then, when
      he began to worry about how he smelled, and what he looked like. At
      some point, the thought of a warm shower even crossed his mind. He
      was a true blue soldier! Since when did showering and looking all
      presentable matter to him?
      Since he met Marie, that's when. He knew bringing a woman into
      his life would be trouble. He just never knew how much trouble. If
      someone had told him a year ago how much his life would change with
      the enterance of an army nurse, he'd have laughed, and maybe even
      spit in their face. How could he have known that spending just three
      short weeks with a woman would entirely alter his train of thinking?
      Emptying the last of his canteen and relishing the feel of the cold
      water moving down his parched throat, he frowned, tossing the can
      aside in disgust. He was whipped, dammit. And what's worse, a part of
      him even liked it a little bit. Liked that someone with big green
      eyes could have such an effect on his hardened heart. Liked that his
      head wasn't always focused on gutting someone anymore.
      Suddenly, a fellow soldier appeared beside him. Usually, he
      wouldn't have given it any thought, except that the panic and
      anxiousness was just bleeding off him. "What is it?" Wolverine
      narrowed his eyes, watching as the man scrambled to pull a few pieces
      of paper from his pocket.
      "War news, sir. The Germans have been creating these camps.
      Concentration camps. They're sending minorities
      "Mutants..." The thought rolled off his tongue before he could
      stop it. The man before him froze a moment, uncomfortable at the
      inclusion of that genre. "Well?" Logan snapped at the man, making
      sure he didn't have time to do too much looking into his last
      "They raided several American Red Cross hospitals in France. Took
      all the hostages to them camps..." If he hadn't been listening
      before, Logan was definitely listening now. Marie was stationed in a
      Red Cross hospital in France. Just North of Calais. He couldn't jump
      to any conclusions, not yet. He had to hold on to the chance that
      they'd attacked south of where she was, or maybe no where near her.
      Somehow, though, despite the logic, he knew they had her. He could
      feel it deep down, and it made his blood boil.
      "They've covered all of Western France, sir. Everything from
      Nantes to..."
      "Calais." He shut his eyes tightly, lowering his head after the
      man nodded in reply.

      The end! (Ha! Just kidding =) To be Continued...)
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