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All's Fair In Love and War, Part 15/too many

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    Hey you. Ah see you re feelin a little better. I guess so. She took a seat beside him, seeing that at least the pain from the fever wasn t quite so much,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2000
      "Hey you. Ah see you're feelin' a little better."
      "I guess so." She took a seat beside him, seeing that at
      least the pain from the fever wasn't quite so much, as it didn't
      cause any visible discomfort.
      "Mind if Ah look you over?"
      "Go ahead." She tried not to notice how clouded over his eyes
      were. That there was a sense of realization and pain already present
      from earlier happenings. It pained her to think that in a few short
      moments she would have to make the pain even worse for him. Moving
      down to his leg, she lifted up the blanket covering it and gently
      peeled off the bandages. The smell instantly met her nose, and she
      had to force herself not to cringe. Gangrene made the limb affected
      decompose. She knew that. She just didn't know how rapidly it took
      affect. Biting her lip, she tapped on his leg.
      "You feel that?"
      "Feel what?" She shook her head, not able to answer his
      question. "Is your name...Marie?" Her eyes lifted and she looked at
      him, hardly capable of covering her surprise.
      "What makes you think that's mah name?"
      "Sergeant Wolverine is my platoon officer."
      "That so?" She knew she wasn't fooling anyone with her
      nonchalant attitude, but it made her feel a little better to keep up
      the act, so she did so. After carefully cleaning out the wound, she
      re-wrapped it in bandages and covered his leg back up with the
      blankets. "Well, in that case, you're right. Ah am Marie."
      "He said...you're the only reasonable nurse here." She
      laughed, leaning back against the chair and shaking her head, knowing
      full well that was something he would say. She also knew it was the
      "Ah suppose Ah am. What of it?"
      "Tell me what's wrong with me." She looked at him in silence,
      not sure if he really wanted to hear, and not sure if she wanted to
      tell him.
      "You got a girl back home, sugah?" Changing the subject. It
      was a talent she had begun to fail at, ever since trying it on Logan.
      It was just as effective on the boy before her.
      "Tell me." For a moment she froze. The phrase sounded too
      familiar. Say it. Say it. Tell me. Tell me. She shook her head to
      clear her thoughts and lightly patted the hand that rested beside
      "Ah'm not sure you're ready to hear tha truth yet."
      "After what I saw out there...I'm ready to hear anything."
      When she still remained silent, he sighed, looking away from
      her. "That bad, huh?"
      "It's curable..."
      "How? Through amputation?" Marie faintly felt herself nodding
      in reply. "Gangrene."
      "How'd you know?"
      "My father's a doctor. He's tried curing it for a while now."
      For a moment, an awkward silence fell between them, both too absorbed
      in their own thoughts to venture toward a comfortable conversation.
      After some time, he finally broke the silence. "Hey...can you do me a
      "Yes sir. What can Ah help you with?"
      "Can you write a letter for me?"
      "Of course. Just a second." Pushing aside the sadness that
      constantly plagued her heart lately, she got up and retrieved a sheet
      of paper and something to write with. Sitting back beside him, she
      listened carefully as he told her exactly what to write. Later, with
      the letter accomplished, she folded it up and put it in an envelope,
      promising to send it the next day. The moment he fell asleep, she
      took a short break of her own.

      Remember the boy I told you about in my last letter? He knows you. He
      says he was in your platoon at one time. Name's Robert Drake.

      He's a good kid. The war's ruined him a little, I think. Made him
      grow up too fast. His leg isn't getting any better. We tried the
      irrigation tactics...but they haven't been working. We can't postpone
      the surgery any longer. It's set up for tomorrow morning, bright and

      I wonder how much this will change his life. I know I
      shouldn't...it's not my business to care. But I do care, all the
      same. I think about what he might have done before all of this, and
      now, what he'll do after. How much of an impact will this have on his
      future? He's got a girl back home. Someone named Jenn. He asked me to
      write her a letter today. He told her everything. Asked her to marry
      him when he got home. What happens if she says no? What if she
      decides she doesn't want to put up with a cripple? God Logan...it's
      not right. He was so happy when he was talking about her. What if she
      writes back that she doesn't have time to care for him? What if...

      How long before the war is over? I miss you...

      Love always,

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