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Nightmares... rest of the first part

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    *grumbles about her stupid AO-HELL* I have no clue why it did that. Hopefully the rest is sent. His growl was accompanied by a very familiar growl behind him.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2000
      *grumbles about her stupid AO-HELL* I have no clue why it did that. Hopefully
      the rest is sent.

      His growl was accompanied by a very familiar growl behind him. {It can't
      be... not now!}
      Logan glanced at one of the mirrors hanging on the ceiling
      and saw what he feared to be true. Sabretooth was standing directly behind
      Logan slowly turned around and faced the huge man, looking up at him to
      glare into his eyes. The X-Babies seemed to shrink back at this figure.
      Or maybe not. There was something that sounded a lot like a battle cry
      coming from Sugah before Sabretooth was pummeled by the X-Babies. Every
      single one of them jumped and latched onto the big man. Wolvie slashed, Cyke
      blasted, others did other things, a few even resorted to tickling him.
      It was only a few seconds before the beastly man was down and there
      wasn't anything he could do with a whole bunch of kids on top of him. By
      then, they had all resorted to tickling. With heightened senses came
      extremely ticklish skin. Sabretooth was howling on the floor with laughter.
      But this mind shocking scene was short lived for Logan, as something
      jumped onto his back and latched onto his neck. "Ha!"
      Logan swung around, trying to get whoever it was off. Finally he flipped
      the small form and a Mini-Toad landing on his butt. "Owwwww! Owie! Owie!
      Owie! Misty, he hurt me!" the kid whined.
      "Oh brother! I am surrounded by nincompoops! Am I the only one with
      brains!" a blue girl asked.
      "I have brains!" another kid said. That kid was wearing a helmet way too
      big for his small head.
      "No you don't, you have power. You can't even follow directions unless I
      "Speedy has brains," Mini-Toad suggested.
      "Speedy thinks he's that rodent from Looney Toones." As if on cue, a
      white haired boy ran around the room yelling like Speedy Gonzolaz. "Plus he's
      digging into the twinkies."
      Icebaby and Beast gasped and jumped off of Sabretooth. "NOOOOO!!!!" they
      yelled and went to rescue the twinkies.
      If all Hell hadn't broken loose by then, it did at that moment. Without
      as many babies on him, Sabretooth was able to shake off the others and go
      after Logan while the X-Babies clashed with the Mutant Bullies.
      "Go, me, go!" Wolvie shouted before having to deal with Snaggletooth, the
      Mini-Sabretooth. Snaggletooth threw Wolvie into a display of Little Debbie.
      "NO!" Wolvie shouted as he smushed all the tasty treats. "Why you *beep*! I'm
      gonna make you *beepin* *beep* those *beep* with your *beep!*"
      Now, Logan was a man who liked to swear... but he had never swore that
      much in one actual sentence. But hey, the kid was starting to grow on him
      Babies were everywhere as Wolverine and Sabretooth battled it out. Until
      another baby went flying between them and straight into a support beam.
      "Ow...." The little guy got up, adjusting his helmet so it would fit better.
      "Total reason to fear! Maggie is here! Say good-bye to your deliciousus
      sweets!" he declared in his most fear installing voice, but as the helmet
      fell down over his eyes again, he came off as just so gosh darn cute.
      Maggie raised his hands, intending on freezing Wolverine and Wolvie. But
      his powers backfired and Maggie was pulled to the metal on the freezer doors.
      "Ack! I'm stuck! My helmet is stuck!" he wailed and thrashed about.
      Despite that the X-Babies were almost double the numbers of the Bullies,
      they were getting their asses kicked. So Cyke, their fearful leader, came up
      with a plan. "RUN!" he shouted and the X-Babies made a retreat to the back of
      the store. Icebaby and Beast each carrying an armload of twinkies they
      managed to save from whoever Speedy was.
      "Ha! Now all the ice cream and candy is ours!" Maggie yelled as Tadpole
      begun to dig into the goodies. "Hey... save some for me!"
      Content that they had won, they all began stuffing their faces rather
      like the X-Babies did before the Bullies got there. Except for Maggie, who
      was still magnetized to the freezer.
      There was a TV back there that went to static for a moment before
      something that looked even uglier then Jabba the Hutt came on the screen.
      "Oooooh, my BABIES!" it yelled. "We've missed you so much! Why don't you be
      good little kids and come back to daddy?"
      Wolvie gave the creature the middle claw. "No way, Mojo."
      "You act like you've got a choice!"
      Icebaby turned his back to the screen and mooned the slug.
      "Na-na-na-na-na. You gotta kiss me first. Riiiiiiight here!" he pointed to
      his bare bottom to further explain and wiggled his little tushy.
      Creepycrawler joined in on the mooning. "Right on my fuzzy blue keister,
      "Thith ith not aproti... atopy... Good behavior!" Cyke said, trying to
      cover up the bare bottoms.
      Tired of fighting, Shower, Tadpole, and Gambit sat down and started
      chatting. "So, why did you go into that room?" Shower asked.
      Tadpole shrugged. "Because we hadn't. Then Snaggletooth had to go and
      push the perty button."
      Gambit nodded. "Yeah, Wolvie did de same t'ing. Now we here."
      Mojo yelled from inside the TV, "Oooooooh! You are coming back now!"
      Because Wolverine was too busy getting his head slammed into the support
      pillar, he didn't notice all the X-Babies and Mutant Bullies being zapped
      into the TV.
      * * *
      Logan woke once again to the familiar setting of the school's infirmary.
      This time with Professor Xavier staring down at him instead of Jean. Logan
      moaned. "Either I just went through hell, or had the craziest dream."
      A small smile formed on the bald man's lips. "I do not know what
      happened, Logan. But you and Sabretooth completely destroyed that store. It
      was barely able to keep the roof up."
      "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Chuck..." He was just glad the
      nightmare was over and he could finally get back to his old ones.
      "I think I would."
      Logan looked at him with confusion, until something he never wanted to
      see again bounded onto his chest. "Hello again, cutie-patootie! We're

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