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Fic: " Marked By Darkness" ( 5/5) PG/PG-13 [Scott, Logan, Rogue, others]

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    And (finally) part 5; Talking about the past Part 5: “ Jeannie said she’ll let you go today so I`ll…” Logan began as he entered Scott’s room in
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      And (finally) part 5; Talking about the past

      Part 5:
      “ Jeannie said she’ll let you go today so I`ll…” Logan began as he entered Scott’s room in sickbay where he had been since yesterday. Scott stood next to the bed dressed in trousers, his bare back towards him as he tried to tie his shoes.
      “ Logan!” Scott said surprised and quickly turned around to face him but too late.
      “ My God!” Logan whispered in horror and shook. Scott’s entire back was criss-crossed with a fine network of small white scars. The abuse had been so often that not a single space of his back was left unmarked.
      “ Who did this?” Logan asked, his voice harsh and low. He hated any kind of abuse but this was cruelty done against HIS Scott. His family. Just the thought made his blood boil in rage.
      Scott avoided his gaze and said softly;
      “ It happened a long time ago.”
      “ Who??” Logan demanded to know, his voice tight with barely controlled anger. He needed to know if that bastard was alive and if he was he sure wouldn’t be for long.
      “ My foster father,” Scott mumbled and something in his voice made Logan come towards him and take him into his embrace.
      “ It wasn’t your fault,” Logan whispered and stroked his hair as he felt Scott cling to him as a drowning to a lifejacket.
      “ I know,” he whispered against his chest.
      “ It wasn’t your fault,” Logan repeated and drew a little back and took Scott under the chin, forcing him to met his gaze to read the truth there.
      “ I…I,” Scott’s voice broke down and Logan took him in his arms, letting him cry after so many years without a single tear shed. Logan mumbled calming words and gently stroked his back. As the tears stilled somewhat Logan guided Scott to the bed and set next to him, holding on to his hand.
      “ What happened?” He asked softly, needing to know.
      “ My…my parents died when I was four. I was taken to a orphanage but at five I was given to a foster father,” he looked at Logan as if he wanted to know if he should continue or not but Logan smiled encouraging to him and gently squeezed his hand.
      “ I began to have headaches and Jack, my foster father, had a real hot temper which didn’t make things better,” his voice had taken up a strange edge as if he was talking about someone else and not his own life. Maybe he needed to tell it like that to save his sanity. Scott looked at Logan again and Logan damned those red glasses as it prevented him from seeing if there were tears in the other man’s eyes or not.
      “ Remember I told you I got my powers when I was five?” Logan nodded.
      “ Jack wasn’t pleased to say the least about having a mutant as a foster child,” Scott face twisted in pain and Logan wanted to do anything to ease that pain he must have felt. But more than anything else; he wished to kill Jack in a thousand different and horrible ways.
      “ I wasn’t born without the ability to control my optic blasts. Jack hit me too hard that year and my head knocked into an iron pole. A brain injury caused by that blow prevents me from controlling my powers,” Scott’s voice was even again but with a sadness and bitterness so strong it made Logan wince.
      “ He did this to you?” Logan asked shocked and nodded to Scott’s glasses. “ Prevented you from ever seeing colours?” Scott just nodded.
      “ And the marks? That was him too, wasn’t it? The marks on your back as from a whip and the burns…” Logan took hold of Scott’s right arm and looked more closely at the burns on it. “ Like from...cigarettes!” Logan muttered as he recognised the marks. A single tear rolled down Scott’s cheek and Logan gently wiped it away.
      “ I’m sorry I made you remember it all again,” Logan said softly and drew Scott into his embrace, stroking his hair.
      “ I remember every day. You don’t know what I`d give to not remember like you; No memories at all. Total peace,” Scott whispered in a dreamy yet pained tone by Logan´s shoulder.
      “ I wouldn’t wish that ´cause then we`ll probably never have met,” Logan said gently and planted a soft kiss on the top of Scott’s head. “ Thank you for sharing”
      “ Thank you for listening,” Scott whispered softly. “ And I’m sorry you had to see that” That made Logan stiffen.
      “ What do you mean?”
      “ My...back. I know I’m ugly,” Scott mumbled against Logan´s chest.
      “ What?” Logan drew a little back so he could see Scott’s face but he refused to met Logan´s eyes.
      “ Look at me,” Logan asked softly and slowly Scott lifted his gaze to look at him.
      “ You’re the most beautiful man I have ever seen,” Logan said gently.
      “ Don’t. Don’t lie to me,” Scott’s voice was weak, pained.
      “ I’m not. So you’re no supermodel but neither am I. No matter what you looked like you’ll still be beautiful. True beauty comes from within and I have seen your heart and it shines more brightly than anyone’s. That’s true beauty,” Logan´s voice was soft and his eyes let him know that he was telling the truth.
      “ No, my friend. True beauty is to be within your love. A part of your family,” Scott whispered and lay his head on Logan´s shoulder again and Logan stroked his hair. They sat like that for a long time, taking comfort in the other’s closeness.
      The sun wandered over the sky and bathed them in its light, Logan making sure he shaded Scott so the direct sunlight didn’t reach him as it would hurt him because it powered his blasts. Ororo went past out in the hallway and saw the two men bathed in light and smiled to herself. Things was really getting better and better. Today she’d let the sun shine the entire day to celebrate love, friendship and bonds forged so strong that nothing could break them. Not even pain or death.

      The End


      I`ll really really love to hear from you. Feedback, please? *smiles sweetly*
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