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Fic: " Marked By Darkness" ( 3/5) and (4/5) PG/PG-13 [Scott, Logan, Rogue, o thers]

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    And part 3; Logan sees what he shouldn´t have... And part 4; I don`t want to talk about it Part 3: “ Logan, hand me that spanner will you?” Scott asked
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      And part 3; Logan sees what he shouldn´t have...
      And part 4; " I don`t want to talk about it"

      Part 3:
      “ Logan, hand me that spanner will you?” Scott asked as he lay beneath the Black Bird, the X-men’s jet, trying to figure out why she didn’t want to start. Logan had offered to help him but so far had done little more than complain about the Cajun’s attention towards HIS Marie, the girl who was like a daughter to him.
      “ Sure. And can you believe Marie agreed to go out with him again? When I see him again....” Logan said as he handed Scott the spanner.
      “ Yeah,” Scott just said, not really listening. Just having Logan near made him feel good. Made him fell protected. Made him forget the loneliness which he so often felt.
      “ And then she said that….” Logan continued. Hum, maybe I should change this one. Or it could be that one, Scott thought as he used his mutant ability to calculate complex mathematical problems in his mind, to try and figure out why the jet didn’t start. He got a idea and came forth from beneath the jet.
      “ …you know what I mean?” Logan asked as Scott emerged.
      “ Yeah, I agree,” Scott said and walked over to the shelves in the garage where paint, repair parts and some other stuff stood. Scott reached for one of the top shelves to get the box he wanted. As he made a grab for it a can with some kind of liquid fell down and splashed all over Scott’s torso, shoulders and started running down his back.
      “ Ahhhh” Scott screamed in agony as the substance burned his skin.
      “ Scott!” Logan yelled, concerned, and came to him and without further ado lifted him up in his arms and carried the other man to the bathroom in the garage, ignoring what the burning the substance did to his own skin as he touched Scott. It had to be some kind of acid, Logan decided as he clenched his teeth, closely together not so much against his own pain but because Scott’s screams of pain cut his heart and made him want to scream for him.
      “ Relax. I got you. Everything will be okay,” Logan mumbled softly as he gently lay the now still man on the floor in the shower cabinet. Scott winced in pain, barely conscious. Logan turned the water on and let it wash over Scott to remove the liquid from his body.
      “ Come on. We got to get you out of these clothes,” Logan said, making sure to keep his voice soft and calming as he reached for Scott’s shirt.
      “ Nooo,” Scott mumbled weakly and draw away from him.
      “ Scott, it’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you,” Logan said a little confused. The man was in pain and barely conscious yet still he didn’t want Logan to remove his shirt. Strange. Logan reached for him again and Scott tried to drew away from him again but was too weak.
      “ I won’t hurt you” Logan promised as he let a claw appear from his right hand. Scott didn’t even flinch.
      “ I…trust…you,” He rasped weakly and Logan couldn’t help but smile. With a quick motion he tore Scott’s shirt to pieces and removed it so the water could wash Scott’s bare chest. Logan noticed his beauty but also some strange scars on Scott’s chest and arms. The marks on his arms were round and small like burn holes while the scars on his chest were striped which seemed to originate from his back.
      Suddenly the room was filled with people and Jean pushed him out of her way as she came to Scott, who had now lost consciousness. Logan stayed in the room, never letting Scott out of his sight and as Jean took him to sick bay Logan went with him.

      Part 4:
      After Jean had treated Scott and wraped a bandage around his chest, Logan had returned to Scott’s bedside and stayed there to keep watch over him. Jean had said it wasn’t serious and that he’d soon wake up but Logan was still worried. Please, wake up. Please, he prayed silently not really knowing to whom he prayed and took hold of Scott’s hand, holding it between his much larger ones.
      “ Uh,…Logan?” Scott asked weakly as he came to.
      “ Yeah, I’m here” Logan said softly and stroked some of Scott’s brown hair out of his shaded eyes. Scott smiled at him.
      “ You stayed”
      “ Of cause. But next time let me get the stuff, ok?” Logan asked with a grin and Scott nodded. Logan got serious again as he remembered the scars on Scott’s chest.
      “ The marks I saw…What happened?” He asked softly with barely controlled anger. If that son of a bitch who had hurt Scott was still alive he wouldn’t be for much longer. Even if it had been Magneto who Xavier obviously had a weakness for he’d make sure his mate was safe. No harm would come to his family. Not as long as he still breathed.
      To Logan surprise Scott turned his head away from Logan.
      “ It’s nothing,” he whispered but the pain and sadness in his voice belied his words.
      “ Scott, I saw it! I know it is not nothing,” he protested hotly. Scott turned back towards him and gently stroked his chin as he said;
      “ Please, don’t ask questions which I can not answer”
      “ Can’t? …Or won’t?” Logan asked as he caught hold of Scott’s hand.
      “ I…can’t. Please, don’t ask it of me,” Scott whispered pained as he drew his hand to him, his voice speaking the volumes his words did not.
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