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Fic: Rules 1/1

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  • Kate Bolin writes too much fanfic
    TITLE: Rules AUTHOR: Kate Bolin EMAIL: dymphna@dymphna.net SITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/ SUMMARY: Rogue learns the rules around Xavier School.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      TITLE: Rules
      AUTHOR: Kate Bolin
      EMAIL: dymphna@...
      SITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/
      SUMMARY: Rogue learns the rules around Xavier School.
      RATING: G
      ARCHIVE: Kielle's, if she wants it. List archive as well. Other
      than that, ask me for the link to my site.
      DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of
      the Marvel Entertainment Group and 20th Century Fox, plus probably a
      few million more investors I can't remember. This fanfiction means
      no infringement upon any legal holdings they may have.
      AUTHOR'S NOTE: Eeeple. First fic, new genre, and it's not even
      really good. Or what I normally write. It's just...cute.


      Rogue was slowly learning the rules of Xavier School. Oh,
      sure, there were the official rules, like "No excessive profanity, no
      excessive tardiness, no skipping class, no fighting, no using your
      powers against another student maliciously...oh by the way, Rogue,
      we're *really* sorry about that time Mystique pretended to be Bobby
      and made you run away. In fact, we're *really* sorry about the whole
      Magneto kidnapping you and basically using you as a battery for his
      huge killing machine. We really weren't expecting that. Sorry!"
      She got all those rules (well, except for the last one...they
      waited on that until she came back with Logan muttering in her head
      and a nearly punk rock white streak in her hair) the first day she
      went to classes, Professor Xavier leading her on a not-so-grand tour
      (she found out Logan got a *much* better tour than she did, the fun
      of sharing someone's memories) through the school, showing her the
      classrooms, the dorms, the laboratories, the practice rooms, the
      garage, on and on through the gigantic house, making the occasional
      small talk and dropping in the occasional rule. No going into the
      Danger Room without telling anyone. No opening up the chemicals
      cabinet without telling a professor.
      After the big tour, Professor Grey took her aside and told
      her the more...gender-based rules of the school. Keep the girls'
      bathroom clean. Any personal items you need could be easily
      purchased, if you just left a list or something before the weekly
      store trips. No sneaking down to the boys' floor at night.
      Teenagers are teenagers, yes, but please have some respect for the
      other people sleeping in the room. Rogue bit her tongue to stop from
      making a comment about what happened the *last* time she was on a bed
      with a boy and just nodded along with Professor Grey.
      The official rules she figured out right away, and everything
      was cool. Well, except for the whole kidnapping thing, and having
      Logan's memories running through her brain. But even with the surly
      attitude and the weird craving for cigars (making do, instead, with a
      lone pack of cigarettes she picked up on the road, not really
      planning to smoke them...until now), she was a pretty regular student
      here at the Xavier School.
      And eventually, she started picking up on the generally
      unspoken rules of the school. The ones that weren't in any books,
      the ones that Professor Xavier probably didn't even know about, which
      would be hard, considering he was a big telepath and all, but...
      Rogue picked these up slowly, from stories, gossip, and the
      occasional experience. She didn't realize that "malicious intent"
      was debatable when Bobby froze the remote to prevent anyone from
      switching the channel, especially if it was on Cartoon Network. She
      heard that it was also best to let Bobby use the shower first thing
      in the morning, because pipes were known to freeze for no reason.
      And she discovered early on to never let Jubilee turn on the
      microwave, not to mention that startling Kitty awake would result in
      her landing on the tv room couch, one floor down.
      The rules aren't too difficult, and Rogue slowly feels
      herself getting into the proper swing of things. And the one day,
      when a new kid came in and she overheard Jubilee mentioning that
      "Rogue has this occasional need to go to Popeye's, like every time we
      go to town...," she smiled and knew that, finally, she was a part of
      the team.

      "What have you been reading, the gospel according to St. Bastard?" - Izzard
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