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Fic: " Fire and Ice" (3/7) and (4/7) PG-13 [ Scott/Logan, Storm,(Scott/Jean) , (Logan/Rogue), (Logan/Jean)]

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    And part 3: What Logan was REALLY thinking while Xavier talked about the school....and part 4: Rogue is missing and Logan thinks about Scott... Part 3: “
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2000
      And part 3: What Logan was REALLY thinking while Xavier talked about the school....and part 4: Rogue is missing and Logan thinks about Scott...

      Part 3:
      “ ….I discovered I had the power to control men’s minds…..” Xavier talked but Logan wasn’t listening. His mind was far away. On a certain young one-eyed mutant. For some reason the younger man’s face, his smell, the feel of him kept hunting him. He thought back to when he had first laid eyes on him in the Professor’s office. Damn, he had been so beautiful and when he had pulled the other man closer he had had to really concentrate to not claim the other man’s lips with his own. He smiled at the thought of the Doctor Jean Grey. Sure, she was nice looking but she didn’t awake those feelings within him as Scott did. But she could be used. He didn’t like to sure her but he knew that she used Scott and would use him for her own ends so he didn’t beat himself up about it. He didn’t want Jean even though she was obviously offering. He wanted Scott. But the younger man was very hard for him to read and he hoped to get a reaction, any reaction out of him concerning Jean. But more than anything he wanted Scott to give himself to him. Fully and without hesitation. To trust him. Logan wanted him to admit he needed him and then he would protect the younger man. God damn it. He wanted Scott to be HIS. And his alone.

      Part 4:
      Rogue was gone! How in the world could a girl run away from a house, which held at least two telepaths??
      “ I`ll go after her” Logan said and went to leave.
      “ You promised to stay till the Professor could figure out what Magneto wants with you” Scott said sharply. Don’t go. You could get hurt.
      “ She’s alright. She’s just upset” Storm said softly, trying to smooth the waters. When Storm and Scott were ready to go after her Scott went to get his motorcycle.
      “ Where is my motorcycle?” he asked Storm as it wasn’t in it’s usual place. Logan, of coarse. Scott thought. “ Never mind. We take the car” Scott said quickly and they drove away. Why had Logan taken his bike?? This didn’t add up.
      Logan whistled through the streets on Scott’s bike. He was worried for Rogue because he cared deeply for her and wanted to protect her. It was kind of the same yet different feelings he had towards Scott. I hope he doesn’t follow me. Logan thought worried. He had taken Scott’s bike not to anger him but more as a test. If they were to be together and Logan would see to it that they were, Scott would have to give him everything. In his love Logan was greedy and wanted it all yet he always paid it back 10 fold. If Scott came to him unconditional in his love and mind he would see that Logan would give it all back to him and more.
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