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FIC: This Dance [1/1] {Lauren's Scott/Rogue/Logan challenge} G

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  • Samantha McCullah
    TITLE: This Dance [1/1] {response to Lauren s Logan/Rogue/Scott challenge} AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah EMAIL: kali_neba@hotmail.com DISTRIBUTION: Kielle, list
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2000
      TITLE: This Dance [1/1] {response to Lauren's Logan/Rogue/Scott challenge}
      AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah
      EMAIL: kali_neba@...
      DISTRIBUTION: Kielle, list archive, my site. Anyone else, please ask.
      RATING/CONTENT: G -- Um, sort of Scott/Rogue, Logan/Rogue, but also some
      Logan/Jean (sort of, and not entirely what you're thinking <eg>)
      SUMMARY: Rogue's gotta make a choice...
      DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Stan Lee's. Just playing. Don't sue.

      This was a Very Bad Idea.

      But Logan was certain Baldy was enjoying the utter degradation of Logan, and
      every other person in the reception hall. He growled softly, clenching his
      fists, fighting the urge to release the claws and do some quality
      property/body damage.

      His animalistic behavior earned him a shove on the shoulder from Jubilee,
      and in response, he turned growling at her. She merely snapped her gum at
      him in return and raised an eyebrow. Logan gritted his teeth, realizing that
      if he tried doing anything to the brat, Wheels would have him curled up on
      the floor, sucking his thumb.

      So, he settled for flipping her a discreet middle finger. Jubilee rolled her
      eyes at his immaturity, but responded in kind. Logan chuckled, turning back
      around to the three teenagers in the chairs at the front of the room, just
      in time to see Piotr rise to his feet, handing the hat to Rogue, and
      waltzing (as best as the overly-muscular teen could) Kitty down the dance

      Logan grinned. This was going to be easy.

      He sauntered over to the teen, certain of his impending victory and, more
      importantly, escape. Then he caught sight of his competition taking the seat
      on the other side of Rogue.

      One Eye adjusted his glasses, smirking at Logan.

      "Logan," Scott greeted, never losing his smirk. For the twentieth time in
      the past ten minutes, Logan fought the urge to decapitate someone.

      "Summers," he replied, dropping as gracefully as he could into the empty

      "Is it just me, or has demeanor gotten worse since he's gotten back?" Scott
      asking, looking at Marie.

      "Nah," she replied, shaking her head, "He's always like this. It's his
      version o' sunny disposition." A small grin spread across her lips.

      "Ah," Scott muttered, grinning in return.

      "Can we get this over with, kid?" Logan demanded shifting uncomfortably,
      suddenly acutely aware of every eye in the room on the three of them.

      "You not havin' fun, Logan?" Rogue whispered, her eyes comically wide. Scott
      coughed suddenly, but Logan, and everyone else, knew he was suppressing a

      "You damn well know that, Marie," he snapped, glaring. "And I know you
      aren't either."

      "But this is the most fun Ah've had all year." she was grinning now, an evil
      glint in her eyes. Logan couldn't tell if it was his influence or Magneto's.

      "Don't lie to me, kid," Logan said, leaning forward to glare at her.

      "She's not, Logan," Scott replied, having a hard time speaking from the wide
      grin that kept threatening to overtake his face. "I haven't seen her this
      happy since she got here." He lost the battle with the grin, and Logan was
      absolutely certain that there had to be an equally evil glint in his
      ruby-quartz covered eyes.

      Logan swallowed heavily, suddenly realizing that he was in Very Big Trouble.
      He glared at Rogue then Cyclops, but he must be losing his touch. Neither of
      them stopped grinning, and he could hear discreet snickers in the audience.

      "Sorry, Logan," Marie stated, rising to her feet, passing him the hat. Scott
      took her by the hand and danced her down the dance floor, as the previously
      discreet laughter from the masses became obvious. He snapped his eyes to the
      assembled students and faculty, a low growl coming from his throat. The
      laughter stopped, and everyone stood in awkward silence.

      Well, almost everyone. Jubilee bounded up, taking the seat to his right. Her
      bouncing rattled his chair, and the count for decapitation went up several
      notches. He was about to throw the hat at whoever was in the other chair,
      grab the brat by the scruff of her neck, and drag her down the dance floor,
      when he felt a body lean against his left side.

      "Hello, Logan," Jean's voice purred in his ear. He swallowed heavily,
      turning to her, and noticed the same evil glint that had invested Rogue now
      gleamed in Jeannie's eyes. He sighed, glaring at the two girls and tossing a
      glare in the direction Scott and Rogue had gone.

      He had been right. This was a Very, Very Bad Idea.


      See, this is what happens during finals week. I get silly.

      NOTE/BACKGROUND: The dance described in this story is real. I'm not making
      it up, as hokey as it sounds. On person sits in the middle of three chairs,
      two members of the opposite sex sit next to him/her. This person in the
      middle has a hat in their hands, and the two others try to convince him/her
      to dance with them. S/He chooses and passes the loser the hat, and it all
      starts over again. I said it was hokey, didn't I?

      Feedback, assuming the readers haven't decided that I need to be shot, is
      greatly appreciated.


      "Doesn't he realize that I am not like the swaying kelp in the surf where
      the seaweed gatherer can come as often as he wants."
      -- Ono no Komachi
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