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[FIC] Brotherly Love (1/1 -- strong R rating!)

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    NOTE: I did not write this -- Edana did. When she warned me that it was really dark, I said How dark can it be? THIS dark, apparently. Take her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
      NOTE: I did not write this -- Edana did. When she warned
      me that it was really dark, I said "How dark can it be?"
      THIS dark, apparently. <ulp!> Take her disclaimer
      seriously, folks -- and if you're squeamish or underage,
      for gods' sake, stop here.


      Brotherly Love
      By Edana ni Emer

      Classification: Movieverse fic, Toad/Sabretooth, with small
      roles by Magneto and Mystique.
      Rating: Very very R. Maybe worse. Very bad things happen
      in this fic. And they happen to Toad. You will feel sorry
      for Toad before this is over, even if you hate his guts.
      Stop reading now if you are of delicate constitution.
      Summary: When scolded by Magneto for losing Rogue and
      Wolverine, Sabretooth takes out his frustrations on the
      nearest available target...Toad.
      Archive: Anywhere, as long as I am told about it first. I
      love seeing my name up in lights! Well, pixels, anyway.
      Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words. I make no money
      off the Marvel characters. Of course, until this movie came
      out, Marvel wasn't either...so no harm, no foul. :-)
      Feedback; Yes, please! I love feedback! It does wonderful
      things to my fragile ego. And positive responses will
      encourage me to write/post the sequal. Just, if you're on
      OTL, please respond off-list. I have a hard time sorting
      things out through OTL.


      Sabretooth snarled quietly to himself as he stalked out of
      Magneto's office. He wasn't about to do it any louder where
      the old man could hear him. Guy may be old and feeble
      physically, but when he can rip your body apart by the iron
      in your blood, he gets a bit of respect anyway.

      "I'm going to work on the mutate device. It's nearly
      finished. If not for your bungling, we would almost be
      ready," Magneto said, then turned and stalked off.

      Sabretooth snarled at his back, tensing as Magneto paused
      before continuing on.

      Hearing a muted snicker behind him, he whirled, clenching
      the dog tags inscribed with Wolverine's name in his fist
      hard enough to leave imprints in his skin. Toad. Little
      bastard. His "comrade in arms," his "brother in mutantcy"
      was crouched in a shadowed corner of the room, clearly
      enjoying Sabretooth's impotent fury.

      "Boss not too pleased, eh?" he smirked. Finally given an
      outlet for his frustration and fury, Sabretooth leaped
      across the room in a single bound, grabbing the surprised
      mutant by the throat before he could leap away.

      Toad at once opened his mouth to spit the obnoxious green
      goo that would seal off Sabretooth's mouth and nose, and
      incapacitate him long enough for Toad to get away. Instead,
      he found himself strangling as Sabretooth's grip closed
      around his neck in a grip of iron.

      "I don't think so, you little punk. You open your mouth
      again and I'll pinch your head off, you got me?" To
      emphasize his point, Sabretooth tightened his grip around
      Toad's neck until Toad thought he was going to pass out.
      Just as black sparkles began to dance their way across his
      vision, Sabretooth eased up, allowing Toad to breathe again.
      He swore to himself. It would have been better if he'd
      passed out. He wasn't looking forward to what was about to

      As Sabretooth's fist buried itself in his stomach, Toad
      sighed in relief, with what little breath he had left, and
      prayed that the beating wouldn't stop anytime soon. As each
      blow landed, he retreated a little farther inside himself,
      drawing back from the pain and from the thought of what was
      soon going to happen. It was something he'd learned long
      ago, soon after Magneto had taken him in. It was a defense
      mechanism that had stood him in good stead.

      His mutation had been visible at birth, his greenish skin
      and extraordinary tongue marking him as different from the
      moment he drew his first breath. Apalled and disgusted, his
      parents had given him up for adoption almost before the
      afterbirth had been delivered. Their action had condemned
      him to a life of misery. After all, who would adopt a
      mutant kid when there were so many normals in the

      He had grown up cynical, embittered, and angry, hating
      normals as much as they hated him. Then Magneto had come.
      His savior. When he was fourteen he had lurked in the
      shadows as a tall, (to him, anyway) silver-haired man had
      come to the orphanage seeking his "brethren." The thought
      of belonging, of being somewhere where he wasn't a freak,
      had drawn him like a magnet, and he had joined Magneto's
      cause. He believed in it. He believed in the man. What he
      had trouble believing in, sometimes, were the others that
      served Magneto's Dream.

      Mystique, the blue-skinned shapeshifter, had looked him over
      casually when he arrived, then proceeded to ignore his
      existance. She was rarely there much anyway. Her skills
      were useful to a degree that Magneto could rarely afford to
      let her rest. The other, though, Sabretooth, had given him
      shivers from the moment they had met. The large felinoid
      mutant had circled him several times, sniffing him as he
      stood stock-still.

      "Kinda runty, ain't he? And he's scared half to death.
      Can't say he'll ever be any use to you. I ain't even doing
      anything and he's about to pass out," the hulking mutant had
      snarled. Toad had blinked nearsightedly and shuddered at
      Sabretooth's hot breath against the back of his neck.
      Magneto had put a gentle arm around his shoulders and drawn
      him away.

      "He may have a greater potential than you can see. I would
      like you to train him," Magneto had said, ignoring his
      shudder. "Mortimer, I would like you to choose a
      descriptive alias. We may be more powerful than humans, but
      there are still many more of them than there are of us.
      Therefore we need codenames, to protect ourselves."

      He hadn't even needed to think. "Toad. That's what they
      all call me. Toad."

      "Very well, Toad. I'll give you a few days to get settled
      in, and then we'll start your lessons. Sabretooth, show him
      to his room." At Toad's flinch Magneto had smiled kindly.
      "The two of you need to get used to each other. You will be
      working together for a long time."

      It had only been a few months later that he had shown up to
      a training session to find a very angry Sabretooth raging,
      destroying everything in sight. He'd tried to sneak away,
      but Sabretooth's heightened senses had detected him before
      he'd managed more than a step.

      Snarling, the powerful predator had leaped upon him, pinning
      him to the ground. Blows had rained down on him and before
      long, everything had gone fuzzy and distant. Much of it he
      didn't even remember. One thing that remained crystal-
      clear, however, was the moment when Sabretooth had rolled
      him over on his stomach and ripped the back of his pants off
      his body with a single powerful yank. A bit of spit was the
      only preparation he got before he was nearly split in two.
      He had howled his agony, only to recieve a cuff on the back
      of the head and a snarl to shut up.

      Every thrust sent burning pain throughout his entire body,
      and Sabretooth seemed to enjoy the cries of pain he couldn't
      stifle no matter how hard he tried. He bit nearly through
      his bottom lip in an effort to silence himself, but to no
      avail. The pain as he was virtually pounded through the
      floor was excruciating, but worse was the feeling of shame
      and humiliation. Of degradation. Of disgust. He finally
      gave up and sobbed brokenly into the exercise mat under him
      as Sabretooth, grunting, finally finished and pulled away.

      He curled into himself as he watched Sabretooth wipe himself
      off with a towel and adjust his clothing. He looked at Toad
      with an expression between a sneer and a leer, and turned to
      walk away. As he closed the door behind him, he flung a
      single word over his shoulder.


      Toad had dragged himself back to his room as quickly as he
      could, cleaning his wounds as best he was able. The
      combination of the beating and...the other, made it
      difficult and painful to walk for several days. Later he
      found out the reason Sabretooth had been so enraged.
      Magneto had chastised him harshly for getting into a fight
      with another mutant. In Magneto's eyes, all mutants were
      brothers, and even a mutant that had shown himself to be
      Magneto's enemy would not be killed unless there was no
      other way. Sabretooth had encountered an old enemy of his,
      and they had done their level best to kill each other. Toad
      breathed a prayer of thankfulness that he hadn't succeeded.
      If Sabretooth had killed another mutant without just cause,
      Magneto would have been furious, even angrier than he had
      already been, and he would have punished him severely. And
      Toad would have been in even worse shape.

      He had been barely fifteen.

      Pain brought his attention back to the present, when he
      wished heartily he could have remained in the past. He had
      lived through what had happened then. It was still up for
      questioning, as it always was until it was over, whether he
      would survive this time. He firmly squelched the tiny voice
      inside that wished he wouldn't. He would survive. He had
      to. Sabretooth had to pay.

      His body's violent invasion made him grit his teeth against
      a scream. It was easier now than it had been the first
      time, but that was like saying that getting shot with
      fourteen bullets was "easier" than getting shot with
      fifteen. He didn't fight anymore. By the time he had
      turned sixteen, he had realized he wouldn't win anyway, not
      if his first attack was unsuccessful. Even if he did get
      away, Sabretooth would only try again later. Besides,
      Sabretooth enjoyed it when he fought. That was reason
      enough not to do it.

      Finally, it was over. An explosive grunt and one final
      flash of excruciating pain and Sabretooth was finished. He
      pulled away and cleaned himself off, then stalked away,
      apparently still angry, but not homicidally furious as he
      had been before. Toad dragged himself into a dark corner to
      recover enough to go get cleaned up himself. He looked up,
      blinking myopically when he heard a low chuckle. His
      stomach clenched as a fuzzy blue blob stepped close enough
      to resolve itself into Mystique. Shit. She knew.

      He blinked again, squinting slightly to bring her into
      clearer focus. What he saw disgusted him as much as
      Sabretooth did. Her mouth was slightly open, her breathing
      quick. The look in her strange eyes was unmistakably

      "Quite a show there. I wonder if his mutation leads itself
      to a quick recovery time?" She looked at him coyly. "You
      wouldn't happen to know, would you?" He could only gape at
      her. "I suppose not. I think I'll go find out for myself."
      With that she sauntered out of the room. Toad thought he
      was going to be sick, but managed to keep his stomach under

      Dragging himself back to his room, he took a shower,
      scrubbing at his skin until it was raw. He still couldn't
      seem to feel clean. When the water started to run cold, he
      got out to dry himself off. He sat on the edge of the bed,
      towel around his waist and shook with residual terror, pain,
      and revulsion. When the shakes had run their course, he
      clenched his fist and slammed into the bed.

      "Enough!" Taking a deep breath, he started shoving all the
      emotions his encounter with Sabretooth had brought to the
      fore. All the weakness, fear, revulsion, depression, self-
      hate...all of it. The only thing he didn't suppress was the
      burning ball of icy hate that roiled in his gut. It didn't
      matter that Sabretooth was his "brother." It didn't even
      matter what Magneto would do to him if he took his revenge
      without telling him why first. The only thing that mattered
      was that, whatever it took, he would make Sabretooth pay.

      The End
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