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This I Promise You Chapter 2

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  • April Rivera
    Disclaimer: Don t own them. Special thanks to Nadja Lee neh@post10.tele.dk beta reading my story. Thank you much.;-) Feedbacks: Are welcome 24/7 Archiveing:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2000
      Disclaimer: Don't own them.

      Special thanks to Nadja Lee neh@... beta reading my story.
      Thank you much.;-)
      Feedbacks: Are welcome 24/7
      Archiveing: Ask for author's permission.
      Summaries: Flash back of the past
      Scott was not very happy about that because he and Lady Jean had already
      made plans about
      marriage in the spring. Being Lady Rogue's guardian meant that their
      marriage would have to be postponed as Scott would have to be with Lady
      during her season. Finding a husband for
      Rogue and the inheritance would be Scott's but if he failed the money
      and land would be divided between him and Logan. Windsor Castle would then
      where Lady Rogue would grow old alone

      Lady Rogue had been seven when she had scraped her knee trying to climb a
      old beech tree. Rogue had been scared when the bleeding would not stop.
      The wound had been getting worse and a infection had started. She knew
      if her father found out that she hadn't stopped climbing trees and
      pestering Prince Scott, she would suffer a whipping from her evil
      the Lady Mystique. Mentioning that frog prince, he were running after her
      calling out concerned;
      "Rogue, are you quit alright?"
      " I told you many times not to call me Rogue, you control freak!
      "That's quite something coming from a girl who climb trees. You do know
      that many would say that was a freak of nature." "Yeah whatever. Even if
      you are a British prince you could be more like
      > Logan. He's always so nice to me. "
      > "Oh, that hurts coming from a girl who have a crush on that hairy half
      > brother of mine." Scott said with false wounded pride as he helped her
      > "Oow. That hurts! Don't touch my arm. I do not have a crush on him!"
      > "You do to." He argued and carried her to the lake.
      > Scott washed her wound with the clean water of the lake.
      > " We have to hurry up if you don't want to suffer another of Lady
      > Mystique's terrible burst of rage ." He ripped his fine silk shirt to
      make her a bandage over her now cleaned and washed wound. He helped her to
      her feet
      > and they started to run towards the castle.
      > "I'm not scared of her." Little Rogue said indignantly while moving
      > faster.
      > " Don't run Rogue, you are just making it worst."
      > "No need to shout so loud Rogue." Scott said gently as he took a big
      > stride towards her.
      > " So what are you going to do? Carry me?"
      > "Yes, I will." He carefully lifted her up into his arms, making sure not
      to touch her wounds and gently began carrying her home.
      > "You know, you're kind of cute looking Prince Frogy." Rogue said with
      > smile as she admired his beauty first hand, being very close to his
      > chest.
      > "And that's the most ridiculous complement I ever heard in my life."
      > said
      > with a silly grin on his face. Rogue became annoyed with his arrogant
      > assumption.
      > "I think that's the only complement you are going to get from anyone"
      > " Gee thanks" Insulted and hurt, Scott did not notice that his half
      > brother
      > were coming towards them.
      > "Lady Marie, are you quite alright. What did you do to her?" Logan
      > worried and looked at Rogue in Scott's arms, a sight he didn't care
      > much for.
      > " I didn't do anything. She fell," Scott answered annoyed as he
      > continued to carry Rogue towards her home.
      >" Let me carry her Scott. "

      "No! I will carry her. "

      "Fine! Just hurry up. Master Tyler would beat you if he find out that you
      run away from your guards to be with Lady Marie"
      " I'm not scared. "
      "I know you're not." Logan said mildly but still indicated they should
      hurry. The three reach Rogue's house and at the same time Lady Mystique
      get out of the
      carriage. She saw them.
      "Lord Scott, what are you doing with my stepdaughter?" She asked and
      anger appeared in her
      "She fell because I accidentally pushed her. Don't punish her because it
      was my
      "Naughty child. Did she start climbing that old tree again?"
      "No. It was my fault. I take for responsibility for the accident."
      "Very well then bring her to her room. You know were it is?"
      "Yes, Madam. "
      "Good night then. And Scott, next time that you lie for her, get your
      straight. "
      "Thank you madam."
      "Always taking care of her, are you?" Mystique asked, slightly amused by
      the young boy's protective manner towards her stepdaughter. "Yes Madam"
      "Very well, good night then and tell the nurse to tend to Rogue's wound
      it gets infected"

      1 Hour later

      Master Creed was very angry. He had ,again, been fooled by young Scott.
      had, again, run off without his guards. *That inferminent child!! When I
      find him I'm going to whip him so badly he'll never disobey me again*
      Creed thought angrily.
      "Logan, there you are. Have you seen prince Scott?"
      "No sir. I heard that he was asleep in his bedroom with feverish head"
      "Very well. I'm going to him then. You should go to bed to Logan"
      Before Master Creed went to Scott's room he saw the little devil walking
      along the garden, trying to get unnoticed into the castle.
      "Logan. Here's your brother walking and you said that he was
      feverish?" Creed asked angrily.
      *Stupid* "I told him not to come in yet." Logan whispered.
      Scott paled and knew that he had made a mistake by not following Logan´s
      signal but he had been very tired.
      "Get my whip Logan"
      "But Sir!" Logan said in protest.
      "Get it now or else!" Creed yelled angrily and stared in fury at Logan,
      silently telling him what was in store for him if he too would disobey him.
      "Go Logan. There's no reason for you to suffer this too. You did what
      you could" Scott whispered to Logan and tried to be brave. "It was my fault"
      Scott got the worst whipping in his life. He felt like the skin was being
      torn from his back with each new stroke. The pain was intense and he wanted
      nothing more than scream his suffering out to the world but his pride held
      him back. Logan was watching him with sadness in his eyes and he didn't
      want to add to his brother's sadness by showing him how badly it hurt nor
      did he want to show any signs of weakness. Time lost its meaning as Scott
      only concentrated on not screaming and surviving his blow and then the
      next. He bit into his lip to prevent himself from screaming and it began to
      bleed as he bit harder from each new stroke as the pain worsened. He forgot
      why he mustn't scream out his suffering and easy the pain that way, only
      that it was important that he didn't. When the blows finally stopped and
      Scott was released from the pole in the middle of the garden where Creed had
      tied him with his hands over his head and his back towards him, Scott fell
      to the ground. He hadn't yelled even once but when his bruised back made
      contact with the cold earth a small moan escaped his lips and he drifted
      into a wonderful unconsciousness where he couldn't fell the pain nor
      anything else.
      Either brother would have realised that they would never be the same again
      after that and that it had been the last time they would cover for each
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