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FF: Cat's Cradle: Part Four [Logan, Seth] [PG-13]

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  • Elizabeth
    Title: Cat s Cradle Author: Elizabeth (Shadows) Disclaimer: Sahra and her clan own me. Marvel and Stan Lee own the mutants. Bast and every other God and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      Title: Cat's Cradle
      Author: Elizabeth (Shadows)
      Disclaimer: Sahra and her clan own me. Marvel and Stan Lee own the mutants.
      Bast and every other God and Goddess belong to themselves and their
      Rating: PG-13 for hinting at violence.
      Feedback: Please. I would appreciate it. So would Sahra and the Clan.
      They would like to know how they are doing. Contact me at

      Part Four
      Logan ducked out of the stables, then sighed. Wherever they had gone,
      Sahra and Ororo hadn�t returned. He was just about to go after them when he
      felt a hand dropped onto his shoulder. He knew who it was before turning
      around, though how Seth had sneaked up on him without him knowing was scary.
      Up until that point, only Sahra had done that and he had gotten used to
      it, but with five more around, he was as jumpy as a cat in a dog run. He
      grinned ruefully at the thought. Well, when there�s a bunch of cats around.
      . . .
      �They�ll be back soon. It�s just a matter of bonding now,� Seth said,
      looking off to the West. Then he blinked and focused on Logan. �I�ve been
      told that we�re much alike, you and I.�
      �Oh really,� Logan grumbled. He wasn�t flattered by the comparison. �How
      Seth grinned. �We both have tempers and get defensive when we�re
      insulted.� Logan couldn�t argue with that. He grinned. Then he shivered.
      It felt as if clouds had covered the sky and dropped the temperature to just
      above bitterly cold. �Shit,� Seth muttered.
      �What now?� Logan asked.
      Seth looked at him with eyes that suddenly seemed remote and just as cold
      as the air. �They�re back,� he said. �And they�re pissed.�
      Logan remembered the constructs and grinned. �Well so am I.� He extended
      his claws. Something brushed against his leg. He looked down to find a
      huge white tiger with steel-gray markings. Gold eyes peered up at him.
      �Ready?� Logan asked the huge cat. Damn, the beast was big, he thought
      inanely. It must stand at least three feet at the shoulder. It grinned.
      As the pair exited the stables, Logan sensed that somehow the big cat was
      talking to the others inside the building, for two reasons. One, no one
      followed them and two, he caught the edges of the conversation. Energy
      snickered across his skin. He looked out over the meadow in front of the
      stables. Something was coming toward them and fast. Dark and oddly shaped,
      Logan thought they were just shadows from clouds dashing across the sun. He
      was wrong. Seth bellowed so loudly, the sound shook Logan free from his
      dazed state.
      Across the packed snowfield raced five black shadows. They looked like
      huge misshapen beasts, no one single recognizable animal, just a
      conglomeration of many.
      *Now this is what I call fun,* Seth grinned. Logan could only agree. Then
      things got interesting.
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