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Fic: " Losing You" (6/7) and (7/7) PG-13 [ Scott/Jean, Rogue, Logan, Storm]

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    Part 6- revenge is sweet or is it? and part 7- how can I ever live without you???? Part 6: “ Scott…Scott help me with Marie!” Storm’s voice brought
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      Part 6- revenge is sweet or is it? and part 7- how can I ever live
      without you????

      Part 6:
      “ Scott…Scott help me with Marie!” Storm’s voice brought him out
      of the darkness of his mind and he slowly got up from the ground. Looking
      with his hands he found his visor and put it on. He saw Storm coming with
      Marie in her arms and when Storm landed, took the frightened young woman from
      her arms and guided her to the side. He wished he felt something in that
      moment but he didn’t. He just felt...empty as if the reality of it all had
      yet to hit him. He saw that Michael was out cold, probably from Storm’s
      lightning bolts. Logan still had trouble with Sabretooth as they were
      equally strong and both had healing factor.
      “ Logan, move away from him. Now!” Scott commanded as a ice-cold rage
      took him. Logan moved away from Sabretooth and Scott came towards him, his
      visor glowing a dangerous red.
      “ Was this your idea?” Scott asked, his voice so cold and hard that
      Storm barely recognised it.
      “ Yes, I …” Sabretooth began but never got to say anything else. A
      beam of red energy set on full intensity burned him to a crisp.
      “ Ahhhhhhh” Sabretooth cried out in agony as he burned up. A terrible
      silence fell over the battlefield as he was gone, nothing but ashes to the
      “ That was for Jean.” Scott said lowly, but his voice held no emotions.
      “ Scott! By the Light of the Goddess, what have you done?” Ororo
      whispered shocked.
      “ Victor!!” Mystique cried and looked ready to jump at Scott.
      “ Go ahead, I`ll blast you down where you stand.” Scott said coldly
      and Mystique drew back from the venom in his voice. She turned into a strong
      man and carried Michael away from the scene.
      “ I`ll be back to avenge Victor.” She promised as she went away.
      “ Try and you die.” Scott promised with just as much certainty as she
      had uttered her threat. When the four X-men where alone, Rogue nestled
      against Logan´s chest, crying, and Storm and Logan looked troubled at Scott,
      a unnatural stillness fell over the bridge.
      “ Scott, is Jean….” Storm began softly. Scott looked at her, his
      emotions as unreadable as ever.
      “ She’s ..gone. She’s gone.” It was as if he came out from a trace
      and tears started to run down his cheeks.
      “ She’s truly gone.” He sank to his knees on the bridge and cried
      for the first time in as long as he could remember. He felt like his world
      was crumbling and his heart was breaking in a million pieces.

      Scott Summers sat in his office Saturday night a little over two. This
      morning he had been too tired to talk to Jean and now she was no more. His
      grip around his Bourbon glass tightened and his eyes began to water again. Oh,
      Jean. Why did you have to leave me all alone again? He tried to picture
      her for him; her eyes, her hair, her face but all he saw was himself blasting
      her, killing her. With a suddenness which surprised even himself he threw
      the glass against the wall and it broke in a 1000 pieces reminding him of
      the way his heart felt right now. He picked up a picture of Jean standing on
      his desk. She was smiling at him, looking so happy and trustful. And he
      had betrayed that trust. He had killed the light in her eyes. Him and only
      him. He let himself sink to the floor of the office and cried. Cried so hard,
      he thought he should die. The moon bathed him in its silver light through
      the office window, and from a distance it looked like he was praying which
      he might was. Praying to get Jean back or praying to join her, no one knew.
      Soon the stars gave way for the sunlight but this morning brought no
      warmth and no light to Scott’s life for his heart was dead and his life was
      empty. He was alone. Alone and cold.

      The End

      Liked??? Sequel????
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