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Fic: " Losing You" (4/7) and (5/7) PG-13 [ Scott/Jean, Rogue, Logan, Storm]

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    and part 4- Who would you choose? and part 5 - this is my decision to make.... Part 4: Scott felt like he was in the middle of the worst nightmare of his life.
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      and part 4- Who would you choose? and part 5 - this is my decision to

      Part 4:
      Scott felt like he was in the middle of the worst nightmare of his life.
      This was too much. They couldn’t ask this of him. They just couldn’t.
      How would he ever be able to live with himself, knowing he had killed a
      person? On the other hand it was better to save one than loose both. Forbidden
      thoughts came to his mind. I love Jean and I barely know Marie. Jean is 33
      and have lived a good life while Marie is just a child of 17 with her whole
      life in front of her. Jean has a family and the prospect of a good future
      with children while Marie has no family who’ll claim her and she will
      never have children as none can touch her. Jean is an X-man and fights for the
      cause while Marie is a student whose powers we can’t use in a fight as
      she’ll get as affected by the person she absorbs as he will be wounded by
      her hands. I love Jean. I need Jean. If I choose Jean, Marie will die and
      Logan will hate me if not outright kill me in rage. If I choose Marie, I`ll
      never be able to live with myself again. All those thoughts ran through
      Scott’s brain in under a minute and he came to one conclusion; he couldn’t
      choose. No matter which choice he made, he’ll regret it. He now saw how
      smart this set-up really was; no matter what he said, if he made a choice or
      not, one would die and it would be his fault.
      “ Decide hero. Time’s running out” Mystique said hardly. Scott
      looked desperately at Storm and Logan, hoping they had a plan or some way out of
      this that he hadn’t thought of.
      “ I sorry, my friend. I can’t help you this time,” Storm admitted
      sadly, tears coming to her eyes as she knew as he did that no matter what,
      they would loose a friend tonight. Scott looked at Logan.
      “ I….Choose Marie!” Logan grunted pained. He didn’t want Jean to
      die yet he wanted Marie to live. He had made tough decisions in his life yet
      none as hard as the one Scott was facing; Save your lover and kill a
      student or kill your lover and save a student.

      Part 5:
      * Scott, are you ok?* Jean’s mental voice came weak through his chaotic
      * Jean! Oh, dear God. Thank Heavens. Are you ok? I…I don’t know what
      to do. Help me.* His thoughts flew to her over the distance between them.
      * Open your mind to me. It’ll be faster for me to know what is happening
      that way.* Just hearing her voice again brought some sense of peace to
      him. He did as she asked and let her mental fingers gently probed his mind. He
      felt her shook and fear as she understood their situation.
      * We both know what you must do.* Jean’s voice came to him but she had
      cut their report off. He couldn’t read her feelings yet she could read his.
      * I can’t choose! Don’t ask it of me.* Scott thought desperately.
      * I´ll never do that, love. Never. That’s why I have chosen for you.*
      It took Scott a few seconds to realise what she meant.
      * No!!! Jean, don’t do it. I need you. I love you. Don’t leave me.*
      She read his sadness and anguish and he “felt” her melancholic smile.
      * I have to, don’t you see? She deserves so much from life. I have felt
      and seen all I wished to see. I have found you. I found my one true love.
      She has yet to do that.* With her thought came a sense of love, sadness and
      acceptance of her fate.
      * Don’t. Please don’t* Scott begged desperately.
      * I’m sorry.* She thought sadly and Scott raised his eyes to look at
      her. The others did the same and Jean undid her handcuffs with her telekinetic
      powers and started to fall to the ground with great speed, knowing that
      Marie was now safe.
      “* Noooo!*” Scott screamed mentally and physically and ran to the side
      of the bridge. Storm started to fly to Jean’s aid but Michael interfered
      and they started to fight. Logan jumped at Sabretooth and seemed a light
      with rage.
      * Jean, please….I love you.* Scott thought and saw that she was falling
      into the ocean. If it had been hard ground he might have been able to
      soften her fall with his eye beams but not in water. With her speed she would
      hit the water like it was concrete.
      * Scott, open your eyes and look at me. Really look at me.* Jean sent to
      him and this time he felt fear and sadness from her. Her mental control was
      slipping. If only she had been more trained then she might have been able
      to levitate herself down.
      * No!!! I can’t do that*
      * Scott, I’m going to die. At least let me decide how to go. Do this.
      For me.* Jean sent to him, her panic growing as she neared the water.
      * Nooo!* Scott sent in anguish. He couldn’t do what she asked. He couldn’t kill her. He looked over the railing and so wished for a miracle. He
      saw Storm and Michael fight but he couldn’t shoot Michael with his deadly
      blasts without wounding, maybe killing Storm as well.
      * Love, I don’t want to die like this. Let me die with you. As a part of
      you. It’ll be fast and painless.* Even as she sent the thought Scott
      sensed her doubt.
      * I…I can’t.* Scott thought pained, tears running down his face. A
      mental command was said and Scott’s visor was torn off. He immediately
      closed his eyes.
      * Don’t do this, Jean. Don’t let me do this* He begged even as he felt
      his mind weakening under her mental demand.
      * I’m sorry, Scott. I’m…afraid. This way will be less ….painful.*
      Even her mental voice held tears.
      * Don’t…* He felt himself slipping and even as he fought her he knew
      he was loosing. Against his will his eyes was forced opened and he could see
      her fall again. The next minutes ran as in slow-motion for Scott. He saw
      and felt the energy leaving his eyes and run down towards Jean’s falling
      * I love you, Scott. Please forgive me for this.* Jean sent softly.
      * I forgive you. I love you so much. I …I can’t do this without you*
      Scott’s unhappy thoughts reached her and she sent a last wave of love
      through their link to him.
      * I´ll love you. Always*
      * And I you.* Scott thought and saw his energy beam nearing her.
      “ * Don’t leave me!* ” He yelled mentally and psychically in anguish
      but it was too late. His blasts reached her and Scott doubled over on the
      ground in pain as their link was totally opened as she lost control and so
      transmitted her feelings to him. The pain was intense but left quickly.
      * Love….You* Her thoughts, the last she had thought on this world,
      reached him a few minutes after her form disappeared in a blaze of fire.
      * Don’t leave me,* he thought miserably but it was too late. Where her
      loving presence had always been in his mind there was only emptiness. A
      emptiness so cold it drove him to the edge of madness.
      “* Jean*” He yelled so loud he was sure every telepath and person in a
      100 miles radius had heard him. He hung his head in defeat. She was truly
      gone. He had killed her. He had killed the only woman…the only person who
      had truly loved him.
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