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Fic: " Losing You" (2/7) and (3/7) PG-13 [ Scott/Jean, Rogue, Logan, Storm]

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    and part 2 - our heros knows....part 3 - what to do, who to choose Part 2: “ Jean!!! No!!!!” Scott yelled and sat up in bed. Through their mental link he
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      and part 2 - our heros knows....part 3 - what to do, who to choose
      Part 2:
      “ Jean!!! No!!!!” Scott yelled and sat up in bed. Through their mental
      link he had heard her plea to the Professor. He jumped out of bed, quickly
      dressed and ran to the Professor’s office. His heart was pumping in fear
      for Jean and his thoughts and feelings were in turmoil. Let her be ok.
      Please let her be ok, he prayed as he ran through the corridors and into
      Xavier´s room.
      “ Professor..”
      “ I know, Scott. I have already checked on Magneto. He’s still in
      prison so that means that Sabretooth and whoever he might have with him is
      operating on their own.” The older man looked sadly and concerned at Scott. “ And that is not a good thing. Eric…Magneto has a sense of control
      and a sense of honour..” As always when the Professor talked about Magneto,
      his former friend and now enemy, his voice and eyes softened. “…but
      Sabretooth has neither. He kills for the trill of it.”
      “ Have you been able to locate them?” Scott asked concerned. He needed
      to do something, anything to try and save her. He had to save her. He had
      “ They are moving around right now so Cerebro can’t pinpoint their
      exact location When they stop I can find them.”
      “ Where is Marie???” Logan asked dangerously, his claws at the ready
      as he burst into the office.
      “ She was kidnapped, together with Jean” Xavier said calmly, not the
      least afraid of Logan´s eagerness to fight.
      “ And what…You sit around here and do nothing??? Your girlfriend is
      gone as well.” Logan yelled angrily at Scott.
      “ I know that. Don’t you think I know that?” Scott yelled back,
      anguish in his voice.
      “ Stop this childish behaviour at once! It will not bring them back,”
      Xavier said sternly. Scott immediately backed down while Logan still stared
      angrily at them. “ I can’t locate them until they stand still. I´ll…” The phone ran in that moment and Logan growled in frustration. “
      Professor Xavier speaking.” Charles said as he answered it and following
      his telepathic impulses, put it on speakers.
      “ Hey, Prof. If you want your girls back I suggest you tell your X-men
      to meet me at Claremont Bridge tonight at five. Oh, and tell Cyclops he’s
      not to worry about his little lady. I´ll take good care of her. Real
      good. Ha ha ha” Still laughing, Sabretooth hung up.
      “ You basted. You just keep your filthy hands of her, you hear?” Scott
      yelled furiously and Logan had to hold him back if not he was to smash the
      intercom and phone system in rage.
      “ Cool down, Cyke. He can’t hear you.” Logan said and as Scott
      regained control, released him. Logan looked at the clock. Six hours and
      counting. It was going to be a Hell of a day and the night didn’t promise any
      better. He just prayed Marie was ok.

      Part 3:
      “ Stay together” Cyclops said as he, Storm and Wolverine began to walk
      down the bridge. Fortunately, or not, depending on ones point of view, the
      bridge was closed for repair so everything seemed quit.
      “ I don’t like this” Storm said concerned and covered her and her
      team-mates in a cloud of fog as Cyclops had asked her to.
      “ I can smell something” Logan said and they all stopped.
      “ What?” Cyclops asked concerned.
      “ Fear,” the word had barely escaped Logan´s lips before a terrible
      sight meet them; In one of the towers of the bridge, they saw Jean and
      Rogue. They were hung up by the hands on either side of one of the posts, up in
      top of one tower. Should they fall, they’ll fall several m´s down and
      get killed on impact as they touched the water. They both seemed unhurt but
      they were gagged so couldn’t tell if it was true.
      “ What do you think, great leader? Not bad, is it?” Sabretooth said
      with a leer as he amerced from the shadows.
      “ Sabretooth! Cut them down. Now!” Cyclops demanded angrily, hiding
      his fear for their safety in a more known emotion; hate. Storm and Wolverine
      stood on either site of him, Logan with his clews at the ready and Storm
      ready to summon any of the forces of nature on Cyclops` signal.
      “ Can’t do that. You see, the handcuffs…they are…shall we say
      special? First of all they can’t be forcefully opened, they are made of the
      same metal as Wolverine’s claws so even him can’t cut through them.”
      He explained with a evil smile. He looked lustfully at Storm who backed a
      step away from him. “ Not even Silver Top here can cut through them with
      her lightning and neither can you,” he nodded to Cyclops who had his right
      hand at the controls of his visor.
      “ What do you want?” Cyclops asked coldly.
      “ What do I want? Her” He nodded to Storm.
      “ Forget it, bub” Logan said dangerously and moved to stand
      protectively in front of the beautiful Goddess. Sabretooth laughed at his protective
      but also possessive action.
      “ You can’t have her!” Cyclops said determined.
      “ That’s enough. This wasn’t the plan.” Mystique said as she came
      forth from the shadows and looked with murder in her eyes at Logan.
      “ Aren’t you dead?” Logan said irritated. He hated having to do the
      same job twice.
      “ Not yet”
      “ Well, I can fix that real quick” Logan growled and jumped at her.
      “ Logan, don’t” Cyclops said but too late. The two of them were
      already locked in hand to hand combat.
      “ Stop, or I`ll let one drop!” Sabretooth threatened and held up a
      hand held control panel. Logan drew away from Mystique who gave him a smile
      for her victory.
      “ You’re bluffing!” Logan stated but drew back to stand besides
      Storm again.
      “ No, I’m not. The handcuffs on the women can only be released by this
      panel. But….” He glanced with malice in his eyes at Cyclops. “..only
      one of them can drop. When one fall the other will be locked in place and
      can’t fall. The one who’s alive can be brought down by any of you as
      the metal releases it hold on her.”
      “ What are you saying?” Cyclops asked shocked, hoping to be wrong. Was
      he to…
      “ It’s real simple. Who has always prevented Eric from succeeding? The
      X-men. Who leads the X-men? Cyclops. Kill the leader and a new raises in
      his place. Break the leader and you break the team.” Mystique explained
      simply. She saw the X-men’s distress written in their faces. “ Oh, we
      aren’t that cruel. We’ll even let you choose. So, who’s it to be,
      Cyclops? One dies and one lives. You decide.”
      “ God damn it! You can’t do this” Cyclops yelled frustrated. They
      couldn’t ask this of him. They just couldn’t.
      “ Of cause we can always let Sabretooth decide and then fight over the
      life of the other one but she’ll be an afoul easy target up there and as
      you can see…” Mystique nodded behind her as man came flying and landed
      beside her…” we have a ally who can do the job very fast. Want to see
      who’ll get to her first? Storm or Michael here.” She nodded to the young
      mutant who had just landed.
      “ Don’t do this.” Cyclops said pained and Storm heard something in
      his voice she had never heard before; pleading.
      “Tick-tock…Better think fast, hero. Sabretooth isn’t the most
      patient of men.” Mystique taunted.
      “ Why you…” Logan began furiously and advanced at her.
      “ Ah ha, I wouldn’t do that if I was you. No matter how fast you are
      I can still push the button and one will fall.” Sabretooth warned and
      Logan backed down. He looked at Cyclops for ideas for he had none and saw the
      other man’s distress written in his position and tightening of his jaw.
      Jean or Marie. He was glad he wasn’t forced to choose. But if he where he
      knew what he would choose. Marie. She was like the daughter he had never
      had and he would die, kill or let anyone be killed for her. Even Dr. Jean
      Grey who he was fond of. In time his desire for her could even have turned
      into love.
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