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Fic : Hustle 3/3

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  • Sarita
    Disclaimer etc in part 1 Hustle (Cont) Logan glanced back at the professor, not quite sure he d heard right in the noise being generated in the bar despite his
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      Disclaimer etc in part 1

      Hustle (Cont)

      Logan glanced back at the professor, not quite sure he'd heard
      right in the noise being generated in the bar despite his own
      remarkable hearing abilities. The professor just smiled serenely and
      gestured towards the pool table. Scott had walked over to the rack on
      the wall and was examining the cues there with intensity. He selected
      one that apparently suited him and chalked it smoothly. "My break,
      right" he asked with a tight grin and with barely a pause cracked the
      cue ball into the pack. "I'll take solids" he added when two
      solids and a stripe went down off the break. Without pause he lined
      up his next shot, handling the cue as if it had been born to him.
      Logan could only stare transfixed as Scott potted two more balls off
      his next shot. Scott straightened and sauntered around the table, his
      eyes fixed on the way the table was laid out. He glanced at Logan as
      he passed him. "Geometry" he smiled.

      "What?" Logan muttered, closing his mouth and fixing Scott
      with a glare. Something was definitely not right here.

      "Geometry!" Scott said firmly. "I have a natural gift for
      it, helps with the visor and flying." He glanced at Logan
      again. "Okay,well, not the landing part of flying, but no-body is

      He lined up the next shot and sank it, placing enough sidespin bottom
      on the cue ball to set it up perfectly for his two remaining balls.
      Scott lined up the cue ball at an angle that looked decidedly strange
      and Logan could only mouth silent protests as both of Scott's'
      remaining colours sank gracefully into opposite pockets leaving him
      with a decidedly easy pot on the black. Scott stretched across the
      table intent on the shot but at the last moment glanced up at
      Logan's' disbelieving glare. "How exactly did you think I paid for
      Jeans ring?" He sank the black neatly and laid the cue calmly on
      the table before walking to the bar and taking a pull on his
      beer. "Cookery".

      Logan turned slowly, his stance threatening. "Excuse me?" He

      "The class you get to teach. Cookery." Scott hopped up on to
      his stood and cradled his beer. "I'll take my hundred bucks now

      Logan slammed the money down on the bar. "I get a chance to win
      this back?" he asked.

      "Another time Logan. I know when to quit while I'm ahead."

      The professor wheeled himself over to Logan as the man slumped at the
      bar. "Jean did try to warn you Logan, " he said soothingly.

      "What the hell just happened?" he muttered staring at Scott
      as he turned to the bar to buy a new round of drinks with his money.

      The Professor patted Logan on the knee. "I did once warn you not
      to judge a book by its' cover. There is more to Scott than most
      people will ever know. He wasn't exactly a model student when I first
      met him. You tried to hustle someone who learned to do just that at a
      very early age. You paid the price, Logan." The professor glanced
      over at Scott and smiled warmly. " Considering the state he was
      in when I found him I'm rather pleased with the way he turned out.
      His… controlling tendencies…may be an anathema to you Logan but he
      needs that stability and structure. "He fixed Logan with a
      penetrating stare. "He also needs to be shaken out of it now and
      again and for that I thank you."

      As Charles wheeled around to rejoin his lady friend Logan stopped
      him. "So what is his story anyway? I've seen the scars on his
      wrists but I never figured him to be that sort. And now this?"
      Charles smiled tightly. "That, Logan, is Scott's' story to tell.
      It is not my place."

      "Sounds like some story." Logan was interested in spite of
      himself. He turned back to his beer.

      "Logan." He turned slowly at the sound of Scott's voice
      and carefully mustered a neutral expression. Scott held out a bottle
      of whiskey.

      "I figure I still owe you that from the first game. Fair's
      fair. No hard feelings?"

      Logan slowly took the bottle and examined it thoughtfully. "You
      play hockey?" he asked at last, with a glint in his eye.

      Scott chuckled. "Without your healing abilities – only on
      Nintendo Logan."

      Fin / The End
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