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Fic : Hustle 1/3

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  • Sarita
    Title: Hustle Author: Sarita (not santa - I always get it at this time of year. After 28 years it s older than Logan!) Rating: PG13 Feedback: Love it but i m
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      Title: Hustle

      Author: Sarita (not santa - I always get it at this time of year.
      After 28 years it's older than Logan!)

      Rating: PG13

      Feedback: Love it but i'm not the demanding sort.

      Disclaimer: I don't own them but would like them for Christmas
      please. The X-men are the property of Marvel and Fox and other people
      that are not me.

      Notes: This is set after the movie. It assumes that Scott and Logan
      have come to an understanding / freindship of sorts.

      Archive: Please feel free, just tell me where so I can go look at the
      other fics there !


      Logan slammed the beer down on the scarred wood of the bar and
      clapped the man beside him on the shoulder. "whassup with you
      anyhow – you been nursin' that beer for the best part of the last
      hour,you gonna drink it or propose to it?".

      Scott flinched visibly when the bottle slammed down beside him,
      startling him out of his carefully cultivated `Don't mess
      with me I'm being anti-social' posture. The din in the bar was
      appalling,both from the extremely dated music playing on the jukebox
      and the packed dance floor. Having been dragged in here pretty much
      against his will Scott had made a bee-line for the pool bar where it
      seemed practically deserted compared to the rest of the place. Logan,
      rather surprisingly, hadn't protested this choice. Jean and Ororo had
      immediately commandeered the only small table in the area and were
      now hunched together talking in low voices about whatever it was
      woman talk about when they get together before a wedding.

      Scott sighed. "Logan, I'm here despite my better judgement
      can't you just let it go at that." Logan grinned. "This" (and there
      was no doubting the derision in his voice) "was the closest we could
      get to getting you out on a stag night – we even had to bring the
      girls to get you to go along with this. Personally I just think you
      should at least pretend not to be a dick for one night and let loose.
      Even Chucks' having more fun than you!" Scott glanced over his
      hunched shoulder and caught Charles eye. The older man was deep in
      conversation with a very attractive older looking woman who he
      apparently knew from some lecture or another he had attended in New
      York. It didn't seem to bother him in the slightest that they
      were in a packed bar surrounded by what passed for the latest dance
      craze around here. An air of absolute calm and assurance separated
      him from those about him and he gave Scott a slow wink before
      returning his attention to his companion.

      Logan signalled the bartender. "Two more beers and a couple of
      shooters. Junior here needs a real drink".

      "Logan…." Scott started warningly.

      "Hey, Logan, two more over here if you are buying"
      Ororo's voice cut through the din without any effort.

      "Pretty lady, for you I'll buy but send Jeannie over here to
      remove the pool cue from scooters spine." Logan draped his arm
      companionably over Scott's' hunched shoulders. "Either you loosen up
      or Jeannies' fair game tonight, got me?" he whispered roughly in
      Scott's' ear.

      Scott turned slowly in his seat and fixed Logan with a glare that,
      despite his glasses, would have frozen an Eskimo. Whatever reply he
      was working up to was lost when the drinks arrived and Jean leaned
      between him and Logan to collect hers and Ororos'.

      "You okay?" she murmured in Scott's' ear. He smiled
      slowly and touched his forehead to hers lightly. "Fine" he answered
      quietly letting her touch his mind briefly. She giggled. "Later!".

      Logan grunted as he watched the two before turning away with his own
      beer to give them a little privacy. As Jean sauntered back to Ororo
      he shrugged mentally. He may be fine with them getting married soon,
      but that didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun and profit at
      Scooters expense. It had taken a long while to realise that Jean,
      whatever attraction she may have had for him, was taken heart body
      and soul and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.
      Besides, Ororo seemed to be warming to him. She hadn't hit him with
      any lightning bolts lately anyway.

      He turned back to Scott and pointedly put the shooter in front of the
      younger man. "Unless you really can't handle your booze of
      course " he offered with a tight, challenging smile.

      Scott stopped peeling the label off his spent Budweiser and eyed the
      whiskey and beer in front of him. * To hell with it* he thought
      reaching for the glass and knocking back the shot. Logan grinned as
      Scott's' face slowly coloured and then he let out a half
      breath, half choked gasp before grabbing the fresh beer in front of
      him and taking a long slug. Logan roared with laughter and slapped
      Scott on the back. "That's the spirit junior!" He spun away to the
      pool table and began racking up the balls. "What d'ya reckon Scooter –
      you up for a real game or do I need to get the Nintendo version for
      ya?" Logan looked up as Scott swivelled in place and fixed him
      with `the look'.

      Scott had quite an expressive face when you got down to it and looked
      beyond the reflective red lenses. He could say volumes with the tilt
      of his mouth or the angle of his eyebrows. `The look', last
      used when he'd trashed the metal detector at the statue of liberty,
      was his way of saying he knew you were gonna do it and disapproved
      like hell of it. "It's an easy game slim, you knock the little balls
      into the little holes – that's all there is to it. Unless of course ya
      got an aversion to getting beat."

      "What the hell" Scott muttered just loud enough for Logan to
      hear. He stood up and picked up the nearest cue. " Somebody gets to
      break right?"

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