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Fanfic: Fever Dreams 19/?

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  • teufelce@aol.com
    ok, people, i know it s been a while and I apologize for the brevity of this chapter - I m still trying to get back into the flow of things. I promise you
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      ok, people, i know it's been a while and I apologize for the brevity of this
      chapter - I'm still trying to get back into the flow of things. I promise you
      won't have to wait so long for chapter 20. Enjoy and, again, feedback is
      STRONGLY encouraged lol


      Title: Fever Dreams (19/?)
      Author: Chris (Teufelce@...)
      Genre: Character study/Action/Romance
      Pairing: Wolverine/original female character
      Rating: R profanity
      Summary: Recovery
      Thanks to: "A very good friend... yeah, she knows who she is..." -
      whom I never would've written this. Thanks, Z... And
      thanks to Jo for
      being an island of strength in a sea of insanity - I
      wouldn't be here
      without you.
      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men (i.e. Logan, Professor Xavier, etc.)
      to Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures.
      This story is
      for entertainment purposes only and no copyright
      infringement is
      Archive: Hell yes, just let me know where!

      Special Note: This chapter is dedicated to Z - I'm thinking about you,

      Jean returned moments later, with Scott, Ororo and the Professor not far
      behind. They found Kiara standing over Logan, his hand held tightly in her
      own, with tears streaming down her face. She looked up quickly when they
      entered, a flash of anger passing through her eyes.

      "Why didn't you tell me he was like this when you first found him?" Gone was
      the soft, timid Kiara the team had come to know. In her place was someone
      who suddenly looked a lot more dangerous. Jean's calm voice was the first to
      break the tension-filled silence that followed that furious question.

      "Kiara, you were very upset at the time. You'd just relived the memories of
      a very traumatic experience and were reacting as if it had just happened. I
      didn't think it was wise to burden you with what was happening with Logan."

      "Wise? You didn't think it was *wise*? Listen, I may not know you people
      very well, but let me tell you something. Fifteen years ago, I lost someone
      whom I loved very, very much. I spent that time living alone, hiding in fear
      from the rest of humanity, trying to deal with a hole in my heart that never
      seemed to heal. Something that, thanks to what was done to me, I couldn't
      even understand, couldn't remember why I felt like a part of me was missing.
      I'd given up on ever finding an answer when I was given a second chance at
      what I'd lost. Into my life walked Logan and I remembered, I *remembered*
      what I'd been missing, *who* I'd been missing. And now, because of your
      decision about what was best for *me*, I almost lost him again.
      Permanently." Kiara stopped speaking, her voice choked off by the angry
      tears that trailed down her face. Jean's mouth was hanging open in shock.

      "Kiara, what do you mean?" Xavier's soft voice penetrated the rage that
      clouded Kiara's thinking and she turned to face him.

      "When I came into the lab, Logan had his claws an inch deep in his own
      throat..." She ignored the gasp from Ororo and continued. "I only barely
      managed to stop him, to make him listen to me. To get through to him... "
      She glanced down at a still-groggy Logan and then returned her gaze to Jean.
      Her eyes were calmer now, her voice steadier and lacking the fierce rage
      she'd first spoken with. But her words were firm and not to be challenged.
      "Don't ever, *ever* again presume to know what is best for me when it comes
      to Logan. That is a decision that I alone am fit to make."

      "Kiara, I'm sorry. I didn't know..." Jean paused, her own voice filled with
      regret and emotion. She took a deep breath and, when she continued, her
      words were filled with a sincerity that Kiara could not doubt. "You're right
      - I should never have presumed to know what was best for you. If it had been
      Scott lying there on the table, and someone had kept that from me, I'd be
      just as angry. I apologize and you have my word that it will never happen
      again." The tension bled out of Kiara's posture and she smiled at Jean. A
      shaky voice from the table interrupted any reply she would've made.

      "If you two are done fighting over me, can I please get the hell out of here

      Jean walked quickly to his side, checking his vitals and then began to remove
      the tapes to look under the bandage on his lower abdomen. A sharp hiss and a
      muttered curse accompanied her actions.

      "Jesus Christ, Jeannie, do you always have to use so much damn tape?! Shit,
      feels like you're pulling my skin off, not to mention the hair..." Jean hid
      a smile of relief and ignored his complaints.

      "The wound is starting to heal slowly. How do you feel, Logan?"

      "Well enough to spend the rest of my time recuperating in my room." Jean
      secured the bandage again and straightened.

      "I don't know about that, Logan. Your colour's still a little off, and your
      vitals aren't as strong as I'd like to see. I'd prefer it if you'd spend the
      night here in the medlab, where your recovery can be monitored."

      "Jean, you know how I feel about labs... I've spent as much time here as I
      need to. I'm going back to my room." Logan's voice was soft and measured,
      but Jean had no doubt that, short of chaining him to the table, he was
      leaving. She sighed and then nodded.

      "Alright, Logan. I guess I can understand that. Besides, Kiara will be with
      you and she'll be able to find me if there are any problems." Without
      another word, Logan eased himself into a sitting position and then slid off
      the table. Jean frowned at the brief look of panic she saw fly across
      Kiara's face when he put his arm around her shoulders and leaned against her,
      but decided not to say anything yet. She'd already seen the results of her
      meddling - it was better to let them handle things themselves.

      As Kiara helped a stiff Logan walk slowly across the floor, the professor
      spoke again.

      "Logan, if you need to talk about-" Logan's gruff voice cut him off.

      "There's nothing to talk about, Xavier."

      "Logan..." Logan stopped and turned to face the man in the wheelchair, the
      look on his face blank and inpenetrable.

      "I said there was nothing to talk about. Leave it at that." Then he
      continued on his path to the elevators, Kiara helping to support some of the
      weight of his aching body. When the medlab doors hissed shut behind them,
      Ororo's quiet voice broke the silence.

      "Professor, do you think that they'll be alright?" Xavier sighed, his
      concerned eyes still focused on the sealed metal doors.

      "Kiara's mind has undergone quite a shock from her reawakened memories.
      Logan has suffered immense physical trauma, as well as the emotional
      repercussions that drove him to attempt suicide. All we can do is wait and
      see, Ororo. And be here if they need us. Now, if you'll excuse me..." With
      that, he rolled out of the lab, concern still heavy on his features. Concern
      for two souls who desperately deserved peace but who he feared might not find
      it for long...

      End of Chapter 19
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