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In a Moon Lit Window

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: In a Moon Lit Window Series: Yet another Delphi one-sided type story. Author: Ephiney E-Mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Disclaimer: Del is mine. Anyone else is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      Title: In a Moon Lit Window
      Series: Yet another Delphi one-sided type story.
      Author: Ephiney
      E-Mail: ephiney@...
      Disclaimer: Del is mine. Anyone else is probably Marvel's.
      Summary: Somebody can't sleep.

      She's so lovely standing there in the window with the moon light flowing in
      as if it wants to touch her as much as I do. I keep quiet because I love
      watching her when she's in a mood like this. Standing in the window like a
      silver traced shadow.

      *snort* She'd tease me endlessly if I ever said it out loud, but she is my
      world. And that world is about to expand to include one more person.

      The moon light flashes off the silver engagement ring and wedding band
      around the third finger of her right hand. A mute testimony to the world
      that she is mine as I am hers. The light flashes again as her hand travels
      over the swell of her belly.

      Oh, I love that swelling, because that is my child making it.

      Don't get me wrong, if I have my way this is going to be the only child we
      have. I hate that she's kept up all night like this, I just know the little
      one is kicking her mercilessly. My lovely wife of nearly a year and six
      months constantly tells me our baby has without doubt inherited my feet.

      Sometimes I think my Love is too small to do this, to hold a new life in her
      almost tiny frame. I'm terrified that something is going to go wrong and
      I'll lose them both, but then she smiles at me as her eyes flash like blue
      fire. She tells me that she'll be fine, and I really don't have a choice
      about believing her.

      My Delphi gets what she wants, and she wants this child so much.

      I hate the risk we're taking, but I can't help but love both of them.

      Delphi keeps telling me that we take risks everyday. She points out that we
      put our lives on the line as X-Men all the time, that we risk ourselves when
      she leaves the mansion with her head uncovered or when I don't have an Image
      Inducer with me.

      I hate it when she's right.

      "Kurt?" she whispers.

      "Come back to be, liebchen," I whisper back as I hold up her half of the
      blankets. "Es is kalt. Come."

      "Kurt, call Jean," Delphi hisses at me. "It's time!"

      I let out a mental shout that I'm sure must have woken up every telepath in
      the school and grab Delphi's arms to teleport her down to the medical unit.
      We know it won't hurt the baby, and it's faster than waking up the students
      as we go through the halls.

      Twenty three mind numbing, terrifying hours later Jean comes out holding a
      squirming screaming bundle in her arms.

      "Del..." I start as I stare down at my child.

      "Is just fine," Jean assures me as she telekineticly moves my arms into the
      proper shape to hold a new born. "So is your daughter."

      I stare down into a little blue fluffy face blinking cloudy, cat slit blue
      eyes up at me. This is my daughter.

      She's perfect.

      Delphi is asleep and in good hands with Jean so I just hold my little baby
      daughter and tell her idealized stories about my childhood in the Gypsy

      She just smiles and burps as her little baby cat eyes close sleepily.

      We named her Charlotte, but Delphi says everyone had better call her

      That's my beloved.

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