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FF: Cat's Cradle: Part Three [Storm, Sahra, Bast] [G-PG]

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  • Elizabeth
    Title: Cat s Cradle Author: Elizabeth (Shadows) Disclaimer: I own Sahra and her Clan. Everything recognizably mutant belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. Bast,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2000
      Title: Cat's Cradle
      Author: Elizabeth (Shadows)
      Disclaimer: I own Sahra and her Clan. Everything recognizably mutant
      belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee. Bast, and all other deities, belongs to
      Herself (themselves) and those who follow Her (Them).
      Rating: G-PG
      Summary: A visit from the Bosswoman herself.
      Feedback: Please, I'm begging. Contact me at ithica6@...
      Warning: This part includes a deity other the Christian one. If you are
      offended, please don't read. (No offense intended)

      Part Three
      It was a long, cold walk along the path to the lake. Sahra bounded ahead
      like a kitten and occasionally perched on branches overhead to knock snow
      down on Ororo�s head. �Would you cut that out?� Ororo demanded after Sahra
      had dropped snow on her for the umpteenth time. �I get enough cold stuff
      down the neck from Bobby. I don�t need it from you too.�
      Sahra jumped lightly to the ground. A thwump from behind suggested that
      she had dislodged snow yet again from the trees above. *It�s sunny. It�s
      clear. I�m not in trouble for anything. Why shouldn�t I be in a good
      mood?* she asked.
      �I can think of a few things,� Ororo muttered.
      Sahra only muttered *Spoilsport.* Then she bounded away down the trail,
      head and tail held high.
      Ororo was about to drop a load of snow on the arrogant pussy cat when
      something picked her up and deposited her in a clearing bare of snow. Sahra
      soon followed, whiskers drooping and tail twitching furiously. She slunk
      around Ororo to hide behind her legs. Peering around her, Sahra continued
      to mutter imprecations at some unseen thing.
      Rapping her knuckles on the large head, Ororo said, �Stop that, you silly
      cat. Cursing isn�t going to help, especially when I can�t see what the hell
      you�re talking to.�
      Oh, that isn�t going to be a problem, Sahra said. Look. She pointed with
      her nose to something stalking out of the shadows. Ororo stared. Damn that
      must be cold, she thought.
      �It isn�t so bad,� the figure said. �But I do hate these business trips.
      Oh, shut up Sahra. Things could be worse than a visit from the boss.� This
      was Bast, the Cat goddess of Egypt? Ororo couldn�t mesh the image of the
      cat-headed Goddess most often seen with the sultry beauty in front of her.
      Shimmering tawny hair rippled around her face like a mane. Huge
      golden-green eyes stared out from a bronzed face. Well, no wonder she was
      cold, Ororo thought inanely. She was only wearing a pair of extremely tight
      black pants laced up the outside to reveal pale gold fur, calf-high black
      boots, and a silver shirt made of some material that rippled and shifted
      like real fur.
      �Yes,� Bast smiled. �We are one and the same. I find it easier to
      walk among people when I actually look human instead of something considered
      to have escaped from a monster movie. There�s already enough strangeness to
      go around without me adding to it.� Something changed in her attitude, her
      entire manner. �Things are changing rapidly as you well know. There�s a
      new God or Goddess in town and none of Us know who it is or what he/she/it
      is capable of. That mage was just what was available on short notice.�
      Ororo cursed, the first Sahra had ever heard her utter. She looked at
      the human with astonishment. T*hat is indeed terrifying. But what can we
      do about it? We�re just mortals.*
      Bast smiled. �That�s just it. Something in the Divine Treaty has come
      up that may allow us to shift the tides of this war, and yes it is war now,
      in our favor.�
      �But what do the War deities have to say about it?� Ororo asked.
      Bast snorted. �Them. Neutral the lot of them. Neutered is more like
      it. They won�t do anything. Their specialty is conflict involving a lot
      more people. This unknown is trying to keep it local, at least for now.�
      *But what about the loophole you mentioned earlier?* Sahra asked. Bast
      looked at her.
      �We�re working on it. Just be patient, child. I wanted to let you
      know what�s shifting in Limbo right now. There is one good thing to come
      out of this.� She looked over at Ororo. �Pay attention to the shifts in
      power, girl. It�s more important to you than you think.� A gently breeze
      whipped up a tornado of snow, obscuring the Goddess. When it settled, there
      was no sign of her.
      Sahra looked up at her, evidently as confused as she was. *Miss Ororo,
      what did she mean by that last remark?* she asked, pressing her furry,
      shivering body against Ororo�s leg.
      Resting a gentle hand on her head, Ororo could only say, �I don�t know,
      Sahra, I just don�t know.�
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