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FIC: The Best-Laid Plans - 4/6 [L/R, Scott] - R

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    Disclaimers etc. The Best-Laid Plans 4. The Tramp I told Scott about that little conversation, which was probably where the seeds of The Plan were sown, though
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      Disclaimers etc.

      The Best-Laid Plans

      4. The Tramp

      I told Scott about that little conversation, which was
      probably where the seeds of The Plan were sown, though it
      was a long time before it came to fruition.

      Time passed, and I hung around with Remy, turning a blind
      eye to his tomcatting. I'm sure they all thought I was
      pathetic, but I really didn't care. Dating Remy had been
      a means to an end -- a way to get Logan to realize I was
      no longer a child -- and the results had not been

      Instead of falling at my feet, begging me to let him love
      me, he'd gone to Canada. And then, to add insult to
      injury, he brought *her* back with him.


      I can't tell you how much I loathe that name, even now.

      I knew Logan wasn't living like a monk, even when he was
      at the mansion, and the first time I'd seen a woman
      sneaking out of his room in the middle of the night, it
      almost killed me. I spent the rest of that night huddled
      in the shower, crying. That was pretty much the only
      place no one could see or hear me.

      He tried to be discreet about it, which was a first. I
      don't know if that was for my sake or for Jean's. I do
      know he didn't give a damn what Scott or Professor Xavier

      But Daisy -- she just waltzed right through the front
      door with him, in broad daylight. She was a redhead, of
      course. Bottled, though. I was sure of it. That color was
      as unnatural as my white streaks, though she came by it a
      lot less painfully. She moved into his room and no one
      said a word. You could hear them at night, which is why I
      began sleeping out in the greenhouse.

      If she had been nice, I suppose I could have learned to
      like her. I didn't hate Jean, and the only two men I ever
      seriously had feelings for both loved her. It was
      impossible to hate Jean, even though she was beautiful
      and smart and together, because she was so nice and
      caring. You knew she was sincere when she tried to help
      you, and you knew she couldn't help it if men fell at her
      feet. She didn't work at it; it just happened.

      But Daisy was unbearable. And I'm not the only one who
      thought so. She thought she was staying at a five-star
      hotel or something, because she was constantly asking
      people, especially me, to do things or fetch things for
      her. Maybe she picked up on the fact that Logan and I had
      a special relationship, though he sure didn't act like it
      the first few weeks she was around.

      I tried to be polite. My momma, God rest her, taught me
      good manners. I got Daisy her newspaper, lent her my nail
      polish remover and didn't say anything when she flirted
      outrageously with Remy whenever Logan's back was turned.
      I did warn Remy about messing around with her -- by that
      point our relationship had evolved into simple
      friendship, but I wasn't about to let Logan know that. I
      wasn't going to be unattached while he was flaunting his
      little California honey. Actress, my ass. She was a
      stripper, anyone could see it, and her boobs were as fake
      as her hair color and her perky turned-up nose. I still
      don't understand the appeal, but I guess she was a good

      But she pushed it. She pushed me, and anyone will tell
      you, I'm not one to piss off. There's still a lot of
      Logan in me, and probably more Magneto than is strictly
      healthy, too.

      It was a hot day in early September, and I had just
      wrestled with the Registrar's office at Sarah Lawrence,
      so I wasn't in the best of moods. Having to stay all
      covered up when it's scorching out is one of the many
      disadvantages of my mutation. But I deal with it and try
      to remain pleasant. If you've ever registered for classes
      at school, you know my store of patience was at a minimum
      that day.

      I was walking by Logan's room when the door opened and
      there she stood, wrapped in a towel, hair dripping from
      the shower.

      "Hey, girl, get me a towel," she demanded. She never
      called any of us by name, except for Scott and the
      Professor. Females were beneath her notice completely.

      "Get it yourself," I responded, continuing to walk up the
      hall to my room.

      I never expected her to follow me out into the hall and
      grab my arm. "You've got no manners, little girl."

      "Get the fuck off me," I snapped, tempted to show her how
      bad my manners could be.

      "Look, everyone else may buy your little sweetness and
      light routine, but I know trailer trash when I see it. I
      don't know how you got Logan to believe you're all
      innocent and pure. I see how you look at him. As if he'd
      ever be with someone like you." Someone he couldn't
      touch, she meant.

      "Do you *want* me to kick your ass?" I asked,
      incredulous. She didn't smell drunk. I didn't understand
      how someone could be so mean for no reason. After all,
      *she* was the one he got into bed with each night, not

      Scott came walking down the hall then, and she let me go.

      "Is there a problem, ladies?" he asked.

      I rolled my eyes at him. "What do you think?"

      Daisy turned on her simpering, "melt anything with a Y
      chromosome" act. "Rogue is being very rude to me, Scott.
      I think you should have a talk with her. I'm certainly
      going to let Logan know about it."

      "Rogue? Do you owe Daisy an apology?" He looked at me and
      I was afraid he'd bought her act. I sucked it up and

      "I'm sorry I didn't get to kick your ass, Daisy. Maybe
      some other time."

      Scott bit his lip, then said, "Rogue, we'll talk in a
      moment. Daisy, I don't think it's appropriate for you to
      wander the halls in a towel. There are young children

      She pouted and flounced back into Logan's room.

      Scott and I hurried to my room, him trying not to laugh,
      me trying not to put my fist through the wall.

      "Who the fuck does she think she is, talking to me like
      that?" I exploded, throwing myself down on the bed.

      He was laughing so hard he could barely speak. "That was
      priceless, Rogue. 'I'm sorry I didn't get to kick your
      ass.' I guess Logan's still in there, huh?"

      I growled in response. "He better not believe her over
      me. I'll fucking kill him."

      He didn't even bother to comment on my language. "You
      know she's only a passing fancy."

      "I know, but still... It's because she has red hair."

      He stiffened at that. He was afraid that Logan might yet
      steal Jean from him, though I don't think Logan had made
      an effort in that direction in months -- years, even.
      Honestly, I don't think Logan ever made a serious effort
      to get Jean away from Scott. I knew how he felt about her
      -- he lusted after her, and he thought she was a great
      person, but the feelings I'd picked up from him weren't
      the "deep and abiding love" type. I sometimes wondered if
      Logan were capable of that type of devotion. I think he
      sometimes wondered it, too.

      But the wedding kept getting postponed by one crisis or
      another, and Scott was really insecure about it
      sometimes. I tried to convince him that Jean was as crazy
      about him as he was about her, but it was hard when she
      was so beautiful and so flirtatious with Logan. I used to
      wonder if she knew how seriously Scott took their little

      He sat down next to me on the bed and took my hand.
      "You're going to have to get over him at some point,
      Rogue. There are dozens of guys who'd go out with you if
      you'd give them a chance."

      I was angry and unwilling to listen to the same old
      bullshit. "Where, Scott? Where are they all? Remy --
      bird-dogging Remy, who can't keep it in his pants --
      didn't even try to get to second base with me. And don't
      say I'll meet guys at school. At school I'm just a freak
      who wears a lot of clothes. They don't bother me and I
      don't bother them, and it works out just fine.

      "You're with Jean, Logan's not interested, and Professor
      Xavier is like my father."

      He had no response, so he did what people always do when
      they're trying to comfort me. He hugged me and stroked my

      Logan burst in then. He was taken aback by what he saw,
      because instead of saying whatever he came into the room
      to say, he just stood there, mouth open. I have to say,
      we played it cool. No springing apart like we were guilty
      or anything. We just looked at him, a little surprised

      He recovered quickly. "What the hell is going on in
      here?" His hands were fisted and he looked like he wanted
      to extend his claws. I hoped he wasn't that pissed off at
      me. He'd *never* been that pissed off at me, and that
      could mean only one thing -- he was in love with Daisy.

      My fears were quickly laid to rest. "Does Jean know
      you're cuddling with Marie?" Whew. He was angry with
      Scott, not me.

      Scott started to say something, but I cut him off.
      "What's it to you, Logan? You're so busy shagging that
      tramp that you can't be bothered with the rest of us.
      Well, let's get something straight here. You tell your
      little fuckbuddy that I'm not the maid, my name is not
      'Hey, you' or 'Girl', and if she wants a towel, she can
      damn well get off her ass and get it herself. I don't
      have to put up with her shit, Logan, and I won't."

      I didn't think it was possible for him to look any more
      surprised, but he managed it.

      "Marie," he began, but then Daisy appeared and started
      her pouting routine. I could have told her that was
      exactly the *wrong* approach to take with him, but why
      give inside information to the enemy?

      "Logan, honey, your little friend threatened me. All I
      asked her to do was get me a towel."

      "Marie is not a maid, Daisy. You shouldn't treat her like
      one," Logan said, using his patient and slightly amused
      tone, the one that he saves for the really young kids at
      the school. I could go into a big digression about how
      the little kids love to roughhouse with Logan, and how
      much he enjoys it, but that might ruin his reputation as
      a badass, so I won't.

      It was all I could do not to cheer. I suppose that was
      the first time he'd taken someone else's side against
      her, because suddenly that pretty face turned ugly. It
      was only for a moment. The pout was back almost
      instantly, and I don't think anyone else saw it. But I
      knew it was going to be war, and I was ready.

      My strategy was to hide until she went away. Cowardly, I
      know, but I couldn't bear the thought of Logan turning on
      me because of her. So, I kept even more to myself than
      usual, spending whatever free time I had repotting plants
      in the greenhouse and winterizing the garden.

      I had just finished wrapping the fig trees when she
      appeared. Being hot, sweaty and covered in dirt is not
      exactly how I wanted to meet my rival, but I was too damn
      tired to care. I wanted to have it out with her, and I
      figured if she was going to start trouble, I was going to
      end it.

      "Marie," she said.

      "My name's Rogue," I interrupted. No one calls me Marie
      but Logan. Certainly not that trollop.

      She leaned in close and spoke softly. "Whatever. I know
      you think you got Logan wrapped around your little gloved
      finger, but if you think I'm letting you take him away
      from me, you got another think coming."

      "I don't think he's yours to give or take," I replied.

      She went on as if I hadn't spoken, her voice dropping to
      a whisper. "You walk around shaking your little ass and
      talking in that sweet southern accent, teasing all the
      men around here. But none of them will ever touch you. It
      doesn't surprise me you're a mutant -- your parents were
      probably brother and sister. Everybody knows you
      southerners are a bunch of inbreds."

      It was a purely instinctual reaction. I growled and
      launched myself at her. Would have gotten her, too, but
      suddenly Logan was there, holding me back.

      "See, Logan, I told you she was going to attack me," she
      said in the frightened little girl voice that was such a
      potent weapon in her arsenal.

      "Lemme go, Logan, I'm gonna kill her." I struggled within
      his iron grasp.

      "She ain't worth it, Marie. Daisy, get your ass outta
      here in the next fifteen minutes or I'm throwin' you
      out." She hadn't counted on, or didn't know about, his
      acute hearing. The man can hear a snowflake hit the
      ground in a blizzard; he'd surely heard the cruel remarks
      she'd used to provoke me.

      "Can I hit her, Logan? Please?"

      He laughed. "I'd let you, darlin', but you'd hurt her and
      then we'd be stuck with her 'til she got better."


      I got over not being allowed to beat the tar out of Daisy
      quickly, though, because Logan was true to his word. When
      she took longer than fifteen minutes to pack, begging and
      pleading with him to let her stay (was he really that
      good in bed, I wondered. And would I ever find out?), he
      picked up her stuff and tossed it out the window. He was
      reaching for her when Jean and Scott arrived.

      "What's going on here?" Scott demanded.

      "Daisy's leaving," I smirked.

      "That bitch tried to kill me," Daisy cried, throwing
      herself at Scott. Jean frowned.

      "She was mean to Marie," Logan said. He looked at me. "I
      should have let you hit her, kid." It was as close to an
      apology as I was going to get, but it was enough.

      Scott's mouth tightened. He stepped back from her. "I'll
      call you a cab."


      "Be glad I'm not making you walk to the train station."
      His voice was cold. Jean looked surprised as he walked
      out. Daisy trailed after him, cursing and complaining
      loudly, her sweet fa´┐Żade shattered.

      "*What* is going on?" Jean asked.

      "She was mean to Marie," Logan repeated. He turned back
      to me. "I wish you'd told me sooner, kid. I never would
      have kept her around. She was boring as hell but..." his
      voice died out, and he turned a little red. I know how he
      was going to finish that sentence, and so did Jean, I'm
      sure. She's a telepath, after all.


      More to come... Parts 5 & 6 are still being beta'd, but
      please let me know what you think...

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