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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Just a quick break from Family Affair . Hope you like it. :) Title: Home Now Author: Jaguarita E-mail: jaguarita@hotmail.com or wild_jaguarita@yahoo.com
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      Just a quick break from 'Family Affair'. Hope you like it. :)

      Title: Home Now
      Author: Jaguarita
      E-mail: jaguarita@... or wild_jaguarita@...
      Disclaimers: I own Kara, but am willing to loan her out for a small fee. :)
      Summary: The absent Beast returns to Xavier's School for Gifted Youth with a
      lady-love in tow.
      Rating: PG

      ~I am Kara Elizabeth Mallory, and I will not hyperventilate. Oh, no. I
      won't. Just because I'm going to meet the people who are just as important
      to my boyfriend as his parents are doesn't automaticly make me a nervous
      wreck. Certainly not because introducing him to my family was a TOTAL
      DISASTER! My mother and oh-so-fragile little sister fainted when they saw

      Come on, I know he's kind of big.. and has blue fur, but I kind of thought
      that the DOCTOR in front of his name would distract them from that. Pretty
      stupid of me, huh? I guess it didn't really matter to me because I got the
      chance to fall in love with his mind first.

      I know, I know, how can I fall in love with a man just by reading his papers
      on the affects of genetic mutation on the human body? How could I not when
      he can fill such dry scientific material with passion, compassion, and a
      humanity most scientists have never even dreamed of? Of course, I'm just a
      simple quantum physist so what do I know about RNA incoding and DNA
      recombination? Well, more than I did before I started falling love with a
      name on paper. Then I got to know him in person at the convention and, well.
      *It* just sort of happened...~

      "Kara?" Hank called softly to pull her attention away from her ubiquitis
      journal. "We're here, Kara."

      The slender brunnett looked at him over the rims of her glasses and blinked.
      "We're here? Already?"

      "If you'd rather go back to the city for the evening," Hank said slowly.

      Kara's crystal pale blue eyes swept over the grounds then suddenly back
      toward the front doors. "I don't think that's an option anymore, Hank. We've
      been spotted."

      "HANK!" shouted a seventeen year old blonde boy as he pelted toward the

      "Breathe, Kara," Hank chuckled at her nearly panicked expression. "That's
      only Bobby. I told you he was enthusiastic."

      The blue furred scientist managed to move his lady love out of the way just
      as one Robert Drake slammed into his body.

      "Hank! You will not believe what's been going on since you left!" Bobby
      blurted. "We've got a new girl and this guy came with her and he had claws
      that popped out of his hands and you really shouldn't touch Rogue or she'll
      accedentally absorb your powers and who's your friend?"

      Hank wrapped an arm around Kara's shoulders as he got his best friend to
      take a step or two back. "This is Doctor Kara Mallory. She's my girlfriend."

      "About time, furball," Bobby said with a grin. He turned that smile on the
      woman who was closer to his size than not. "So what's your power?"

      Kara raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I'm a mutant?"

      "Uh... Sorry, Dr. Mallory, it's just that everyone here's a mutant and I
      just thought..."

      "That's okay," Kara said softly. She even managed to smile slightly at the
      boy. "But I'm just a regular old flatscanner. And for God's sake, call me

      "Now, dearest, a 'regular old flatscanner' hardly understands quantum theory
      the way you do," Hank chided her gently.

      Kara and Bobby both rolled their eyes.

      "Welcome to Xavier's, Kara," Bobby said cheerfully. "Now I have someone new
      to tell all about all the stupid things Hank has ever done. Did you know
      about his almost obscean obsession with Twinkies?"

      "Know about it? Bobby, my boy, I share it!" Kara laughed.

      "And I'm still not sharing," Hank said firmly as he slung an arm around each
      set of shoulders. "Come on then. I'm sure everyone else is dieing to meet
      you, dear."

      "Goodness, I hope not," Kara gasped. "That would be extreamly messy, and how
      am I supposed to get to know them properly if they're all dead?"

      Bobby stared at her for another long moment as they walked up the steps to
      the front patio. "You're twisted, you know that?"

      "Young man, if you ever meet a scientist that doesn't have a well and truely
      warped sense of humor run, because they're nuts," Kara explained patiently.

      "Ooookay," Bobby muttered.

      Kara giggled as they walked into the front hall, only to freeze when her
      eyes locked with a set of pale blue eyes that sparkled with warmth and
      amusement. The world seemed to tilt suddenly as sound and light and things
      that were *not* her whirled around inside her head.

      "Kara!" Hank shouted as he caught the tiny woman before she could hit the

      "Dear God," Professor Xavier whispered as he reeled from the sudden psionic
      contact. He stared down at the girl with the eyes he knew all too well,
      after all he saw them in the mirror every morning.

      "Sir?" Bobby asked as his best friend bounded down the halls toward the
      med-unit, leaving scrambling students in his wake. "Are you alright?"

      "I," Xavier started, "I will be fine, thank you, Bobby."

      Bobby was left standing there, staring after the Professor as he turned his
      wheelchair and followed Hank down the hall.

      "What happened, Charles?" Hank asked quietly as his friend, fellow doctor
      and X-man, Jean Grey worked to bring Kara out of her psionic shock.

      Xavier took a slow deep breath. "I never thought I would see her, Hank. Her
      mother told me that she'd never let me see her."

      "Charles," Hank said in a voice so low that it was very nearly a growl.

      "She's my daughter, Hank," the Professor said quietly. "I was married to her
      mother when I was still quiet young, and she left when she found out that I
      wanted to turn this place into a school for mutants. She took Kara with

      "And Kara's collaps?" Hank demanded coldly.

      "Kara's powers were evident from birth, but her mother's mutant ability is
      to block and even repel psionic powers," Xavier explained. "So I placed
      several blocks and shields in Kara's mind as an infant. I never intended
      them to stand this long. When I saw her..."

      "Father reached out for my mind instinctively," Kara finished as she sat up.
      "My blocks collapsed in like rice paper in a wind storm." She blinked for a
      moment. "Hank, sweetheart, would you mind if we *don't* invite my mother and
      *step*-father to the wedding?"

      "Dearest," Hank started.

      Kara held up a hand. "My mother *lied* to me, Henry. You know that's the one
      thing I can't forgive. She lied to me about who and what I was, I don't
      think anyone could forgive that." Her sudden grin was like a flash of
      Storm's lightening. "Besides, now Bobby won't have a hissy fit when you tell
      him you're marring a flat-scan."

      Hank shook his head. "I think I shall refrain from asking you how you knew I
      was planing on proposing to you, I am quite certian I already know the

      "You can still ask me," Kara said lightly as she brushed Jean's hands away
      followed by an insistant 'I'm fine, damnit!'

      Professor Xavier held out his hand to the daughter he hadn't thought he'd
      see again. "Can you for give me, Kara? For not fighting when your mother
      took you away?"

      "You couldn't have stopped her," Kara said softly as she laced her fingers
      through his. "Besides, I'm home now, and I'm never leaving again."

      The End
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