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FIC: My Usual Lie (4/?)

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  • Scary Sare
    Title: My Usual Lie Author: Sare Liz, TeknoVamp@yahoo.com Series: Follows Peace On Earth , the angst ending to the Pretty Series. Disclaimer: Marvel.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2000
      Title: My Usual Lie

      Author: Sare Liz, TeknoVamp@...

      Series: Follows 'Peace On Earth', the angst ending to the
      Pretty Series.

      Disclaimer: Marvel. Sting. Logan (my muse who is wholly
      and completely responsible for this story). Jenn (my beta
      who is ever encouraging, even when she's yelling at me to
      finish the next part).

      Summary: Tempered in fire, a soul is strong. Logan knows
      this. So, now, does Marie.

      Author's Notes: Can you believe that this fic actually
      cheered me up? Granted, I cried as I wrote certain parts
      of it, but there you are. I'm a fragile butterfly. This
      ain't news to nobody.

      Warning: Character death, sorta, and allusion to other,
      previously dead character.


      Another night in court

      The same old trial

      The same old questions asked

      The same denial

      "Jean, can Ah ask you a question?"

      "Of course, Marie."

      "Is Cerebro used anymore?"

      Jean paused the letters she was responding to in Xavier's
      old office and looked over to her temporary assistant.
      "You mean, do I use Cerebro?"

      Marie shrugged slightly, unconcerned of the rhetoric, as
      they both knew why she wanted the contraption used.

      "I've� tried it, a few times. Each time the pain is
      worse." Jean looked up into the still peaceful eyes of her
      friend. She'd only cried that one time, in the park. Jean
      herself had been crying at the drop of a hat lately, and
      she was supposed to be the one in the supporting role. Not
      Marie, though. A Buddhist priest had nothing Marie's sense
      of calm and even Ororo was more temperamental.

      And now this request, coolly juxtapositioned next to it

      Marie hadn't said anything about that first conversation
      with the Professor, though it had to have upset her to some
      degree. In fact, there were a whole rack of things Jean
      was curious about, but somehow just didn't know how to
      breach. Like, what exactly *was* going on in her head?
      And where were the personalities? Were they completely
      gone? Could she manage them now? Is that why she spent
      hours each morning and evening with Xavier?

      Perhaps when Marie was ready, she would share that bit of
      information. In the meantime, she had apparently decided
      to actively seek out Logan. It was an incredible relief to
      see the desire, as she hadn't yet been truly able to fit in
      in any particular capacity, much like Logan himself, in the

      This was nothing but good news, hampered only by Jean's
      unwillingness to tie her mind in with Cerebro again.

      "But I'll try again if you want me to." And the strange
      was that Jean meant it. The doctor had vowed to never,
      ever set foot in the room again after the last time, when
      she'd found who she'd been looking for only to have him
      slam his mind shut. The ricochet had nearly killed her,
      and there hadn't been any strong figure to find her and
      carry her to their room afterwards.

      The sadness that Jean had looked to find in her eyes so
      often in the past two weeks, the sadness that she'd only
      been privy to that one time in the city, shown through
      keenly now, and the yearning in the woman across the room
      was palpable, though she normally had better control of her
      emotional projection.

      "Ah miss him, ya know? Ah try not to think about it, not
      access his memories, and so far it hasn't been a problem.
      But Ah do miss him somthin' fierce, even though he doesn't
      seem to give a rat's ass about me."

      Jean's eyes softened as she finally recognized something of
      the Rogue she knew before. "I'll use Cerebro in the

      "No." At Jeans disbelieving look, Marie repeated herself.
      "Ah mean it, no. There's too much to do round here without
      you goin' off and riskin' yourself. Specially not so Ah
      can just go off and yell at an ornery old man who could
      probably care less anyhow. That's not somthin' Ah want on
      my conscience."

      "Alright, I won't."

      "Ya promise?"

      Well, she actually had the half formed idea to do it
      anyway, but now she was stuck. "Yes, I promise." Not
      tomorrow morning, anyway.

      "Good. Ah'm off to see the Professor then, goodnight."

      "Goodnight, Rogue," Jean replied.

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