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Fic: " Needing You" (5/6) PG [ Scott/Rogue, Jean]

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    And part 5...Scott and Rogue in bed...together..and Jean...bad combo Part 5: “ Scott, I’m …..” Jean started and opened the door to what had been hers
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2000
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      And part 5...Scott and Rogue in bed...together..and Jean...bad combo Part
      “ Scott, I’m …..” Jean started and opened the door to what had
      been hers and Scott’s room. And stopped dead in her tracks. There in the big
      double bed Scott lay. With a woman. “ …back” She ended lamely.
      “ What??” Scott sat up in bed and ran a hand through his hair. “
      Jean?!” he asked surprised as he saw her.
      “ What is it, lov`?” Rogue asked and turned around in bed and sat up
      next to him. Her eyes widen in shook. As if they didn’t have enough
      problems already with getting the students and other teachers to accept their
      relationship now Scott’s ex showed up. Great, what else can go wrong? Rogue
      thought darkly.
      “ Rogue?!” Jean asked shocked.
      “ Yeah?” She lay her ungloved hand on Scott’s arm and her eyes and
      action said more than words ever could.
      “ How could you??? And then with her?? She’s just a child”
      “ Ah´m not. Ah´m 18” Rogue protested hotly.
      “ Jean, do we really need to discuss this now?” Scott asked softly.
      “ Yes, we do!” She said angrily.
      “ Very well. What do you want to hear?” Scott asked, getting angry
      “ How could you do this??” She asked accusingly. Then she turned
      towards Rogue.
      “ And you! He’s mine. He always has been and always will.”
      “ Really, `cause I don’t see your name on him,” Rogue said sharply.
      “ "He" is sitting right here” Scott said annoyed. He turned his
      attention back to Jean
      “ Look, Jean. You left. You said yourself that you had never loved me.
      What did you expect me to do? Sit around and wait for you the rest of my
      life? Sorry, that’s not how it works”
      “ You could have waited longer than a few months” She said angrily.
      “ And you…Get your life sucking hands the Hell away from my man” With a
      thought she lifted Rogue from the bed and slammed her into the wall. With
      a small cry she fell to the floor.
      “ Rogue!” Scott cried and ran to her. She looked dazed at him.
      “ Ah`m ok.” She said weakly and with Scott’s help got up.
      “ Oh, please” Jean said in disgust. Scott stood protectively in front
      of Rogue and his eyes beneath his night goggles glowed dangerously.
      “ Jean, I don’t love you and I never will again. I love Rogue now and
      I see that what I felt for you never was love”
      “ That’s not true! You love me” She yelled furiously.
      “ Sorry, not anymore” Jean took a steep closer to Rogue but Scott
      blocked her way.
      “ What ever your thinking; don’t. Now get out before I give this room
      two exits and throw you out” Seeing she had lost, Jean walked to the door
      and as she turned back towards them Rogue was in Scott’s arms.
      “ I love you” She cried miserably. “ What am I to do now?”
      “ I don’t know and I don’t care. If you had ever loved me you would
      be happy for me” His concern for Rogue made his voice harsh.
      “ Jean?” Rogue called weakly and Jean turned tear filled eyes towards
      her. Blood ran down her face and Scott lifted her up in his arms. Jean left
      a flicker of regret for her angry outburst earlier.
      “ Yes?”
      “ Find Logan. He will help you. He loves you” A small smile spread
      over Jean’s lips.
      “ Thanks” Then she was gone.
      “ You were too kind. She could have killed you,” Scott said worried as
      he carried her to sickbay.
      “ Ah knew she wouldn’t. She’s not a bad person, she’s just hurting
      a lot” She whispered. Scott smiled lovenly at her.
      “ Now I know what I first fell in love with about you” She looked
      questioningly at him.
      “ Your goodness” She smiled at him and drew him down to a kiss.
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