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Fic: " Needing You" (6/6) PG [ Scott/Rogue, Jean]

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    And (finally) part 6: Dinner...movie...rings and love: Part 6: “ Rogue, wait up” Kitty called as Rogue hurried from class. Rogue turned around and waited
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      And (finally) part 6: Dinner...movie...rings and love:

      Part 6:
      “ Rogue, wait up” Kitty called as Rogue hurried from class. Rogue
      turned around and waited for her to catch up. It had been a week since Jean had
      come back and left again just as quickly. Strangely had the episode gained
      sympathy and understanding for her and Scott’s relationship. As late as
      yesterday Storm had expressed her happiness over the fact that two of her
      best friends were to get married.
      “ Yes?”
      “ Do you want to….Peter and I are going with Jubilee and John on a
      double date. You and Scott want to come?” Kitty wringed her hands nervously
      and blushed.
      “ Sure we will” Rogue said happily, glad that all, well almost all,
      had accepted her and Scott’s relationship. Kitty smiled
      “ Ok” she said and ran off.
      “ Why did you have to say yes? We don’t even know where we are going.” Scott complained later that evening and tried to tie his tie. “ We’ll probably end up at Burger King. Ahh” He yelled in frustration as
      the tie refused to comply with his wishes.
      “ Here, let me” Rogue said and made a perfect tie for him. “ It will
      be great, you just wait and see. Remy should have picked the
      restaurant.” Scott looked at his treacherous tie.
      “ Thanks” He said and gave her a quick kiss.
      “ If I knew Remy would pick a restaurant where they only spoke French I
      would never have said yes,” John complained as the three couples walked
      towards the theatre where they had tickets for “ Phantom Of The Opera”.
      “ You’re just mad because you ended up with snails” Jubilee laughed
      and John growled.
      “ Come on, it wasn’t so bad” She added
      “ It was worse”
      “ Oh, poor baby” Jubilee said in muck sympathy.
      “ Why, you…” John said playfully and soon he was chasing her down
      the street, their laughter ringing through the night air.
      “ Well, I’m glad Kitty have been listening to her French teacher and
      that we listened to her” Scott said with a smile. It had turned out to be
      a wonderful date so far and he felt at easy with the others in a way he
      never had before.
      “ So am I. So am I,” Peter said and gave his girlfriend a big smile.
      Rogue smiled at them and let Scott slow their pace a little so they fell
      behind Peter and Kitty.
      “ There is something I wanted to give you” Scott explained as he
      stopped and Rogue did likewise.
      “ What is it?” She asked curiously. Scott took a deep breath and got
      down on one knee.
      “ We never did this properly so I´ll do it now.” He cleared his
      throat and took her right hand in his. “ I love you, Rogue. More than I can
      ever tell you. Will you make me the world’s most happy man and marry
      me?” He withdrew a small jewellery box he had kept hidden in his pocket and
      opened it. Inside lay a beautiful ring with a heart shared diamond on it.
      “ Oh, Scott” Rogue said, overwhelmed.
      “ You hold my heart in your hands.” He whispered softly and gave her
      the ring on while he got up from the his kneeled position. She admired the
      way the pale moonlight made the ring glitter. He looked nervously at her and
      she smiled.
      “ ´cause Ah´ll marry you” She cried happily and jumped into his
      arms and Scott span her around, laughing in happiness.
      “ I love you so much” He whispered against her mouth as she had safe
      ground beneath her feet yet again.
      “ Ah love you too, Scott” She whispered and their lips meet in a kiss
      promising far more than forever.
      “ They look so happy” Kitty sighed as she leaded against Peter some
      distance away.
      “ They sure do, douchka* .” Peter agreed and span her around so she
      was facing him.
      “ As happy as us, my love?” He asked her huskily and drew her closer
      for a kiss.
      “ Almost. Almost” She whispered as their lips neared.
      “ Ia vas liouble* “ He said softly. She smiled happily as she felt
      his lips near hers.
      “ And I love you. So very very much” There were no more words spoken
      as his lips found hers and touch said more than a 1000 words ever could.

      * Translations for Peter`s Russian (numbers go for the entire story):
      2) Russian for ”darling”

      3) Russian for ” I love you"

      The End

      So, what did you think? Did you like it? Sequel?

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