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Fic: " Needing You" (3/6) and (4/6) PG [ Scott/Rogue, Jean]

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    And part 3..drama in school and part 4: Guess who´s back *G* Part 3: “ They moved in together!” Jubilee told them. “ Really?” “ No way!” “ Good
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      And part 3..drama in school and part 4: Guess who´s back *G*
      Part 3:
      “ They moved in together!” Jubilee told them.
      “ Really?”
      “ No way!”
      “ Good for them”
      “ Hum”
      Kitty, John, Remy and Peter had different opinions to say to that. Bobby
      said nothing.
      “ What? Nothing to say, Mon ami?” Remy couldn’t help but tease.
      “ He’s using her” He sulked. In that moment Scott and Rogue entered
      the classroom hand in hand. Rogue noticed all their stares and tried to
      free her hand but Scott held on. He looked defiantly at the class and drew her
      into his embrace and gave her a kiss. Stunning silence met them until Remy
      started clapping and soon the rest of the class followed suit. All except
      Bobby who just looked angrily at Scott. Blushing Rogue went to her seat and
      Scott went to his desk.
      “ Now, lets get some things strait.” Scott said harshly and his red
      glaze swept over the class. “ Rogue and I are together now. I love her and
      we are to marry.” Gasps and small outbursts followed his statement.
      “ Really?”
      “ Good for you, Rogue”
      “ Yeah, man”
      “ Congratulations”
      “ No way”
      “ Got to be kidding”
      “ Silence” Scott’s voice echoed through the classroom and
      immediately silence followed.
      “ I don’t need your permission and I’m not asking it but I would
      like your blessing.”
      His eyes beneath the glasses and his voice became cold.
      “ I may only have one eye, so to speak, but I’m not blind or deaf. If
      you have anything against us being together you say it to my face or not at
      all, understood?” Weak nods followed his threat. Scott gave a small
      “ Good. Now go to page 34”

      Part 4:
      “ Jean, you’re back!” Xavier said happily but surprised as Jean came
      to him in his office. He was the first up this Saturday morning at seven
      because he had some paper work that needed to be done.
      “ Yeah, I realised that leaving was a mistake.” She admitted
      sheepishly. “ Is Scott here?” She asked eagerly. “Well, of cause. Where else
      should he be?” She answered her own question.
      “ Yes, he is in his room but…” Before Xavier had finished his
      sentence Jean was gone. “ …you might want to warn him before you go in”
      Xavier added uselessly. He considered calling her back telepathically but
      thought better of it. This was something Jean and Scott needed to work out
      between them selves and he couldn’t help no matter how much he wanted to.
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