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FF: Cat's Cradle: Part Two [Sahra, Storm, Logan, and the gang] [PG]

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  • Elizabeth
    Title: Cat s Cradle Author: Elizabeth (Shadow) Disclaimer: I own Sahra and her Clan. Everyone else belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee Archive: Ask first but yes.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2000
      Title: Cat's Cradle
      Author: Elizabeth (Shadow)
      Disclaimer: I own Sahra and her Clan. Everyone else belongs to Marvel and
      Stan Lee
      Archive: Ask first but yes.
      Rating: PG
      Series: Summer Solstice; this story is the sequel to Curiousity
      Feedback: Please, yes. Contact me at ithica6@...

      Part Two
      �Whaddya mean, you don�t know?� Logan snarled. The newcomers just blinked
      at him.
      Finally, Ororo looked at him, though she kept flicking glances at their
      guests. �I think they mean, that our guest earlier in the year was just a
      precursor to something bigger. He was easy to defeat because he was a mage
      with little enough talent and a lot of greed. He was also a channel.
      Someone was feeding that power through him.� Logan was somewhat stunned by
      this. Then he picked up on the strange undertones in her voice. She was
      being fed the information as much as that idiot had been fed power.
      There was something familiar about that voice but he couldn�t quite place
      it. He was about to ask when five big somethings loomed out of the roiling
      fog. Snikt! All his senses went on the alert. A gentle hand rested on his
      arm. �These are reinforcements as well as our mounts. Do you think we
      would come unarmed, like kittens?� Kathleen asked quietly. Logan turned
      back to face the new arrivals. Like Sahra�s huge black stallion, Majesty,
      these horses were at least sixteen hands tall and looked to be all
      rock-solid muscle. Bay, silver, palomino, white, and dun, they were
      magnificent animals.
      Each of the newcomers made their way to the horses. In between, the two
      full-cats morphed into half-cats, like Sahra. Maeve was all tawny and gold
      with black patches in her hair and on her skin. Two tear lines swept down
      her face, from the inside corners of her eyes to the bottom of her nose.
      The creamy toned of her throat and chest hinted at a paleness that ran the
      length of her body. Michael, on the other hand, was more a paler brown with
      deeper brown patches. There were no tear-lines or paleness marking his
      exposed skin. Maeve flirted with him as she passed, but it was a harmless
      gesture. Still, Ororo placed a possessive hand on his shoulder.
      Each of the horses and their riders were well-matched, even a novice like
      Logan could tell that. �Logan, you can show us to the stables,� Kathleen
      said, but, by the tone of her voice, it was more an order then a request.
      �No, Sahra, you must stay with Mistress Ororo. There is something coming
      that only concerns the pair of you. Please take it away from the house
      though. The kids have had enough of an eyeful watching us without adding
      this to it.�
      Both Ororo and Logan looked up to the dorm windows. They were crammed with
      kids. At this distance, all they could see were a group of people talking,
      but they would have seen enough to know something big was going on. Ororo
      grinned. She turned to Logan. �There are several open stalls right now.
      You know the ropes now. I�ll take care of this. Sahra,� and she grinned
      down at the girl, who had returned to her full-cat form, �you willing?� If
      she had been in her human shift, she would have been gleefully rubbing her
      hands together. �I�ll take that as a yes. Come on.�
      The pair left the group and moved out of sight under the windows.
      Suddenly, cries and shrieks of surprise greeted them. Ororo boosted Sahra
      up to the level of the window. Linking them, Ororo watched through Sahra�s
      eyes as the whole group was drenched with water. A spring rainstorm had
      emptied itself on their heads. Ororo grinned. Now, on to business.
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