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FIC: Tell Me What You See (1/1) [R]

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    TITLE: Tell Me What You See AUTHOR: Diebin RATING: R SERIES: Broken Eyes - http://www.diebin.com/xmen/brokeneyes.html ARCHIVE: The Usual Suspects PAIRING: None
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      TITLE: Tell Me What You See
      AUTHOR: Diebin
      RATING: R
      SERIES: Broken Eyes - http://www.diebin.com/xmen/brokeneyes.html
      ARCHIVE: The Usual Suspects
      PAIRING: None yet, really, though I spose it's gonna be Logan/Rogue.
      SUMMERY: Part One of the Broken Eyes Series. Rogue makes a decision for the
      good of the X-Men, and it leads to her destruction.
      DEDICATED TO: Donna, Nanciwan, Gowdie, Mistika, and Shaz, who have put up
      with waaay too much of me being temperamental over this gosh darn move. :)
      And a special thanks to my big sis and new roommate, Carita.


      There was a time when she'd wished for someone else to understand her pain.
      For someone else to know how it felt to spend day and night wrapped in
      fabric that was heavy and hot and restrictive--and there for everyone else's

      There were times, in those lonely days after Logan left for the final time
      and she knew--she knew in her heart that this time he wouldn't be coming
      back and this was the time when she had to get over her need for him--there
      were times where she believed in her heart that if a mutant appeared with
      her twisted gift, that she could live happily knowing that someone else
      lived as she did. And maybe, in her heart, she hoped a little--because
      Xavier and Jean both had telepathy, which meant two people having the same
      power wasn't impossible.

      His name was Shawn. Freckles dusted his generous nose and red hair fell over
      one eyebrow to cover blue eyes. He burned when he was in the sun for too
      long and she laughed once at how silly he looked, his forehead peeling and
      his ears bright red.

      He laughed with her, and took her gloved hands in one of his own, and they
      loved feeling his gloves and her gloves touch because they understood that
      for the two of them, cloth /was/ skin.

      He didn't get along with Scott and Jean, and it was only Xavier's forgiving
      heart and Rogue's overwhelming love for him that granted him asylum. In the
      days to come, both suffered guilt over their parts in what would be the
      downfall of their ways of lives--but Rogue was young and in love, and Xavier
      was happy to see her that way, and so they let themselves be blinded.

      Shawn didn't get along with Scott, and he was far too old for school, so he
      became the all purpose repair man around the mansion, and any objections
      anyone had to his continued presence dissolved on the day they discovered
      that Rogue and Shawn could touch each other, if fleetingly.

      It was dangerous, and frightening, and took a lot of trust because if one of
      them held on too long, they could drain the other one dry--and even though
      Scott wanted to protest he couldn't bring himself to, because Rogue was
      happy, and it was such a new and novel thing that no one really wanted it to

      But it did, as all things do. It ended with Storm, Kitty, and Xavier in a
      coma while Shawn phased through the walls and buried the mansion under a
      blizzard, slipping away to give Magneto every thought that had ever rested
      inside of the Professor's head.

      Xavier and Storm woke up.

      Kitty lay in a coma for days that dragged into weeks, until Jean offered the
      tentative opinion that Shawn had taken too much of the younger girl, and the
      only chance she had was if Shawn were to relinquish his hold on her.

      He needed to die. Rouge knew it in her heart, knew it before Jean and Scott
      sat down with her and told her in gentle voices that offered no accusation,
      only remorse and support.

      She'd made the decision herself, and it was a sign of their desperation that
      they didn't fight it. Scott agreed to ready the jet. Jean agreed to help her
      into the uniform she'd worn a few times before. Storm and Jubilee and Bobby
      rode silently beside her as the jet slid smoothly through clouds and mists
      alike, going to the last place the Professor had found the remnants of
      Shawn's mind.

      She went in alone, and prayed she'd be strong enough.

      "So, I didn't get enough of him." Shawn didn't seem surprised to see her,
      but he still had bits of one of the strongest telepaths ever sliding through
      his mind.

      "You didn't get enough of him." Her emphasis on the pronoun was obvious, and
      he quirked an eyebrow and laughed at her.

      "So, which one won't be waking up?" He still wasn't moving, but she could
      see his bare hands as well as he could see hers, and they both knew that the
      confrontation coming was going to be one that left one of them standing and
      one of them a husk of a human.

      She smiled the feral smile that she remembered from Logan. "You, Shawn. You
      won't be waking up." And because she knew she was going to lose her nerve,
      she leapt.

      He was bigger and stronger, and he wrestled her to the ground and pinned her
      hands to the side of her head, his bare fingers resting teasingly just along
      the line of her flesh. "How do you know it will be me?" he asked so softly,
      and she wanted to struggle but she was afraid of letting his skin touch hers
      before she was ready.

      He kissed her, his lips sliding against hers in a familiar, horrible way
      that made her blood heat even as it ran cold. His hands slid to hers, and
      their fingers entwined as she clutched at him, feeling the power of him
      rushing into her as her own rushed towards him.

      It only took a few moments for her to realize that her life rushing into him
      was a torrential river, and his into her a placid stream. And in those few
      moments, she knew she was going to die.

      He knew it too, and he pulled back to stare into her eyes. "I did like you,
      Rogue," he whispered, watching her eyes as his life-force tugged at her own.
      "I really did--but you were too attached to them. They'd let the humans
      chain us and lock us up like animals, Rogue. Do you want that?" His fingers
      tightened on hers, and she started to feel drowsy as she felt memories
      slipping away, becoming his.

      New memories took their place. She saw Charles Xavier as a younger man, saw
      him reaching out and wrapping his hand around a pale brown set of fingers
      that she knew were Storm's--were hers--were--

      She screamed, and he winced slightly, pulling her hands to that both were
      trapped under one of his and freeing his fingers to run softly down her
      cheek. "Not much longer, Rogue. It doesn't hurt, does it?"

      She saw herself, sitting terrified at a desk with a slim pencil wrapped in
      her gloved fingers, and even though there was a boy in the way, she knew
      that her eyes were transfixed on the little ball of fire suspended above his
      hand. In a moment she'd have to scold Johnny again, because he wasn't
      supposed to be playing around during her--Storm's--her history class.

      She screamed again, and the fingers slid to cover her mouth. "Shh, Rogue. I
      don't need them coming in yet."

      Rogue? She was Storm. She was Kitty. She was Logan. She was Xavier. She was
      Eric. She was--

      "Shh, Rogue. Almost--"

      She was . . .

      "Almost, Rogue. It's almost over."

      Rouge? No. She was . . .

      "I'm not Rogue," she whispered, staring up at the boy above her, the boy
      she'd trusted enough to let into her school, trusted enough to let court one
      of her dearest students--

      "I know you're not," he whispered. "Tell me, Rogue. Tell me what you see."

      She stared up at his eyes. They were--blue.

      "Blue," she choked out. It hurt now, it hurt--she felt like she was being
      sucked dry again, on the Statue of Liberty with Rogue lying nearly dead in
      her arms. It hurt, it hurt almost as bad as the first time--but let her
      live. Please let her--

      "Tell me what you see."

      Red. His hair was red. She'd tried to dye Rogue's hair red one night. It had
      been silly, but Rogue had been trying so hard to pretend it wasn't because
      /Jean/ had red hair. It wasn't because Logan flirted with Jean. It was just
      because she /wanted/ red hair. Rogue had said it so seriously that she and
      Jubilee had tried to be nice, but--

      No. She wasn't Kitty. She was--

      "Good bye, love."

      She'd said goodbye to Eric when he left.

      She'd left Charles and said good bye.

      "Good bye, Rogue."


      The world exploded and then it collapsed, and the words chased her as she
      spiraled down into the darkness.

      "Tell me what you see."

      She saw so much.


      More comin, I think, sometime soon maybe I dunno. I try. :)

      Darth Diebin
      Don't climb on the Iguana.

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