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Fic: An Odd Sense of Deja Vu-Rogue 1/2

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    Author: Kitty Title: An Odd Sense of Déjà vu--Rogue Part- 1of 2 Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue non-romantic Rating: Hmm.. I d say R to be safe. There is some adult
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      Author: Kitty
      Title: An Odd Sense of Déjà vu--Rogue
      Part- 1of 2
      Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue non-romantic
      Rating: Hmm.. I'd say R to be safe. There is some adult content, but no
      Disclaimer: -sigh- none of it's mine. None I tell you. All belong to Marvel
      comics and 20th Century Fox. Big meanies. At least they don't mind sharing!
      Summary: Another version of what could have happened while Rogue and
      Wolverine were in the bar. What if the tables were turned and it was Rogue
      being attacked?
      Feedback: The third most vital thing in my life! (the first two being Jesus
      and Midol)
      Notes-I couldn't get the exact dialogue to what the announcer said when
      introducing Wolverine, but thanks to Jaded and her 9 year old for helping me
      out! (good idea about the tape recorder by the way)

      Rogue walked into the bar hesitantly. It wasn't what she thought Loftlin
      City would be, but at least it wasn't home. She winced as memories assaulted
      her. The kiss, the ambulance, his parents…..

      "In this corner we have the winner and still reigning champion WOLVERINE!
      Will anyone dare to fight him?" Rogue strained her neck and saw only a dark
      figure in a corner and a cloud of smoke. Dimly she heard the announcer go on
      and someone finally yell that they would fight, and walk up to the cage. But
      all of her attention was focused on the bare-chested shadow. Though she could
      barely see him, she felt…something. A charge. Rogue held her breath as his
      face slid out of the darkness. She glimpsed an intense, angry profile before
      his competitor punched him in the back. Rogue blinked rapidly, coming out of
      her trance-like state. Rogue grimaced as the larger man punched Wolverine in
      the back, and proceeded to pummel him as he was down. After a vicious kick in
      the stomach, the man raised his hand and Wolverine turned, punching the mans
      hand with his own. The larger man howled in pain, and Rogue thought she heard
      the distinct clang of metal. Wolverine punched once, twice, and the man was
      out. The audience howled. Rogue covered her ears and tried to fight her way
      through the mob, holding her jacket around her body and pulling the hood
      around her face. She looked around frantically, her knap sack was being
      pulled on by people and was weighing her down considerably. She pushed past
      people and opened a small cabinet by the door of the bar. It was full of
      cleaning utensils. She stuffed her bag into the back of the cabinet and
      closed it, looking around to make sure no one saw her.

      "Well what have we got here." Rogue felt someone grab her arm and spin her
      around. A man, obviously drunk, grinned at her. Rogue struggled weakly; she
      hadn't eaten anything or really slept in days. "A pretty thang like you
      shouldn't be so covered up." He slurred, releasing her arms to push at her
      cloak. Someone pushed the man from behind and he let go of her to turn around
      and grab a guy by his lapels. "Whadda ya think ya doing shovin' me. Get outta
      here." When he turned back around, Rogue was gone.

      Rogue slipped into the small and foul smelling bathroom. She walked over to
      the cracked mirror, and turned on the faucet, splashing water on her face to
      cool her off. Wearing three layers of clothing wasn't exactly great bar wear.
      She heard the announcer scream again "Is there any others? Will any other man
      dare to take on the Wolf?" The crowd roared, and Rogue guessed another drunk
      had decided he was, as most drunks do, the greatest thing in the world. She
      heard the announcer scream for the fight to start, and a few seconds later it
      was over. The entire place shook as the audience screamed. She could only
      hope the guy who had went up there was man who had grabbed her. Well, she
      couldn't hide in here forever. That thought was cemented a second later when
      a couple slammed into the bathroom. The two were entwined in an intimate
      embrace that left nothing to the mind.

      "You. Out." He mumbled. Rogue was only too happy to obey. She stumbled out
      and saw that Wolverine had left the cage. Two men had picked up the last poor
      guy to fight him and threw him out in the snow. For some reason she looked
      around, trying to spot the man whose face she had barely seen.

      "Lookin' for me sweetie?" She heard someone yell into her ear. She spun
      around and looked into the sweaty, red face of the man who had grabbed her
      earlier. His foul breath fanned her face as he laughed. "I knew you'd come
      back. Why don't we go somewhere less crowded." Before she could say anything
      he had thrown her over his shoulder. Rogue screamed as the room tipped
      crazily. She struggled in futile, looking around at the upside down bodies
      for help.

      "Take care of that girl Stan!" One man said, hitting her rump heavily. She
      realized that this was just a big joke to them, and no one would be coming to
      her rescue. She thought, as the man carried her out the door, she saw a pair
      of light jeans and a bare chest walking towards her, but she might have
      imagined it. The man, Stan, lifted her off his shoulder and slammed her
      against the side of the building.

      The door to the bar opened and Rogue held her breath hoping she would see
      the Wolf man come out. It wasn't him, but it was two other men. Maybe they
      would help her, she thought desperately. "You don't mind sharing, do you
      Stan?" One of the men sneered.

      Rogue cried out in frustration. Stan grunted his approval and pushed the
      cloak down her arms, trapping her hands behind her. His hands grasped the top
      of her shirt, and started pulling downward. She was able to free one of her
      arms out of her jacket, but with it went her glove. She reached up to pull
      his hand away from her. As soon as she came into contact with his skin he
      stiffened and released her with a strangled scream. Rogue pushed him off of
      her, grabbed her cloak and ran toward the woods surrounding the bar. She
      could hear the men yelling and she thought she heard one of them trying to
      catch up with her. But the snow, coupled with her heavy clothing and strong
      wind slowed her and in a few seconds she could felt faint. She stumbled and
      slumped to the ground. Whoever was running after her were only a few feet
      away. With the rest of her strength she struggled to pull of her other glove,
      sobbing. She didn't want to hurt him, but whether she touched him or not, he
      was going to die.
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