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Fic: The Saint's Eyes 2/?

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    Title/Part: The Saint s Eyes 2/? Author: Shana Nolan E-Mail: dpangel@thegrid.net Genre: drama, angst Rating: R Archive: myself, Misty s, X-Grrls, XMMFF,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
      Title/Part: The Saint's Eyes 2/?
      Author: Shana Nolan
      E-Mail: dpangel@...
      Genre: drama, angst
      Rating: R
      Archive: myself, Misty's, X-Grrls, XMMFF, Diebin's fic closet, others ask
      Spoilers: the movie (but I'm a comics grrl too). I'm also assuming J/S are
      engaged, not married, at this point.
      Summary: A "blind" girl is taken in by our heroes.
      Disclaimers: Fox and Marvel Entertainment Group have the X-Men and their
      movie. Stan Lee, I worship at your feet. I don't own anyone and I don't
      intend to sell this. no money, no sue, no powers. but my CB handle was
      Phoenix (great, date yourself, why don't you).
      Comments: are welcome. Flames, however, are only accepted from a mutant
      named Pyro and even he knows better.


      Before I left school, I had this friend that told me about the Saints. They
      taught us about them in the Catholic school, but he always said they left
      the really good parts out of it, and would fill me in during lunch or
      sometimes after school as we walked home. He was really into it, got these
      really big books at the antique stores and poured through them every chance
      he had. I saw the shelf of them once. They were all lined up by size, the
      biggest one at the end his prize. That book contained illustrated plates.
      He was really proud of that book, and his parents wouldn't take it away
      because "it was better than him having pornography."

      He told me once about the saint with my name, Lucy. How she was martyred
      as a virgin, even though she was branded a whore. They burned her alive,
      ran her through with a sword. I can't imagine what that'd be like, other
      than hurting a whole lot. Sometimes I wonder how long she could see her own
      blood, how long she could see the flames burn up her clothes, all before she
      passed out from the pain. I wonder how long she endured. I wonder if I can
      endure that long.

      He also said Diocletian cut out her eyes. I guess that's why she's a patron
      saint for the blind.

      Maybe that's why I have her name. Someone whispered to my mama when she was
      having me; something about what would happen... so she gave me the name of a
      girl who burned alive with a sword through her and no eyes.

      Tells you a lot about my life, I guess.


      "Are you comfortable back there?"

      Ignoring the concerned voice of the woman doctor, Lucy curled tighter under
      her blue and black diamond comforter, trying to rest her head against the
      vibrating armrest of the passenger door. They had been in the car for
      twenty minutes, long enough, by her memory of the streets, to be nearly out
      of town. "Fine."

      "Are you hungry?"

      "A little."

      The man, his voice sounding a little stressed, sighed. "Well, if these
      directions are right, we should be to the inn in a few minutes. We could
      order room service if you want."

      Lucy nodded a little. It was better than her mother's food, anyways "Which

      Jean looked up from the internet printed street map, casting a quick glance
      back to their new ward. The girl was very internalised, her mental walls
      impressive. "The Blue Lobster."

      The girl laughed.

      "What's so funny?"

      "My uncle used to work there. He always said if you had money to burn, go

      Jean and Scott exchanged looks. "Well," he started, braking at the
      four-way stop sign, "you can order whatever you like."

      "Okay," she murmured, shifting under the comforter. She was so tired, all
      she wanted to do was sleep for a few hours, and maybe take a bath.

      Jean nodded and rested back in the passenger's seat, clearing her thoughts.
      When she had gone into the girl's room, the decor painfully reminiscent of
      early teens rather than the blossoming young woman in the backseat, her
      heart had gone out to Lucy McNeil. Curled up in her bed much like she was
      now, she was pale and thin, her black hair sloppily braided, her clothes
      loose and worn for comfort. Her body was trying to grow, but there was a
      way the girl held herself, all those trips to the hospital taking their toll
      on her adulthood, her sightless green eyes mirroring the misery she had
      willingly endured for too long.

      She had refused to touch Jean when she offered a hand, instead stepping
      carefully out of the bed and padding gingerly over to the white and pink
      dresser, responding to the "get packed" request with a stumbling grasp for
      an Adidas duffel bag and stuffing clothes she picked by touch. She had done
      all this alone, not saying a word to the doctor that had come for her,
      grabbing her comforter and stuffed rabbit as an afterthought, clutching the
      toy animal like a life raft, the ragged ears evidence of years of worrying.

      "Lucy, do you need us to get you anything?"

      "No," was the murmured response from under the comforter.

      Jean shook her head and closed her eyes, listening absently to the car's
      engine. This wasn't the first time she had dealt with a difficult teen, but
      those experiences didn't make it any easier. Stretching her toes in the
      pumps, she missed when Scott noticed her posture.



      "Everything alright?"

      "Nothing a warm bed and one of your shoulder rubs couldn't cure."

      He smiled. "I could arrange that."

      "Mm, good. I think I'll order a cheesecake when we get to the room."

      "Whatever you like, dear."


      Two heads turned to regard the head now peeking out from underneath the
      black and blue cover. "Yes. Would you like some too?"

      There was a pause before Lucy nodded, the sour expression on her face
      breaking up with a flash of youthful exuberance. "Yes, please, Miss Grey."

      "Call me Jean."

      "Jean," she murmured, letting the sound roll over her tongue. No adult had
      ever given her permission to call them by a first name before. Maybe these
      two were different... "What's his name?"

      Jean suppressed the giggle, the mirth affecting her voice. "Scott."

      "Can I call him that?"

      "Yes," Scott responded himself, giving into the warm smile worming its way
      onto his face.

      Under the comforter, Lucy blinked at the darkness that made up her world.
      For the first time someone besides her brother was treating her with

      It was a nice feeling. It almost made the darkness bearable.


      Signing the bill the young man handed him after rolling the food laden cart
      in, Scott winced. Lucy was right. The bed and breakfast, although
      beautiful and very well set up for its guest's comforts, was costing them a

      "Thank you."

      The blonde boy nodded, his eyes widening at the generous tip he had just
      received. "Thank you sir. If there's anything you need, just ring the
      front desk."

      Scott cleared his throat and nodded. "Of course."

      Closing the door behind him, he shook his head and watched as Jean was
      checking the trays, handing a small plate with some pasta on it to Lucy, the
      girl perched at the end of a bed. Nearly touching the girl's hand as she
      handed over a fork, Jean caught the poorly restrained flinch. Studying the
      girl, the doctor inside her kicked in, concern darkening her stare.

      Shifting a foot, he looked down at the floor.

      Jean's eyes slid up to catch Scott watching them, the frown on his face
      betraying him.

      He froze suddenly, a little embarrassed. "Sorry, was I projecting again?"

      Crossing the room and flicking her wrist, the deadbolt on the door latching
      a second later, Jean nodded, her voice low. "Yes, you were; I'm worried
      too. I'm going to get showered and changed while she eats. I'd like her to
      consent to an examination but she's so..."


      "Amongst other things. Scott, watch her for me? She probably won't let you
      help her, but don't let her injure herself, okay?"

      The pleading in her voice was enough to make him agree to almost anything.
      She always did that to him. "She doesn't have a cane?"

      "I didn't see one."

      "Hmm. Alright then." Sliding a palm along her cheek and kissing her
      lightly, he smiled and stepped back, releasing the tender grip. True, they
      were away from the school and the responsibilities they bore there, but now
      he felt even more constrained to behave, their newly found student still
      unfamiliar with them, or anything they would be showing her in the next few
      days. But still...

      "Can I get you anything, Lucy?"

      Setting the fork down and licking her lips thoughtfully, she turned her head
      in his general direction. "A napkin?"

      He smiled, grateful for something to distract his meandering thoughts.
      "Sure, coming right up."

      "Mr. Sum-- Scott?"

      Circling the bed, pulling a few napkins from the cart, he held them out in a
      hand near her hands. "Yes?"

      "I heard my dad say something about your eyes... ?"

      Scott shifted, wondering how best to broach the subject. This girl didn't
      know about mutants, not like he did, and the information would still be
      alien at this point, even frightening for her. "I can see, it's just... I
      have to wear special glasses or I can seriously hurt people."

      "But you can see?"

      "Only with the glasses on. Oh, I'm sorry, the napkins are next to your left

      She blinked and shifted her head, reaching tentative fingers toward him.
      Brushing a thumb over the rough fabric, she pushed her hand farther along,
      hesitating initially when she felt his warm skin. Not yet. She wouldn't be
      able to see though him yet, it took a few...

      Sightless eyes widening, Lucy leapt back on the bed, scrambling for the
      headboard, the plate crashing to the floor and shattering.

      Scott froze, dumbfounded. "Lucy?"

      "You-- you-- I can't see though you... why?! All I see is the great red

      All his skills as a leader, all his experience, failed him. Standing in
      place, helpless, he held out his hands. "Lucy... I'm not going to hurt

      "No... it won't end... it..." Curling tight into a ball, she bumped her
      back against the headboard, letting out a little shriek.

      His instincts were screaming at him to reach out and touch her, calm her,
      soothe her, but every step he took sent her skittering back more. "Lucy,
      it's okay, nothing's wrong."

      Reaching hands out for something solid, she found the edge of the bed,
      pulling herself into a tight coil near the edge. "No, no! Don't touch me!
      Get away!"

      Scott clenched his fists, helpless. He could hear the water in the bathroom
      suddenly shut off, Jean clearly now aware that something had gone wrong.

      Now if only she could do what he apparently couldn't.


      Slipping past the frustrated form of her fiancé, Jean paused less than a
      metre away from the huddled, crying form on the bed. Dropping to her knees,
      ignoring the water dripping down the shirt that she had hastily pulled on in
      the bathroom, she extended her hands out gingerly, opening her senses,
      trying to get past the walls the mental walls the girl had erected around

      "Lucy? Lucy, can you hear me? I just want to see if you're okay... Lucy?
      If you can hear me, nod."

      There was a quick shake of the girl's head in between sobs.

      Jean swallowed. This was what she was afraid of. "Now, Lucy, I need you to
      take a deep breath and tell me what happened. Are you in pain? Did
      something hurt you?"

      "No. Eyes... can see... "

      "Can see what?"

      "Red, neverending red... so bright... "

      Scott coughed behind them. Turning around to regard him, Jean watched him
      tap his glasses. "She was asking about this, and then she touched my hand."

      She chewed her lip, the surface thoughts of the girl turbulent and confused.
      "Lucy, has this ever happened before?"

      Lucy took a ragged breath, "Yes."

      "Tell me."

      Uncurling a little, the teenager raised her head, trying to get a better
      idea of where Jean was. "I--I touch people and I can see through them. See
      what they see. He said he can see, but there's nothing but red... I
      don't... I want it to go away..."

      Inching forward, Jean set her hands on the girl's shoulders, pulling her
      upright a little more. "Relax. I want you to take a deep breath and hold
      it as long as you can, exhaling it just as slowly. Now, when you touch
      someone, does it go away eventually, seeing through them?"

      Lucy nodded, fresh tears trailing down her cheeks.

      "Then I want to breathe deep and slowly until the red goes away. There are
      pillows right next to you, roll over a little bit and lay back... okay?"

      She nodded again, grateful that the doctor hadn't touched her skin.

      "And then I'll get your comforter so you can keep warm. I'm not leaving the
      room, so if you need me, just call."


      Standing up with a sigh, easing her hands off the girl's thin shoulders,
      Jean paused to regard the worried face following her every move. Shrugging
      a little, she touched his chest, her fingers idly homing in on an area where
      she could feel his heartbeat. "It'll work out. It always does."

      Scott frowned, not entirely convinced.

      "And once she's settled in, you own me a shoulder rub."

      "And cheesecake."

      The smile slipped across her lips as she pulled the comforter over the
      teenager's body, brushing away a stray lock of black from her forehead
      without thinking. "Of course."


      TBC in part 3


      "'There are three rules in life. One, there's always a victim. Two, don't
      be it.'
      'And three?'
      'I forgot three.'" Max and Tom, 8MM
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