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The Adventures of Flame Brain and Ice Hole -PG13

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    FIC: The Adventures of Flame Head and Ice Hole. Peeps: [Bobby/Johnny] Rating: PG Author: Kitty Disclaimer: I don t own any of the X-Men. If they were mine I d
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      FIC: The Adventures of Flame Head and Ice Hole.
      Peeps: [Bobby/Johnny]
      Rating: PG
      Author: Kitty
      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the X-Men. If they were mine I'd dress them up
      in pink bunny suits. Which is why they're not due to the fact that there IS a
      God. All belongs to Singer and Marvel. Thankyou, have a nice day.
      Summary: I saw St. John (Human Torch?) and Bobby in the movie and
      was...extremely Interested in them. Helllloooooo doctors! This is just
      something that was rattling around in my barnyard, sorta delves into the
      students friendships.
      Notes: Be warned I am a Buffy fic writer, which means really quick witted and
      snappy. Which is NOT what the movies was. (Singer majorly dissed my boy Joss,
      Buffy's writers, because of that, so it doesn't quite click with me.) How
      about you?

      Kitty Pryde gasped as one of the mutants faltered, and almost lost his
      life. "Maybe we could make a run for the Professor."

      Jubilee shook her head, "They'd kill us for sure."

      The two mutants battled, their forces slamming into each other. It was
      the ultimate face off. Two opposite powers colliding together in order to
      prove, once and for all, what the greatest power was. Nobody dared to move,
      nobody dared to breathe.

      "I can't watch this anymore!" Kitty cried, "We've got to do something."

      "No way," Peter said solemnly," I wouldn't get in the middle of that if you
      paid me."

      A few feet in front of them the battle continued. The two mutants
      struggled, cursed and panted heavily. But neither looked as though they were
      ready to give up. The friends held their breath as one mutant seems to
      falter, and then at the last second regain his ground.

      "Uh oh.." Jubilee whispered, seeing one of the X-men walk up quietly. "Now
      they're in for it." A blast of wind lifted to two competitors off the ground
      and settled them down in a nearby tree.

      "What have I told you two about fighting?" Orora demanded angrily.

      "Aww..we were just messing around." St. John sighed, hugging a branch.

      "I was proving to flame head that ice is better than fire any day of the
      week." Bobby said, and created an icicle to slide down on.

      "This place is drenched," Orora sighed, looking at the muddy lawn where
      fire had melted ice into water. "What happens when one of your powers fails
      and someone gets hurt?"

      "He'd grow his eye brows back eventually." John said, trying to go down the
      icicle. It melted instantly and he landed with a thump. "Ice hole." He
      muttered, brushing off his pants.

      "I suppose then there would just be one less jerk running around." Jubilee
      answered, rolling her eyes.

      "I love you too, Sparky." John said, blowing her a kiss. "Besides, I'm sure
      everyone would love Bobby a la barbecue for dinner."

      "You are all late for physics." Orora walked away shaking her head.

      "What a tail." St. John sighed, looking after her. It was obvious he spoke
      a little too soon because a rather small cloud descended over his head.

      "You checking out Storm again?" Kurt asked walking a few feet and then
      appearing next to him.

      "Some kids get detention, we get cold showers." John sighed, getting up. The
      cloud followed him.

      "What about class?" Bobby yelled after him.

      "If I have to tell the proff that I'm soaking and need to change clothing,
      he's not doing his job. She'll prolly shut the showers off when I get
      inside….I hope." John walked off with admirable dignity for someone who had
      fallen out of a tree, was drenched, and had a cloud following him.

      "You think he'll be mad if I turn it to hail?" Bobby mused out loud. No one
      gave him an answer.

      "And what formula could we use for this equation?" The class, admittedly
      small, knew that slumping down in their seats wouldn't help much. So instead
      they all started humming mentally. "You know I hate that song, it sounds
      quite horrible with all of you off tune." Xavier sighed and looked at St.
      John who was at the time wondering if he would borrow the wheel chair for
      Disney. He could get to the front of every line…."No John." He looked up
      guiltily. "Now does anyone have even the slightest idea.." Suddenly the door
      was thrown open and a man flew in. "Hello Logan." The class turned around to
      stare openly. "All right you may leave. Don't forget your homework." The
      students left, going around the dark stranger. Kitty mentally kicked herself
      and went back for her bag. So flustered was she by Logan that she walked
      through the door instead of opening it, something she had been trying to do

      "Can we say hot?" Jubilee said, snapping her gum.

      "Hot? If you want hot, I got hot." John bragged.

      "Can you get any cornier?" She retorted, turning into their hallway. "Who
      is he anyway? A new X-Men?"

      "I heard about him," Bobby interrupted, "he and the new girl came in
      together. Sam said Orora and brought them in last night."

      Jubilee stepped into their next class, Orora's chemistry. "Is that her?" She
      asked as the followed her in. The group studied the new girl as she sat down
      in her seat nervously. She was wearing practically all black, with long
      gloves. "She's cute." Jubilee admitted grudgingly.

      "I wonder what her power is..." Kitty trailed walking to her seat.

      "Class please take your seat. We have a new student, Rogue. Jubilee, Bobby,
      I put her between the two of you if that's all right."

      "How come I don't get to sit by any hotties." St. John complained.

      Kitty hit him squarely in the chest and took her seat next to him. "Jerk."
      She muttered.

      John slipped his hands behind the desk and lit his lighter. Rogue watched in
      fascination, as a small ball of flame seemed to levitate in his palm. Bobby
      seeing her interest leaned forward and sent an ice trail to the fire. Johnny,
      feeling the flame cool, dropped it before it would slam against his wrist and
      sprain it, again. It shattered and Orora spun around.

      "Johnny." She reprimanded.

      "Sorry." He said quickly, ducking his head. Bobby smiled and turned to

      "I'm Bobby."

      "Rogue." She answered shyly.

      "Welcome to mutant high." Bobby said, freezing an ice rose on her desk.
      Rogue smiled, unaware of Wolverine and the Professor looking in on her.

      "Maybe this won't be so bad after all." She thought to herself.

      Johnny turned around quickly, glanced at Rogue whose head was bent over her
      paper, and mouthed 'mine' to Bobby. Bobby quirked an eyebrow and said 'yeah
      right' silently.

      Jubilee glared at both St. John and Bobby before thinking to herself,
      'This is gonna be bad.'
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