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FIC: Conflict and Friction (1/1) G

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  • razrbkr@juno.com
    hi y all - sorry about the crosspost, but I m trying to cover my bases. Title: Conflict and Friction Author: kaly (razrbkr@juno.com) Homepage:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      hi y'all - sorry about the crosspost, but I'm trying to cover my

      Title: Conflict and Friction
      Author: kaly (razrbkr@...)
      Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/kalyw
      Rating: G
      Characters: mostly Jean, sorta with Scott and Logan
      Archive: want it? Email me, I'm sure you'll get it ;-)
      Classification: first POV, set during the movie.
      Warnings: very slight spoilers for the movie
      Summary: Jean's thoughts after she leaves Logan's room the
      first night.

      Notes: Trying out another new character, heck - one day I might
      be brave enough to try and write Logan. Oh yeah, right. *lol*

      Thanks: To Kry and Cori for reading over this in its many early
      beta forms *l* and not complaining too much when I asked you to
      read it yet again even when I had hardly changed anything and
      just needed support ;-)

      Disclaimer: yeah, right, like Scott's mine. I wish. *g* Last
      time I looked, neither he nor any of those herein belonged to me.
      They go to (at least) Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

      Conflict and Friction

      I have to admit headaches aren't uncommon for me - they
      aren't for any telekinetic or telepathic, really. Today is just
      worse than most. There's nothing like having two alpha males in
      a pack - and Scott and Logan seem determined to demonstrate why.
      I know the Professor noticed, and how could I not? Still,
      they're too busy growling and sniping at one another at every
      opportunity to see.

      Or maybe they do notice and they're just trying to drive the rest
      of us insane. I rub my hand over my eyes and temples. At this
      point, I'd say anything was a possibility. In truth, that's
      why I retreated from Logan's room when I did. The testosterone
      was thick, and me without a knife.

      I did hear what Logan said just after I left, however. I didn't
      need to be telepathic to hear it, it just echoed down the hallway.

      ~~"You gonna tell me to stay away from your girl?"~~

      I had the mental image of each of them marking their territory.
      It was probably the only thing keeping me from being annoyed at
      them for treating me like a prize. And while I laughed at the
      picture that brought to mind, something else was bothering me.
      There is an underlying tension between the two of them - and it
      isn't only to do with me. Something else is going on beneath the
      bravado and posturing.

      If we didn't have a serious mission looming before us, it might
      be funny. The school's very own zoological experiment on
      dominant behavior in controlled conditions. Might even make for
      an interesting lesson in biology.

      I shake my head and pull my hair loose from its clip. I want to
      trust them to put the childish antics aside when things get
      serious. However, short of locking them in a room together
      until they get over their antagonistic tendencies, I'm not sure
      how. I do know that if it continues, the Professor will step

      Do they really feel so threatened by one another? Not that
      either would admit it, of course. Stubborn seems to be the word
      of the day. Even though I've only known Logan for a short time,
      I already know that I wouldn't expect anything different from
      him, much less Scott. But when they are around each other?
      I've had chemistry disasters with more cohesion.

      I wish I understood what is at the heart of it all, but I cannot
      bring myself to ask. And I do not want to resort to sneaking
      around in their minds. Scott has always been able to talk to me
      before, he will this time, I'm sure.

      Searching for a bottle of aspirin, I try not to think about it.
      I know Scott will be back soon. That is, if they manage to avoid
      yet another verbal sparring match. Which is honestly the better
      option than if they were to actually fight each other. The damage
      they could cause to the house alone, much less one another, I'd
      rather not think about.

      I am almost ready for bed when Scott finally walks into our room.
      Even without being able to see his eyes, I can read his mood.
      The hard line of his jaw and stiff walk tell me he isn't happy.
      It's amazing how redundant my telepathy is all of a sudden.
      These two are walking advertisements for annoyance.

      Neither of us speak and soon we are in bed with the lights off.
      Only the pale red glow from his glasses lights the room. I wrap
      my arm around his chest and lay my head on his shoulder only to
      discover he is wound tighter than a coiled spring. I close my
      eyes, hoping for sleep.

      It's going to be a long few days.

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