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Fanfic: Change (4/4)

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  • helen mcgregor
    TITLE : Change(4/4) AUTHOR :Helen McGregor EMAIL : mrhjetj@yahoo.com GENRE : Drama. All characters, focus on Rogue and Wolverine. Based on the movie. RATING
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      TITLE : Change(4/4)
      AUTHOR :Helen McGregor
      EMAIL : mrhjetj@...
      GENRE : Drama. All characters, focus on Rogue and
      Wolverine. Based on the movie.
      RATING : PG-13 for some situations and language.
      DISCLAIMER:Don't own them. The characters belong to
      their respective companies. All I own is the plot.
      ARCHIVING: ask first.
      SUMMARY: A new terror threatens the X men, especially
      Wolverine and Rogue.
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: First X-men fanfic : |
      Set after the movie ends.
      Word of the day: Feedback
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      Thanks everyone for the feedback, it puts a smile on
      my face.

      ...."We have to stop meeting like this."

      He sat upright in his chair and with a reasuring smile
      he said, "Hey kid, you had us worried there for a

      Rogue returned the smile, trying to hide her

      -"I am fine, are Storm and Scott..."

      -"They're fine, they are taking care of a bad excuse
      for a mutant."

      -"I am serious Logan, we have to stop meeting like
      this." Her tone a little mock serious.

      -"Like what?" raising his eyebrow at her tone.

      -"Everytime I am in trouble or hurt."

      He looked down, "Maybe I am a damned curse, anyone who
      knows me gets hurt."

      Rogue looked at him with her doe-eyes, "You're no
      curse, you are my knight in shining armor. Granted
      that the armor is grafted onto your skeleton."

      He laughed, "Well, I guess I prefer the subtle

      She smiled and winced at the pain. He felt it too, "Do
      you want be to get the doc?"

      -"No, I am fine. When can we go home?"

      -"When these bozos say we can. Actually I think Jean
      is sweet talkin' those doctors into letting you go
      under her supervision."

      -"She's good at that...sweet talkin'"

      Rogue looked away and back at Logan, "It's nice to
      have you back, even if it is for a short while."

      Logan nodded, "Yeah."

      The two shared a moment of silent tenderness. They had
      missed each other. A knock on the door interrupted
      the two. Logan growled under his breath. Jean comes

      -"Hey Rogue,"

      -"Hi, can we go home?"

      Jean smiled at her, "Yeah, but first the police want
      to talk to you."

      Rogue became more agitated, "Police, what for? what
      am I suppose to say a big furry man attacked me?"

      Jean interrupted her, "Rogue, just tell the truth.
      I'll go get them."

      Rogue nodded and looked on toward Logan, "Can you stay
      here with me?"

      -"Wouldn't have it any other way."

      Two portly police officers came in. Logan was
      standing in the corner analyzing them. The two felt a
      little threatened, but proceeded to the bed."



      The police officer took a deep breath in, kids today
      he thought,"Rogue can you tell us what happened?"

      -"I was in my room and a man broke through my window
      and I ran away, but he grabbed my leg and I fell."

      -"Hmmm, what did he look like...this man?"

      Logan stood upright, he didn't like where this
      interrogation was going. Rogue looked over at him and

      -"He was tall, real tall. He had long blond hair, and
      wore a coat made of some sort of fur.

      At that point, the policeman had stopped writing, "A
      mutant? you were attacked by a mutant?"

      Rogue noticed his tone, "yes, I was."

      The other police man smiled, "Well, we'll go file a
      report and issue an APB. I hope you feel better,


      The police officers walked out, and they muttered,
      "Damn mutants they should all be locked up."

      Logan with his heightened sense of hearing picked up
      on the conversation. They continued, "Did you know
      what those two were? they were mutants too."

      -"Hey you think if we call that company on them, we'll
      get a reward."
      The police officers laughed and walked on.

      Logan began to grin, the bastards he thought. Rogue
      broke his surge of fury, when she began,

      -"Logan, I just remembered something. I forgot to
      tell the officers that the guy's eyes are yellow."

      Logan cocked his head, he had stared Sabertooth down
      on several occasions, he knew every detail of that
      man, and he did not have yellow eyes.

      He forcefully commanded her, "STAY HERE!"

      Logan walked out of the room and down the hall, he had
      to find the rest of the X-men. He knew to whom these
      eyes belonged, he had stared them down too.

      Parking lot

      -"There's no way, he could have gotten out of those
      knots, and certainly not out of that trunk!" Scott

      -"Maybe your knots aren't so good."

      The quartet turn around and see Logan, "Don't worry,
      One-eye, it wasn't him, Sabretooth can't get out of
      tight situations."

      Cyclops looked at him, "So who was it the Ghost of
      mutants past?"

      Storm looked at him and back at the Professor,

      Jean jumped in, "She's a shape shifter, she can by

      Professor X also inspected the area, "Let's get Rogue
      and get out of here."

      They all nodded, Jean began, "I'll go check her out."

      Logan jumped in, "I'll come with you."

      The Professor closed his eyes and uttered, "It's on
      days like this that I wish I had a portable Cerebro."

      Scott and Storm smiled.

      * * *

      Nurses's station

      -"Dr. Jean Grey, I am here to discharge a patient."

      -"Name please?"


      The nurse's fingers tapdanced on the keyboard and her
      eyes narrowed at the screen,

      -"Sorry, Dr. She's been checked out."

      Jean's expression became more serious, "By whom?"

      The nurses raised her eyebrows, "....by you."

      Jean closed her eyes, "Thank you."

      She turned around,"..Logan..."

      He was no where in sight.

      Wolverine made his way to Rogue's room, and he
      forcefully opened the door, it was empty. His hands
      were in fists, ready for the claws to shoot out. His
      head was low, all his senses were sharp. He slammed
      his hand against the wall, "Damn!"

      Parking Lot

      -"Rogue, how are you?" The Professor exclamed.

      Rogue's tone was quiet, but her thoughts screamed,
      help that isn't Jean, "Just fine." The Professor
      picked up on that and nodded.

      -"Dr. Grey, did you get the medication that she

      Mystique smiled, "I will go get them."

      By this time, the Professor had 'relayed the message'
      to his colleagues.

      Mystique started walking away when she froze in her
      step, she could not move. Jean Grey had activated her
      telekinetic powers, and began,

      -"I never thought imitation to be the sincerest form
      of flattery."

      Mystique shape-shifted back to herself and found
      herself surrounded by the X men. By that time, Logan
      had joined the group.

      The thrill of victory was shattered by a growl that
      came from the vicinity. All the X Men turned around
      and saw Sabertooth. Logan approached the beast and
      they began to fight. Wolverine and Sabertooth
      wrestled in a primal manner. All eyes were on them.
      Jean had let her guard down, she needed to help Logan.
      This action allowed Mytique to get away.
      All of a sudden, Sabertooth and Wolverine were
      standing in a fighting stance, ready to claw each
      other to death, when Sabertooth began,

      -"This will be a fight for another day." He threw
      some sort of smoke bomb that allowed him to escape.

      When the smoke cleared, Logan responded, "You bet."

      En route to the Mansion

      There were two cars. The Professor and Storm rode in
      one car and the rest of the team rode in the other.
      Scott was driving, Jean sitting next to him. Rogue
      had fallen asleep and her head managed to rest on
      Logan's shoulder. He was playing with her hair,
      looking out the window. Jean saw the scene from the
      side mirror, she felt a little pang of envy in her

      -"We should be home soon."

      Scott continued, "So are you gonna stick around this

      Logan answered, "Would you like that, One-eye?"

      Cyclops, with all sincerity, retorted, "No."

      Logan slyly, "Then most definitely."

      With her head still on his shoulder pretending to
      sleep, a big smile formed on Rogue's face.

      The end.

      Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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