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FIC: Points of View (1/1) G

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  • razrbkr@juno.com
    Title: Points of View Author: kaly (razrbkr@juno.com) Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/kalyw Rating: G Archive: want it? Email me, I m sure you ll get it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
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      Title: Points of View
      Author: kaly (razrbkr@...)
      Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/kalyw
      Rating: G
      Archive: want it? Email me, I'm sure you'll get it ;-)
      Classification: angst-ish, first POV, sometime post movie.
      Warnings: minor spoilers for the movie
      Summary: In class one day, Rogue thinks about what she learned
      from Logan, and how it applies to some of the others at the school.

      Notes: Trying out a new character, heck - in a way all of this is
      new to me still *l* I think I'm learning as I go. And I'd like to
      think of this as following movie canon - no real pairings involved.

      Thanks: Again to phoenix (aka kry *l*) for the beta and support
      - oh and title! Can't forget that. What can I say, I'm glad I
      managed to get you to see the Scotty side of the street ;-)

      Disclaimer: yeah, right, like Scott's mine. I wish. *g* Last
      time I looked, neither he nor any of those herein belonged to me.
      They go to (at least) Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

      Points of View

      I've heard the other students refer to Scott as the 'Fearless
      Leader' and I have to admit that having Logan inside my head
      after he saved me . . . It didn't much help my opinion of

      Then again, having Logan inside my head didn't exactly endear
      me to anyone at the school. I don't think I had ever growled
      at anyone before. And my vocabulary will never be the same
      again, that much is for sure.

      But now, Logan's gone. Sure, I still have his dog tag, although
      I leave it by my bed rather than wearing it. I'm not sure I want
      to know what he would say if I lost it. I might actually be able
      to guess, now that I've been inside his head, but I won't. Maybe
      I'm trying to convince myself that if I don't guess, he'll have
      to come home to tell me.

      It's odd, him not being here. And I know he promised he'd be
      back, but I still miss him. I know Jean told him I had a crush,
      or some such thing, on him. Maybe I do. Did. I'm not sure.

      That's only one of the lines of thought that tend to give me
      headaches ever since that night. It's strange looking at the
      world from two different points of view. Two so very
      <<different>> points of view, no less.

      That brings me back to what started my little daydreaming
      session. Of all those here, the biggest conflict I have
      resolving my own thoughts with Logan's - and even with those
      around me who've been here longer than I have - have to do with

      The Professor, Storm and Jean are easily understood. I respect
      each of them. Logan . . . Well, Logan respects one, seems to
      barely know the next and . . . Judging by some of the things
      I saw, respect is a distant second to how he really feels about
      Ms. Grey. All I can say is at least I didn't hit on her back
      before Logan woke up, he does enough of that himself.

      And therein lies part of the conflict between Scott and Logan.
      As hard as it might have been to miss Logan's feelings for her,
      it was just as easy to see there was some other conflict going
      on there, too. Since when do two people so instantly want to
      annoy the other?

      I think it may simply be that I've never seen such total opposites
      before. Storm told me what they did to defeat Magneto and save
      me, how they actually had to work together. Including the
      supposedly clever way Logan made sure they knew it was him.

      You might think that it's almost deceptively simple. Cyclops
      is a leader, and Logan is by no means a follower. Logan thinks
      Scott is a goody-goody. Cyclops probably thinks Wolverine is
      an animal. I think I've got a pretty well-balanced view of them
      both - and they're both wrong.

      True, Scott's strict and maybe even stuffy, but I think perhaps
      he has to be. Jean explained his powers to me one night a while
      back, about when they first appeared and he couldn't control them.
      I think Logan needed to see past the visor, but never did.

      In a way, those mirrored glasses are kinda like my gloves. I
      can't touch anyone - really touch anyone at any rate. Isn't
      that just one form of expression? No less than reading someone's
      eyes? We all express what we're feeling in our eyes, what do you
      do when your eyes are hidden? I wonder if he feels as frustrated
      as I do sometimes.

      The emotion is there, contrary to what I know Logan thought.
      Logan saw a statue tucked away behind ruby quartz. There's more
      than that there, but I'm not sure how many people have taken the
      time to look for it. Jean, the Professor - they're telepathic,
      of course they can see what the others miss.

      It's funny, because I think I can see it too, even though I'll
      never have a telepathic gift. Well, unless I somehow stumble
      into the Professor or Jean. I have to admit that might be funny,
      if it weren't so dangerous. Apparently my last encounter with
      taking another's traits was entertaining if one was looking from
      the outside in, not worried about if Logan was going to be okay.
      I was just sorta embarrassed at the time - besides being worried.

      Right now we're supposed to be learning about mechanics. Not that
      I understand why, or particularly care to know, but here we are.
      Bobby is next to me. He looks like he's totally caught up in the
      lesson that Cyclops is giving. Even Kitty seems interested. Me?
      I'm studying the teacher. Trying to see the person that lies
      behind the glasses.

      I know Logan is wrong. True, Scott may never win a congeniality
      award, but there's more here than a cardboard cutout and a
      stuck-up attitude. There must be, Ms. Gray doesn't seem the type
      to fall for just another pretty face - Scott's or Logan's.

      I can feel my cheeks starting to burn at the last thought and
      duck my head before Kitty or Jubilee can see. I notice a moment
      too late that Bobby already has. Wonderful, as if being ribbed
      about my apparent crush on Logan wasn't enough. Now he's going
      to get the bright idea that I like Scott.

      Logan's gonna kill me. I manage to stifle my laughter at the
      thought but it still earns me a glance from Scott. When he looks
      at me, it's as serious as always. Actually that's one thing Logan
      was right about. He does look serious a lot. Then again, was
      that the hint of a smile I just saw when he turned back to the

      Well, well, one point for him having emotions, after all. Then
      again, the debate I'm having with myself - or possibly what's left
      of the Logan part of myself - would be much more fun if he were
      actually here to have it with. Especially since I'd be winning.

      I can't help wondering if he's found what he went searching for.
      I don't know exactly what it is I feel for him, although I'm
      almost certain of what he feels for me. Either way, I wish he'd
      come home. It might be fun to watch him and Scott bicker some
      more - then again, I better not let Jean catch me thinking that.

      I smile, and try to turn my attention to the class. However,
      I'm in luck as the class is finally ending. Now I just wish I
      could remember if we're supposed to have a test over this . . .
      Because I'm pretty sure the inner workings of the X-Men won't be
      on it.

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